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Which Koopa Clown Car are you using the most? (Poll)
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Blayshy2110/17 5:47PM
C/D: Was it too early to pull a stage from Mario Kart 8? (Poll)IceBomb45110/17 5:40PM
This game has way too many Mario stages (Archived)Dark_Zoroark910/17 5:40PM
I hope Ike is in the next Smash Bros game too (Archived)
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NoBikeIke3010/17 5:40PM
YR: In the next Smash Bros. game, Anthony Higgs is the Metroid newcomer. (Archived)Solar_Crimson810/17 5:40PM
I think all anime RPG characters should stay the hell out of Smash (Archived)
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precita6810/17 5:40PM
What the hell did Sakurai do to MetaKnight? (Archived)Butter_Scotch710/17 5:37PM
Everyone and their mamas playing Smash 3DS at my school (Archived)DeroIin210/17 5:36PM
You see ROB on the Smash 4 roster. (Archived)Ghasts510/17 5:33PM
As Marth, (No you can't have my English sound clips) (Archived)Nehpets700810/17 5:32PM
Instead of PoTD it should've been PoTM (Archived)
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Rosal1naIsBeast2810/17 5:31PM
i haven ot been keeping up with smash news (Archived)AceMos710/17 5:28PM
How much money do you think Sakurai makes a year? (Archived)precita510/17 5:26PM
Sakurai responds about clones and other issues (Archived)ProtonCharge410/17 5:23PM
So apparently if what Amazon wrote it's true, Smash World is a board game. (Archived)
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ItalianIdiot1210/17 5:21PM
Smash 4 Wii U Bundle (Archived)WTFNightmare310/17 5:15PM
More 'secret' characters. Mixed feelings. (Archived)
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JaxxSC1710/17 5:12PM
C/D DK fans are JUSTIFIED in complaining about the lack of new DK content. (Poll)
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peppermintsnow2710/17 5:08PM
R.O.B. exe. (Archived)FatReuniclus910/17 5:04PM
*chooses the omega version of final destination just to be sure* (Archived)
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tigerbunny2812510/17 4:45PM