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I'm looking for a Smash comic about the trophy stand trophy. (Archived)LagoonTheCursed210/5 3:20PM
I want Tower Of Smash to be true! Who's with me? (Archived)
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the20thvongola2110/5 3:06PM
Most likely Metroid rep? (Poll)
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multielmuchacho1310/5 3:05PM
Greetings, SmashFAQs. I have some information... (Archived)Insertbumpshere610/5 3:03PM
Greetings, SmashFAQs. I have some information.... (Archived)Evilcrachitt110/5 3:02PM
Wolf is actually dead. (Archived)
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Icedragonadam1110/5 2:52PM
The Wii U screenshots on Wario's page don't show the Gamer stage (Archived)Boo Destroyer610/5 2:52PM
El Wind is a spike (Archived)Insertbumpshere410/5 2:50PM
Ness confirmed top tier (Archived)EDMartyr710/5 2:48PM
SETTLE IT in... (Archived)nicknick9691210/5 2:47PM
Weird Glitch I found (Archived)supeasanicfan64310/5 2:47PM
How would you feel if Toon LoZ became a seperate series to LoZ (Archived)themadpatter610/5 2:47PM
Question about Ike (Poll)NotSnowske910/5 2:45PM
The announcer is amazing (Archived)
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Heropon_Riki4110/5 2:43PM
Anyone notice ROB's brawl default color isn't the same anymore? (Archived)
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skotopotomus1110/5 2:40PM
Tower Of Smash. (Archived)CrystalKing5426610/5 2:34PM
Stages in the Wii U version already look more interesting than the 3DS stages (Archived)nicknick9691510/5 2:19PM
Anyone else noticed this about Amiibos? (Archived)Chakra_Warrior610/5 2:14PM
What in the hell did they do to samus???!! (Archived)
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GameplayZero2510/5 2:14PM
Guar Plains(the song)>>>>>"You Will Know Our Names" (Archived)
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ChibiRidley1210/5 2:12PM