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is it possible to play with both friends and CPUs online? (Archived)cheez19449/17 7:54PM
ITT: We list other options that could have kept the Ice Climbers in (Archived)Coleby69/17 7:52PM
You know, despite losing a character, MOTHER is pretty well represented in SSB4. (Archived)SmashBro2579/17 7:50PM
Dear god... what did they do to Fox's voice? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Earthbound360199/17 7:48PM
To those who have the Japanese version (Archived)Thundering_TNT39/17 7:45PM
Are you planning on being a honorary DUCK HUNT main? (Poll)
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Ghasts129/17 7:44PM
Why are there no Cat characters in this game?! everyone should have a Cat alt! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DragonoPhile199/17 7:43PM
What do RIdley and Mewtwo have in common? (Archived)
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TriforceX5169/17 7:42PM
What did Eggman say to Shulk at the start of the work week? (Archived)
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Gandolftheman349/17 7:42PM
YR: Wii U Final Bosses (Archived)
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Lightflame159/17 7:42PM
DLC poll (Poll)
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chrpskwk179/17 7:41PM
Hooray for more nods to Earthbound/Mother. (Archived)Gameandwatch299/17 7:35PM
Jump cancel glide tossing Mega Man's neutral B might be useful somehow. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ghasts159/17 7:35PM
No sign of Isaac could it be a sign? (Archived)Chaos_Neo99/17 7:34PM
I never really understood the customizable special moves. (Archived)
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AnriHeroKing219/17 7:33PM
Marth couldn't have a proper Leaf Faris Claus palette even though Lucina can get (Archived)IanViola29/17 7:32PM
Master Scissors should've been the final boss. (Archived)bardbowman99/17 7:31PM
I'm glad Giga Bowser kept Brawl Bowser's moveset. (Archived)judgementaeon79/17 7:27PM
there will be more characters on wii u version! it makes sense! (Archived)skotopotomus79/17 7:27PM
Are you guys getting any Amiibo's? (Archived)
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endgel169/17 7:25PM