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So, I'm pretty much happy with every newcomer. (Archived)Tzuba1229/11 2:32PM
Rumor: More Smash characters added by linking the Wii U/3DS versions (Archived)SonicNextGen239/11 2:32PM
Did we see any new Smash Run enemies? (Archived)BobGuy12849/11 2:31PM
In my opinion, the Wii U ver to the 3DS ver should of been what UMvC3 is to MvC3 (Archived)LagoonTheCursed109/11 2:31PM
YR: We get King K. Rool as DLC, but he's a Duck Hunt clone. (Archived)DrTeetor49/11 2:30PM
Will you be taking upskirt pictures of Paletuna's polldance taunt? (Poll)UltraCookie99/11 2:30PM
I wonder which characters couldn't make it in because of time constraints... (Archived)ChibiDialga39/11 2:30PM
So is there a list or picture 0f all the alt costumes for the leaked characters? (Archived)HotCrumpets49/11 2:29PM
So, since the game's technically out already... where's the music? (Archived)ValorTsurugi99/11 2:29PM
To those who hate Dark Pit (Archived)
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Pokesamus217199/11 2:29PM
You people have no idea what sad is. (Archived)
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DrHarlock119/11 2:28PM
Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr, Little Mac and Greninja. Oh my. Oh my... I like it... (Archived)the_DeZAwUlf59/11 2:28PM
So what does BigBootyJynx have to say now? (Archived)crystalforce139/11 2:27PM
Has it been confirmed you can unlock characters through wireless? (Archived)otter_92939/11 2:27PM
Here's the full roster, in case you missed it!! (Archived)Dark_guyver59/11 2:27PM
I'm surprised anyone would have thought Sakurai would cut one of the original 12 (Archived)
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Gordaton129/11 2:26PM
For those who say "Nintendo wouldn't make you buy two games to complete one!" (Archived)
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WeaverSerawl419/11 2:26PM
Duck Hunt's new laugh... (Archived)themegaman729/11 2:24PM
Pit/Dark Pit is the equivalent to Street Fighter's Ryu/Evil Ryu (Archived)Kirinrepose79/11 2:24PM
mario and peach walk into a bar (Archived)
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UltraCookie119/11 2:24PM