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Pick 10 favorite tracks you want in this game - Sonic Edition (Archived)Juju_Architect_39/11 12:19PM
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New picture of final roster please? (Archived)MasterSword54649/11 12:16PM
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Bowser Jr. Unlock Method (Archived)otter_92999/11 12:15PM
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What was Sakurai's comment about the Ice Climbers? (Archived)Crazyguy10589/11 12:15PM
Regarding The People Unhappy With Clones (Archived)
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Wizela129/11 12:15PM
Have we seen Falco's final smash yet? (Archived)NonTurtle49/11 12:14PM
Unlock Method for every character? (Archived)bobopatch23419/11 12:13PM
So Neozero and Zipzo are dirty liars (Archived)subzerorok115109/11 12:13PM
Has the Duck hunt dog been saved from being hated? (Poll)
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McmadnessV3139/11 12:13PM
I can't get over how adorable the duck is... (Archived)JinjoMaster19/11 12:12PM
"I didn't like X at first, but now that I see them in action, I like them." (Archived)Frutemz39/11 12:11PM
As for myself.... (Archived)Calebtine19/11 12:11PM
Didn't know we were playing Street Fighter! (Archived)Kcthanagarathos69/11 12:11PM
ITT: List Delusional things users did on this board (Archived)
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LotsaSphagetti169/11 12:11PM