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i think assault was better than star fox 64 and would not mind krystal (Poll)
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Shulk or Ridley? (Poll)
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Assuming the character select screen mimicks Brawl, what size roster is SSB4? (Poll)FelixTrapper37/23 11:05AM
Captain Falcon is officially the strongest Fire Emblem Character (Poll)
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Super Smash Bros De-make! (Archived)
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What kind of preorder bonus do you think GameStop will have? (Archived)
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People who think Chorus Men is a bad idea, care to share your reasoning? (Archived)
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How good are you at this game? (Archived)
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Would you rather have the SSIL or the Melee rejects? (Poll)
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Wow, would you just shut up about Krystal or at least keep it in one topic? (Archived)
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People that throw around "highly requested" are a joke. (Archived)
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