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like it or not, Mewtwo was indeed a clone.... (Archived)epik_fail199/18 1:41PM
Seeing the Yoshi Island stage gives me the same feeling as a MK7 Retro track. (Archived)Duncanwii29/18 1:29PM
what is your playstyle and who do you think is best suited for your style? (Archived)
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strider_123199/18 1:29PM
Custom Move thumbnails (Archived)Meta28929/18 1:28PM
Would you rather have this game for free or one hot date with me? (Poll)
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ss4parrothair249/18 1:27PM
Which move is more satisfying to hit? (Poll)LRodC99/18 1:25PM
I for one can't wait for Duck Hunt: RELOADED (Archived)Austin_4e109/18 1:25PM
If Pichu was DLC... (Archived)TehSmasher29/18 1:24PM
This game has a lot of Fan Service... (Archived)GGuitarGuy9529/18 1:21PM
What TIME does the demo come out tomorrow? (Archived)
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Vydao139/18 1:20PM
I don't think its safe to be around Donkey kong anymore. (Archived)McmadnessV349/18 1:20PM
How does character-unlock priority work? (Archived)IggyKoopa122499/18 1:20PM
Think of two Smash characters... (Archived)MedicalGamer69/18 1:18PM
Why isn't Charizard popular with the Smash fanbase? (Archived)
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Svedeesh_Cheff249/18 1:17PM
Regarding the ESRB forcing Tharja's trophy to be taken out (a scenario). (Poll)
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AwesomePerson99559/18 1:16PM
Will Bowser Jr. and Duck Hunt get posters? (Archived)charlex319/18 1:15PM
Why are we getting Smash 4 3 weeks later (Archived)SSReviewers109/18 1:13PM
So have you ever met someone in real life named Samus? (Archived)
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21_21139/18 1:12PM
3ds demo out at 9am tommorow! (Archived)
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cameronpbb189/18 1:10PM
C/D: Mario Party is more iconic than Fire Emblem. (Poll)MarioGamer1234559/18 1:09PM