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You go to open your new SSB for Wii U but inside is a SSBB disc. (Archived)
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MechaKoopa50001210/17 7:47AM
Will the 3DS version and Wii U version has the same engine? (Archived)Dumdumwantgum910/17 7:46AM
Which would you rather have in terms of Kid Icarus? (Poll)
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LRodC2810/17 7:45AM
There is no such thing as a free dessert (Archived)UltraCookie810/17 7:39AM
"I'm not done yet" = DLC confirmation (Archived)
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ThisAnvil1210/17 7:14AM
ITT: Instead of Sceptile DLC, we get your favorite Grass starter DLC. (Poll)MarioGamer12345310/17 7:00AM
GameFAQs Tier List - Day 1: Mario (Poll)UltraCookie110/17 6:58AM
For some seconds I though that was Snake... (Archived)Dark_Zoroark310/17 6:37AM
YR: There is a mandatory update on the first of April (redux) (Archived)
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PhotonCrusader1210/17 6:36AM
About the POTD (Archived)MrdaShyGuy210/17 6:32AM
I (n other people) told you guys, but you guys didnt Believe me (n other people) (Archived)ScoutShellby510/17 6:29AM
Nice to see The Last Story in Smash... (Archived)Vangis605610/17 6:23AM
Who is the most Handsome Smasher? (Poll)
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ss4parrothair5510/17 6:17AM
Besides Metaknight, who was nerfed the most? Also, who was buffed most and why? (Archived)
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mooocooow024310/17 6:17AM
What if in the next Smash, Samus change into the fusion suit. (Archived)endgel210/17 6:12AM
Do you think that Mario and Dr. Mario are the same person? (Poll)
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Dedede_Man2110/17 6:05AM
Choose ten DLC newcomers. (Archived)
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-Ghetsis-8410/17 6:02AM
I like Pittoo's inclusion in the game. (Archived)Codarus310/17 5:50AM
ITT: Come up with event match ideas (Archived)PokemonYoutube110/17 5:30AM
At first I thought that trophy was Dunban... (Archived)jigglyweigel110/17 5:28AM