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If you have the demo... (Archived)Insertbumpshere49/9 5:25PM
How come nobody ever talks about Pikachu? :( (Archived)
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PikachuTheHorn149/9 5:25PM
Enough with the menu POTDs Sakurai!!!!! (Archived)Gamerdany49/9 5:25PM
Please please please please please give us the demo soon (Archived)KlRBEH39/9 5:23PM
One of these Japanese people need to record some Demo footage. (Archived)Thaxagoodname19/9 5:23PM
Dr. Mario has a really strong Forward air (Archived)OshawottGuy449/9 5:21PM
As a straight falloffcliffman (Archived)falloffcliffman29/9 5:21PM
Why doesn't Ganondorf have his package? (Archived)00bularn00bular69/9 5:20PM
Pikachu is a pretty neat character (Archived)kingtrace39/9 5:20PM
A Simple Game- Roster Removal (Archived)
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kidmf935119/9 5:19PM
When does the NA eshop update??? (Archived)unknownuber49/9 5:17PM
YR: "DEMITRI MAXIMOFF stalks the night!" (Archived)DK929269/9 5:16PM
"Dr. Mario is just Mario in a different outfit!" (Archived)
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MM125239/9 5:16PM
im on the fence. destiny or this game? (Archived)
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novelaa209/9 5:16PM
I can't wait for this game. I challenge nojobbob to 1vs1. (Archived)User72829/9 5:15PM
Post the last four remaining characters in this topic (Archived)
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PhaseBlack249/9 5:14PM
Who's maining Charzard? (Archived)
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WaterImp139/9 5:12PM
YR: When you open the game box for the first time... (Archived)
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Hinky_P139/9 5:11PM
The Massive Thread for those whom desire to play with Custom Move Sets and 3 Mii (Archived)Garfield6419/9 5:10PM
What menu will we see tonight? (Archived)EasterEggHunter39/9 5:10PM