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Competitive scene is gonna be good (Archived)
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Secret_starfall329/17 3:16AM
Wait, so can Lucina wear her mask? (Archived)ieatfoodtoo99/17 3:15AM
So, i guess Ridley WAS too big... (Archived)Wolfie_Claws99/17 3:13AM
Is there a way to have more than one "file" on a single copy? (Archived)
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Super Slash129/17 3:11AM
You dont think this Console/Handheld version split will be a permanant stay will (Archived)RemixDeluxe69/17 3:09AM
What would it take for Waluigi to become a legitimate candidate as a Newcomer? (Poll)
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Triforceformer409/17 2:59AM
quick way to earn cash (Archived)
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greatdimentio179/17 2:56AM
Wait so Sakurai had the Ice Climbers running on the Wii U but removed them (Archived)
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UberPyro64229/17 2:52AM
I don't want to spoil myself with anything other than the characters but... (Archived)fuzi1129/17 2:46AM
Reddit Guy has a... strange problem with Peach. (Archived)
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AuraWielder239/17 2:43AM
I hope there's no trophies that require a save file from another game. (Archived)STN7969/17 2:43AM
Does toon link have Links new Forward Dash attack? (Archived)Wolfie_Claws49/17 2:42AM
So the 3DS actually DID limit the roster (Archived)Houndoomed79/17 2:41AM
YR: SSB5 includes Galacta Knight as a Meta Knight clone (Archived)Rad_Dudesman59/17 2:34AM
I'm going to be completely honest... (Archived)Kcthanagarathos49/17 2:32AM
Well, I found this while prowling around Youtube. (Archived)Quick-Man39/17 1:55AM
I've nearly lost all hype for the 3DS version. (Archived)
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hekifier229/17 1:38AM
I can make a better Smash game then Sakurai (Archived)
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Benify179/17 1:28AM
Why do you guys think the Wii U Version will more characters? (Archived)donkeyjack109/17 1:17AM
ITT: Sakurai has helped develop KH3 and the new smash is announced (Archived)KingDeadpool49/17 1:09AM