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There should only be one DLC character (Archived)Batoideus19/30 7:27PM
What the...? How is it that there are people refusing to play this for Melee (Archived)Dark_Zoroark89/30 7:26PM
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classic 3rd party characters that didnt make the cut (Archived)
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ReachOutToTruth169/30 7:19PM
Which female character smells better? (Poll)bisonyesyes69/30 7:15PM
Rate this Wiggler moveset please. (Archived)Duncanwii39/30 7:11PM
Has the other Jigglypuff unlock method been discovered yet? (Archived)SmashBro2579/30 7:10PM
Get some! -Falco (Archived)
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Artsy09179/30 7:09PM
Dark Pit's english voice (Archived)HerbertGMcGee79/30 7:09PM
Do you think there will be Super Mario Galaxy 2 music? (Archived)
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Chenmaster2139/30 7:09PM
Anyone considering going to the San Jose GameStop tournament? (Archived)nirvana strike99/30 7:09PM
Of all the male characters to get a shirtless alt...why Shulk? (Archived)LethalAffinity89/30 7:08PM
Rate the Final Smash, Day 3-Peach Blossom (Poll)danicapatrick2289/30 6:59PM
I made some simple desktop wallpapers.. (Archived)
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Kcthanagarathos149/30 6:54PM
After Mega Man, Simon Belmont was the biggest 3rd party character on the NES. (Archived)
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SmellyVonBeli129/30 6:51PM
Must sign a waiver? For being under 18 (gamestop tourney) (Archived)WaWaluigi803109/30 6:40PM
Has a game ever got two Nintendo Directs? (Archived)judgementaeon89/30 6:40PM
Kirby's new voice says "Hiii" and "Falcon Punch!" terribly (Archived)Dumdumwantgum39/30 6:38PM
Which GameStop are you going to for the tournament? (Archived)
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Wigglytuff256129/30 6:38PM