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Who Would You Like As DLC? (Archived)
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DynoStretch138/30 11:07AM
Sakurai thought Bowser Jr as a last reveal was a good idea? (Archived)
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Meatbagger128/30 11:04AM
For those getting the Smash 3DS bundle, has the New 3DS convinced you not to buy (Archived)lizard8128898/30 11:01AM
Items you want removed/added? (Archived)Matt-Moores58/30 11:00AM
More cuts, less newcomers. How is this the logical continuation of brawl? (Archived)
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bobopatch234578/30 10:59AM
If Shulk's trailer was revealed first instead of Robin/Lucina's... (Archived)LRodC78/30 10:59AM
To those who have JPN 3DS, what game did you originally buy it for? (Archived)dylchap2728/30 10:58AM
So shulk is a generic anime swordsman, but issac isn't? (@_@) (Archived)pkmnpkmn68/30 10:51AM
Do you think Sakurai is hiding Ganondorf? (Archived)Artsy0968/30 10:50AM
Who else plays all characters equally? (Archived)
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KillerKremling278/30 10:49AM
IGN scores leak (Archived)lizard8128848/30 10:48AM
Why is Shulk a bully? (Archived)
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lizard81288168/30 10:45AM
I don't get why some people are against the idea of character alts. (Archived)
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Giordygi178/30 10:43AM
Japan is lucky that they get the game first. I'm jelly. (Archived)Diayamondo88/30 10:42AM
One thing about the leak preceding the Shulk reveal that disappoints me (Archived)Mash_Ketchum108/30 10:41AM
YR: Dark Pit has Wolf's moveset, complete with Landmaster and everything (Archived)MajinTenshinhan108/30 10:41AM
I can't believe Dr. Eggman was teased at the end of shulks trailer (Archived)Almedinz98/30 10:40AM
Would you have preferred Morgan to Robin? (Archived)biohazard15188/30 10:40AM
What was that tease at the end of Shulk's trailer? (Archived)
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Steven-Chase318/30 10:37AM
Link clones = Sweet man. (Archived)TheCurseX288/30 10:34AM