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Louie HAS to be DLC.Charlie or Brittany is fine too (Archived)Rosal1naIsBeast511/17 7:22AM
A smaller Ridley COULD be done under the title of "Ridley"... (Archived)
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xgiraffes13x1911/17 7:20AM
I find it a bit sad that some people are already writing this game off. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Solar_Crimson4511/17 7:17AM
DK BONGOS! they work with this game! (Archived)guedesbrawl411/17 7:15AM
ITT: Characters who probably would or should be in Smash but missed the boat. (Archived)
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ToastyPudding1911/17 7:11AM
Why are u already talking about cuts 4 the next smash? (Archived)Attracabull111/17 6:59AM
Plaza/Title (Animal Crossing: WW/CF) has been uploaded. (Archived)Yoshi_Bro411/17 6:56AM
Do you want this DLC: Day 3 (Ridley) (Repost because I'm Stupid) (Poll)MercWithNoShirt811/17 6:47AM
Character titles on Boxing Ring? (Archived)ssbmrocks611/17 6:45AM
Ugh, why do all of you Pigs only talk about Lucina's flatness? (Archived)
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MercWithNoShirt2711/17 6:39AM
Rate the Stage: Day 19: Superflat World: Flat Zone (Melee) (Poll)
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Zero_Destroyer1911/17 6:07AM
Is it Flat Zone 1 and 2 or Flat Zone 3? (Poll)falloffcliffman711/17 6:02AM
Found the best song in Smash Bros (Spoiler: contains some dong expansion) (Archived)NutOfDeath711/17 5:47AM
Which of these two would you rather have in Smash Brothers? (Poll)Garlands_Soul911/17 5:35AM
Are you happy with Zelda/Pokemon Trainer-style transformations being gone? (Poll)
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bopbop665311/17 5:33AM
Why can you only save replays in certain (limited) modes? (Archived)ToastyPudding111/17 5:05AM
What shall you do on 11/21? (Archived)
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AGmetaknight13211/17 5:00AM
YR: You get two characters in a DLC, one being King K. Rool... (Archived)
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SirJuicius1611/17 4:58AM
Who is your joke character? (Archived)
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Crums442511/17 4:48AM
How many people will buy a wii u for this game when it comes out? (Archived)LenDar22911/17 4:45AM