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New to smash bros need help (Archived)bonemonkey80211/26 7:13AM
I'm pretty turned on with Male Wii Fit Trainer. (Archived)Isaakun311/26 7:08AM
Bowser Jr. broke Mario's shield in his Intro Movie, Mario didn't flash red. (Archived)Metaknighter211/26 6:49AM
Both Palutena and Pit are annoying (Archived)creep50811/26 6:47AM
The level of detail on that Bionis trophy, tho. (Archived)empireoffire511/26 6:47AM
Would it be in my be in my best interest to beat Xenoblade before playing more? (Archived)
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HakuMan1113863111/26 6:45AM
Who would you all say are the 10 biggest characters in Smash Bros.? (Archived)
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Vyers1311/26 6:39AM
Why does this game feel "laggy" ? (Archived)TheSteelPhoenix711/26 6:22AM
What the....$100+ for a gamecube adapter? (Archived)
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NoJobBob2311/26 6:19AM
DK should have been Jungle Beat version (Archived)M DAMAGE211/26 6:13AM
Mmmm it was really impressive how you proceeded to lose with every character... (Archived)
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Gandalf the Istari3011/26 6:06AM
One of those stupid topics about characters deserving things (Archived)NotSnowske311/26 6:04AM
SD card issue - quick fix (Archived)fox_bacchin211/26 6:04AM
Does anyone else get excited thinking about Sakurai giving Ridley the shaft? (Archived)Sony_7211/26 6:02AM
I hate the term 'casual' (Archived)barrabaCHHS411/26 6:02AM
How do you avoid 5-8 player smashes in Classic? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman211/26 5:45AM
Samus in sound vault (Archived)My_611/26 5:42AM
Be honest: Had you not heard of some of the newcomers before Smash? (Poll)
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L_M_42911/26 5:31AM
Does this game's physics feel any different than the 3DS version to you? (Archived)iKampfer311/26 5:18AM
all toasters toast toast. xD (Archived)
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geno4life1711/26 5:13AM