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So. The leak was final after all? (Archived)
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Nightinangle139/11 3:35AM
I'm 99% sure the Karate Joe figure just shown had a Smash Symbol. (Archived)nicknick969149/11 3:35AM
Ridley confirmed (Archived)Raven_Shikumi19/11 3:34AM
Squirtle is a trophy (Archived)endergamer53749/11 3:33AM
What all was revealed after dark pit? (Archived)Holy_Oblivion39/11 3:32AM
Bowser Jr. deconfirmed because finishing Classic with Bowser didn't unlock him. (Archived)
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Cornholioam279/11 3:30AM
Stocks in classic mode (Archived)HenryKissiger49/11 3:28AM
So how does dark pit play? (Archived)Mtvn59/11 3:27AM
Has any of the ost been revealed or anything? (Archived)Zazabar109/11 3:25AM
New assist trophies? (Archived)missingn08769/11 3:24AM
I really don't understand why these streamers are so clueless. (Archived)
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wannabe3279/11 3:24AM
I think Magicant has topped Fourside. (Archived)Nes_Mettaur79/11 3:22AM
Recycled voice clips (Archived)disco-romance89/11 3:22AM
Mii Brawler is pretty cool (Archived)Long_Bottom39/11 3:22AM
So was Ness buffed? (Archived)
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Diayamondo269/11 3:21AM
Does DP play any different from Pit? (Archived)Kurumiee109/11 3:20AM
Yr sakurai expresses a interest in earthbound (Archived)megaman_9789/11 3:19AM
Why is the announcer speaking English? (Archived)SaraBeII69/11 3:15AM
So could anyone get me up to speed since last night. (Archived)megaman_9759/11 3:12AM
Duck Hunt moveset, from what I can gather. (Archived)
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Meta289139/11 3:07AM