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Why Ridley should be playable... (Archived)FrigidRigid48/30 1:22PM
YR: After Unlocking every character you get this message (Archived)Dark_Zoroark108/30 1:21PM
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Why do Nintendo fans call Xenoblade overrated? (Archived)
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skypunch708/30 1:20PM
What would the taglines for these newcomers be? (Archived)ComeOnGhirahim78/30 1:20PM
*Strange rules* Do you have any? (Archived)
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strider_123438/30 1:17PM
Sign if you are maining Shulk (Archived)
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Jmandal318/30 1:17PM
lets tweet nintendo and say some one leaked (Archived)mikebond2298/30 1:16PM
I hope that there can be Amiibo vs Amiibo matches. (Archived)Storrac88/30 1:11PM
So, Where Do We Stand On Characters, Again? (Archived)
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ShiniOfMadness318/30 1:10PM
Ready for the villains trailer? (Archived)The_Good_Ganon108/30 1:09PM
Did you pre-order any of the Amiibos yet? (Archived)
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KlRBEH238/30 1:09PM
What's with K. Rool's diehard's? (Archived)Mudkip_in_Space98/30 1:07PM
Why was Robin's theme "Together, we ride!" when that song wasn't even in FE:A? (Archived)Yoshi201098/30 1:07PM
I reacted to Shulk. (Archived)CloudSephiroth778/30 1:06PM
Who can we expect to be cut for Smash 5? (Archived)
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ChronoCactaur598/30 1:05PM
SSB4 Ultimate Trailer 8.30.14 (all trailers in one) (Archived)NutOfDeath88/30 1:03PM
Any new Nintendo game, anniversary or event coming up? (Archived)Awwayz68/30 1:02PM
Wii Fit Trainer amiibo sold out?! (Archived)
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xXxAgentAdaxXx118/30 1:01PM