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What newcomer do you want the most to be announced in the Smash Direct? (Poll)
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Which of the following secondary Paper Mario characters do you want playable? (Poll)BetrayedTangy74/5 7:03PM
Minigames/modes this game should have. (Archived)
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Spring Roster Competition Semi-Finals Part One: xgiraffes13x vs. taoxadasa (Poll)
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Series from SSB64 deserve special treatment (Archived)MechaKoopa500074/5 6:31PM
Samus Aran vs. Alucard Fahrenheit Ţepeş? (Poll)BigSharkZ104/5 6:28PM
If Nintendo (or Square) made a mass-crossover RPG of Nintendo franchises... (Archived)
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Shouldn't little mac be japanese? (Archived)
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Super Smash Bros. Characters vs. Elder Scrolls Characters (Poll)Fuoco_Eterno14/5 6:12PM
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How many reps is too much for Mario? (Archived)Thunder_Armor74/5 6:09PM
Why do you think Snake won't be back? Or will he be? (Poll)Arceus500034/5 6:08PM
Will you be there for the Smash Direct live? (Poll)
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Demo after direct? (Archived)
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The cast of Super Smash Bros vs. The cast of Street Fighter (Poll)
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YR: There will be a free demo to download (Archived)Farvin11154/5 4:46PM
How do you react if (Archived)xgiraffes13x24/5 4:42PM
In 10 years time Animal Crossing will be in Nintendo's top 3 biggest franchises (Archived)
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