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Is Ashley supposed to be Wario's girlfriend? That's so wrong! (Archived)
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Spiega27710/24 9:37PM
Be Honest: Did you expect Mewtwo at the end? (Poll)
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Gamegeek1231710/24 9:36PM
So we getting Mewtwo back, Great!. How bout wolf next please? (Archived)
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Padraigo522810/24 9:36PM
Let's be honest.. Who actually regularly played as Ice Climbers? (Archived)
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Super1Up2010/24 9:35PM
wolf will be back. i dont even like him but i know he will return (Archived)youngbro310/24 9:34PM
Chances of Mewtwo being a Lucario clone? (Archived)
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Da_Geek1610/24 9:34PM
Soo... Is everyone confident that Nintendo wants to make money now? (Poll)Theguysayhi510/24 9:34PM
he can still be playable!!! (Archived)Genericgamer667110/24 9:32PM
Mewtwo haters be like.... (Archived)Megaman_Jolteon710/24 9:27PM
Which WarioWare character (Not Ashley) do you want playable. (Poll)
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jigglyweigel1410/24 9:26PM
which country have the best smasher?_? ^_^ (Archived)geno4life610/24 9:26PM
well this is a one sided poll (Archived)Genericgamer667210/24 9:23PM
Best reaction to Mewtwo (Archived)Da_Geek310/24 9:22PM
Smash announcer sings Pokemon theme song (Archived)
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Da_Geek1610/24 9:21PM
How do you 8 player mode? (Archived)Megaman_Jolteon410/24 9:18PM
You know, that leaker who said he saw moving models of Ridley, Mewtwo, etc... (Archived)
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You can see the planes from Pilotwings in the Wuhu Island stage (Archived)endergamer537110/24 9:13PM
Why are there no Smash guilds? (Archived)jrzfine110/24 9:12PM
I really wish I had a time machine. (Archived)Meta289310/24 9:11PM
What are the official ages of all the Smash characters? (Archived)
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GeneralPengu2810/24 9:10PM