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What tier do you think Mewtwo will be? (Archived)
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Tyranitrum1110/23 9:16PM
N64 Stages returning (Archived)
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charlex32810/23 9:16PM
That Nintendo Land music though... (Archived)MisterDrBob510/23 9:13PM
*sees the Garden of Hope has a stage hazard* Crap. :-( (Archived)HakuMan111386910/23 9:12PM
Who do you think will possibly be the next dlc character? (Archived)
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ZLn131610/23 9:12PM
Mewtwo is the dessert that Sakurai was describing (Archived)Gamegeek123210/23 9:12PM
Comparison of the Wii U and 3DS Smash Bros. games and their differences (Archived)LRodC510/23 9:09PM
Sakurai is such a troll with Ridley and I Love it. (Archived)QueenLUCiNA310/23 9:07PM
The "Solidarity" Event Match is just slightly inaccurate. (Archived)ItsKaljinyuTime810/23 9:06PM
What's with the insant KO at over 100% on danger zones? (Archived)
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On_The_Edge2710/23 9:05PM
How strong will Ridley be? (Archived)TheAngryPotato210/23 9:01PM
Blue Metal Hero... (Archived)HURRICANEKID710/23 9:01PM
Playing as Miis killed Smash Tour hype for me (Archived)Tyranitrum210/23 9:00PM
So Trophy Characters are still in the Game (Archived)KillerKremling610/23 9:00PM
Japan Time is now eternal. (Archived)Falcoman4857310/23 8:59PM
SERIUSLY 15 f****** returning stages!? (Archived)
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PowerOats3910/23 8:58PM
As an avid Ridley supporter... (Archived)mustpostthis510/23 8:57PM
Wario is in Luigi's Final Smash trophy (Archived)Boo Destroyer610/23 8:56PM
/sigh.... (Archived)Blingya25310/23 8:56PM
I hope this game has stamps! (Archived)Storrac110/23 8:56PM