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Proposal: in order to have a game with competitive depth...evosthunder55/10 12:00PM
Would you want to see Daisy use the cellular shopper as one of her special movesDaisy65/10 11:50AM
My moveset for Danny Phantom joke characterMKWARRIOR200045/10 11:46AM
Mario, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem are the only series...
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Squhawk115/10 11:37AM
Should unrepped series get priority for DLC Newcomers?generalguy6475/10 11:27AM
ATTN Sakurai, in the next patchRidleyTheKiria35/10 11:24AM
My moveset for Deoxys from PokemonMKWARRIOR200035/10 11:10AM
My least favorite characters to play against
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
x_Super_Nova_x135/10 11:04AM
My ideas for Paper Mariosmashbros198925/10 11:04AM
Can Smashfaqs explain these poll results to me?mrthecheeseguy35/10 11:03AM
I have completed all Challenges.R_2the_Egal45/10 11:03AM
Whats with all this splatoon talk?JXspeedway95/10 11:02AM
Ness, Lucas, Villager, and Toon Link go to the park...Dumdumwantgum105/10 11:01AM
My ideas for Medusa from the Kid Icarus gamessmashbros198935/10 10:56AM
Create Palutena's Guidance conversations for characters.x_Super_Nova_x55/10 10:55AM
ITT: We list things that would(n't) have happened if Brawl didn't happen
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Mavitar115/10 10:44AM
YR: Next DLC is...LagoonTheCursed35/10 10:43AM
Will the inkiling dlc costume gamestop exclusive or avaible to everyone...Andre_B_R15/10 10:41AM
Do you think DLC will be announced in a pattern?judgementaeon45/10 10:29AM
What kind of doctor is Dr. Mario?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
KeptOnSwimming165/10 10:29AM
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