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I'm glad the game actually says the name of the Mii instead of just "Mii". (Archived)bisonyesyes88/27 11:06PM
Sophia too OP. (Archived)Lunar_Envoy918/27 11:05PM
I figured out the pattern for the character select screen. Characters remaining? (Archived)
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ReallyCoolForum488/27 11:03PM
So... are we expecting a Mii/Custom spot on the character select screen? (Archived)Hudsucker20XX28/27 11:01PM
What if each character had two final smashes (Archived)Viking_in_a_Box18/27 11:00PM
The August 22 Prophets' Remembrance Topic (Archived)
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marchefelix218/27 10:59PM
If you can beat me, Ganon, in an arm wrestle match, I will show gameplay footage (Archived)The_Good_Ganon58/27 10:58PM
POTD: Yay, Mii FIghters (Archived)frogzx88/27 10:57PM
What other character would you like to see alts for? (Archived)graymam88/27 10:56PM
What are the chances of Honey queen and Dark Ganondorf becoming DLC? (Archived)YoshiruIezz68/27 10:55PM
How does the PotD confirm the leak more? (Archived)YoshiruIezz68/27 10:53PM
Which of the big 4 is your favourite? (Poll)
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discodancer77118/27 10:52PM
I think it's time we sat down and talked about Ridley's chances (Archived)
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Hail_High_Roche148/27 10:52PM
POTD always uploads at :X0 or :X5 right? (Archived)greatdimentio108/27 10:50PM
Think of a Smash character before entering this topic... (Archived)
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Jekefka188/27 10:43PM
This game out yet? (Archived)Skeif1348/27 10:42PM
Dr Mario should be a Pit alt, and Dark Pit should a Mario alt. (Archived)Aaron_Erin1268/27 10:41PM
Which Smash Character can make the best traps? (Archived)GreatCongratsby28/27 10:41PM
Get HYPED for the PotD. (Archived)
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Ghasts418/27 10:39PM
Who do you think the 3 manliest men of Super Smash Bros Brawl were? (Archived)
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Nehpets700288/27 10:36PM