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I have three UK 3DS Demo codes (Archived)BluntGrunt99/13 12:27AM
Eeeeew guys look at this over-sexualised pole dancing (Archived)Danspurt59/13 12:23AM
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What happens if you hit Bowser Jr in his helpless state? (Archived)Farvin11149/13 12:19AM
The next Smash Bros. game should just get rid of the "Helpless" state altogether (Archived)MileRun19/13 12:16AM
Best taunt? (Poll)CrystalKing542699/13 12:16AM
PSA: if Ridley is a stage hazard, don't look for his trophy in the 3DS version (Archived)CrystalKing542669/13 12:09AM
why exactly is having a trophy = not in the game? (Archived)
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Ubergeneral3129/13 12:08AM
Where's Roy Sakurai? (Archived)Simon-for-Smash39/13 12:08AM
I got the demo! (Archived)LayingSnow39/13 12:07AM
YR: The final character slot is a second random button... (Archived)sterlingtyger29/13 12:05AM
Peach has PEACHES again?! (FS) (Archived)Kurumiee39/13 12:04AM
Roy is in the game (Spoilers) :O (Archived)JNP200079/13 12:03AM
The Cool Details Topic: Learn Something New, and Post Yours! (Archived)DexterTheThird19/13 12:03AM
If I had a dollar for every time Ridley was playable in Smash, (Archived)
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Divine_shadow_699/13 12:02AM
Has there been sightings of non character rep third party trophies? (Archived)Icedragonadam99/13 12:01AM
Which assist trophies were cut? (Archived)
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Eelbert119/12 11:59PM
Roster complaints aside, can we agree that Bowser Jr. was handled perfectly? (Archived)
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seltraeh22409/12 11:59PM
You Have the Power to Add or Remove One Mechanic in this Game, Which Would it Be (Poll)Rollingcone99/12 11:57PM
Can Ike still Aether-cancel out of Marths(And Lucinas) FS? (Archived)Mikokiri29/12 11:55PM