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If you were to die today, would you want to spend any time playing Smash? (Archived)
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SuperShani139/17 7:17PM
Sakurai talks Ice Climbers, the separated release dates and trophy descriptions (Archived)
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Majora999929/17 7:17PM
Still the best song in the game (Archived)NessInEagleland39/17 7:16PM
Think there's a chance Wii U will get a different final boss? *SPOILERS* (Archived)PhoenixRush109/17 7:14PM
What time will the demo be available on Friday? (Archived)cnking249/17 7:09PM
Dr. Mario's full official art revealed (Archived)Dumdumwantgum69/17 7:09PM
What do smash characters say in bed when they climax? (Archived)
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SexyDarkPit629/17 7:08PM
Would You Rather They Made Both Versions or Just Wii U with all 3DS exclusives? (Poll)
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grantholomew169/17 7:07PM
If Smash characters were users on these boards, how do you think they would be? (Archived)
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RedAhmed139/17 7:05PM
ITT: Smash Bros. characters make up the cast of That 70's Show (Archived)cutthemac1659/17 7:03PM
So howwa bout when pickles I uhmm megaman wins? (Archived)Super1Up29/17 7:03PM
Star Fox Fans: Is Falco really more important than Wolf? (Archived)
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TheLonelyXNaut349/17 7:02PM
Who is the most badass thing you did in any Super Smash Bros game? (Archived)DeviljhoHAX89/17 7:02PM
Ice Climber Experts (Archived)
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billlewe23169/17 7:01PM
Type your favorite quote from this game really fast with your non-dominant hand. (Archived)
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cutthemac16469/17 7:00PM
Let's write a Smash fanfic THREE words at a time. (Archived)
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Gandolftheman1779/17 6:59PM
What did the Treehouse mean that the Wii U version had some different charcters? (Archived)Skyminxyz69/17 6:59PM
It just hit me... (Archived)
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Blezcuea129/17 6:52PM
That Rogueport theme (Archived)radiantarchiver49/17 6:51PM
Duck Hunt Dog and R.O.B. are still as popular as ever (Archived)HermeticJustice39/17 6:48PM