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Implementing DLC for this game is actually harder than one might think compared (Archived)Chenmaster2109/8 9:26PM
What did Marth say to Lucina? (Archived)
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WarIame119/8 9:24PM
What if Captain Falcon hit Lucina with the Punch? (Archived)
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Artsy09439/8 9:22PM
Which of these Nintendo Series would you most like to see repped on the roster? (Poll)Pizza2289/8 9:21PM
Do people actually like playing as the Fire Emblem Characters? (Poll)
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MarioGamer12345389/8 9:19PM
Direct a trailer confirming Captain Falcon, deconfirming/confirming Ridley and (Archived)whitepsychtiger89/8 9:18PM
What did Shulk say when he broke his ankle? (Archived)
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SKStylez219/8 9:16PM
What if Hideo Kojima leads the development of Smash 5? (Archived)
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GreatCongratsby269/8 9:14PM
Favorite Rendition of the Fire Emblem Theme. ^-^ (Poll)Xuan_Wu_759/8 9:13PM
How do you think the roster would be if Rare (Ware) was still owned by Nintendo? (Archived)martins_renato99/8 9:09PM
Why does Palutena have 12 unique specials? (Archived)
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GreatCongratsby529/8 9:07PM
if you had to choice a new Fire emblem rep based on weapon? (Poll)
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epik_fail1119/8 9:07PM
Sakurai used Hype Beam. (Archived)jigglyweigel49/8 9:06PM
of all the topics on this board, this one is the most hilarious in hindsight (Archived)
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Genericgamer667179/8 9:04PM
What use are water moves, like Mario's FLUDD and Squirtle's Water Gun? (Archived)SyphoV279/8 9:04PM
Which of my main/secondaries DESERVE to be top tier in Smash 4 (Poll)Ghasts79/8 9:01PM
Should it Return? Day 55: Special Movie (Poll)
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kidmf935169/8 8:59PM
please don't complain about the update if it's only a menu ^_^ (Archived)
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geno4life199/8 8:58PM
To help kill time until the end of the week when we will learn everything. (Archived)Moonlight15029/8 8:58PM
Which character gimmick (toon, dr, dark, etc) given to another is your favorite? (Poll)
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Pizza22199/8 8:57PM