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I did Smash Tour 4 times and still no Pac Land. (Archived)Da_Geek211/25 2:42PM
Sounds (Archived)brett_t111/25 2:41PM
I gotta say (Archived)yuoke111/25 2:39PM
Why do I keep reversing direction after jump neutral B (Archived)Stopthink111/25 2:38PM
What are some good setups to meteor with Falco's Side B? (Archived)Tempest717711/25 2:36PM
what happens when kirby eats wario eating dedede (Archived)NME_Enterprises311/25 2:35PM
What's your favorite comic book series? (Archived)UltVictory1011/25 2:31PM
How do I open photos I take in this game on my computer? (Archived)The_Altrox511/25 2:28PM
Saw a deal for a 250$ wii u bundle that came with smash bros... (Archived)Deathx113211/25 2:28PM
So what happened to that Nintendo Land remix within the 50 fact extravaganza? (Archived)Dumdumwantgum311/25 2:24PM
Ridley's grab (Archived)TheAngryPotato411/25 2:22PM
Bowser is absolutely beautiful in this game... (Archived)Cheko2015211/25 2:19PM
Which game impressed you more, Smash 3DS or Smash Wii U? (Poll)Megamushroom666111/25 2:17PM
Do you feel like any characters... (Poll)-Ozur-611/25 2:14PM
Let's share Event Mode tips. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Diez the White1111/25 2:10PM
Have any professional Melee players ever mentioned Sakurai? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
EvilBeards1611/25 2:07PM
It sounds like the announcer is saying wigglypop instead of jigglypuff (Archived)Gandolftheman611/25 2:02PM
Does anyone have lag at the title screen? (Archived)ElCruzXD611/25 1:59PM
What ever happened to Bowser being top tier? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
LRodC3811/25 1:55PM
Want to have a fun match with friends (Archived)menosgrande006211/25 1:52PM
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