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Songs that you want that will never be in the game (Archived)ThatKipp411/1 2:30PM
C/D You would've taken either Roy (Fire Emblem) or Pichu then Dark Pit (Archived)
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MedicalGamer1811/1 2:28PM
who would play who in a Smash Movie? (Archived)
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ScoutShellby1611/1 2:28PM
Will there be a demo of this on the e-Shop? (Poll)Chenmaster2311/1 2:25PM
Would Sakurai not being in charge for Smash 5 be good or bad? (Poll)
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falloffcliffman4211/1 2:13PM
ITT: Your reaction: Mewtwo can't be used on Wi-Fi at all. (Archived)
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Darkraiomb2511/1 2:12PM
If one Smash community got representation after Miiverse, who would it be? (Poll)
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JorentyIII1611/1 2:10PM
Actually Bowser Jr. being in the clown car does irk me a little bit (Archived)
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Dumdumwantgum2711/1 1:56PM
One thing that I am extremely grateful for this board (Archived)587Deathking511/1 1:41PM
I had a dream about Mewtwo's return... (Archived)CrescentShadow311/1 1:41PM
Rayquaza in Kalos Pokemon League (Archived)endergamer537211/1 1:38PM
I can never see myself coming last in an 8 human match... (Archived)Waluigilicious811/1 1:37PM
TSC: High Trollers Club - Challenge #3 (Archived)
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Eyemeralds2211/1 1:34PM
How would you feel if Pichu and Lucas returned as DLC... but as costumes only. (Archived)
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MechaKoopa50001711/1 1:26PM
Dixie stars in her own game in the 90's and still isn't playable (Archived)precita511/1 1:22PM
Captain Falcon needs to get his "Famicom" costume as an alt. (Archived)Roast_Grief611/1 1:22PM
I really hope Nintendo does patches soon (Archived)
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Dumdumwantgum1311/1 1:20PM
Not counting the clones, the Miis are the worst newcomers. (Archived)TZH30211/1 1:17PM
Bowser Jr. with his shoehorned clown car is the worst newcomer in smash history. (Archived)
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Frostheat_222111/1 1:14PM
For what reason is nintendo releasing smash wii u and pokemon on the same day (Archived)
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hipten3111/1 1:04PM