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I have two complaint about the demo. (Archived)Gamecube_Gamer39/19 10:21AM
Whats the best you've done against the Lv.9 CPU in the demo so far? (Archived)
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KlRBEH119/19 10:20AM
This game is ruined. (Archived)FinalCountDownn39/19 10:18AM
I know I'm bad a SSB games, but this is ridiculous! (Archived)DMGirl19/19 10:17AM
If they give Marth a voice, will Prince of Sable take his place? (Archived)
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quittaboi78159/19 10:16AM
ITT: In your favorite pics/gifs of your cut mains. (Archived)
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Denzien_of_Sega119/19 10:16AM
Do you unlock characters on the demo? (Archived)
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lastoutlaw113159/19 10:09AM
List of online improvements this game really needs with a free patch (Archived)
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nonexistinghero319/19 10:06AM
Predict Wii U past stages. (Archived)barrabaCHHS109/19 10:01AM
Mario counters Megaman so much (Archived)Tactician71479/19 10:01AM
You have the option of trading Dark Pit for one of these characters (Poll)lastoutlaw11389/19 10:00AM
What is Rage? (Archived)FinalCountDownn69/19 9:59AM
How can I improve my shielding and rolling? (Archived)iKampfer19/19 9:56AM
Recent DLC trends + arrows found in 3DS versions CSS/SSS (Archived)
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Nintenfan1457549/19 9:56AM
If Link had an alt and it was female (Wii/Hii Fit style) would the name be Lin? (Poll)
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bnui_ransder519/19 9:54AM
You can only attend the Smash 4 funeral of one cut character (Poll)
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NoJobBob489/19 9:49AM
Wait! Do you guys know what this Rage thing means? (Archived)Chaos-1539/19 9:47AM
So how do you obtain coins and what do they do? (Archived)Tactician71439/19 9:45AM
Little Mac looks like a dick with light brown hair. (Archived)
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LethalAffinity319/19 9:44AM
Castle Siege confirmed returning stage on Wii U (Archived)
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UberPyro64349/19 9:39AM