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I find it ridicolous that Sakurai felt the need to write "female" designer (Archived)
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blygisrod188/19 11:32AM
What past stages would you like to see get visual and/or mechanical updates? (Archived)wiiking9678/19 11:21AM
this bikini samus thing has gone to far.... (Archived)cheesesox48/19 11:14AM
I woke up this morning, saw the Samus pics, and went "Aww man". (Archived)
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Phoenixmon2238/19 11:14AM
How about this Palutena alt? (Archived)RabnadSkubla78/19 11:12AM
Does anyone else calibrate their Wiimote on Lucina's chest? (Archived)
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cutthemac16128/19 11:11AM
YR: Tomorrow's PoTD is... (Archived)neoblue10748/19 11:10AM
is Nightmare Wizard just 2d image? (Archived)
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ArcRay20168/19 11:10AM
Is greninjas scarf his tounge? (Archived)
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ACOOLGUY212218/19 11:08AM
What will the 3DS Metroid stage be? (Archived)
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xXxAgentAdaxXx238/19 11:06AM
If Snake is actually confirmed, I can't wait to see this board's complete 180. (Archived)
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Auto-Gyro438/19 11:06AM
We really need a Direct (Archived)Mudkip4368/19 11:00AM
YR: No more directs or character reveals until Japanese 3DS release. (Archived)LethalAffinity58/19 10:58AM
So Smash Wii U is basically FINISHED? (Archived)dedekong108/19 10:51AM
Pikmin - Map Theme (Archived)PhotonCrusader38/19 10:50AM
Today's Pic of the Day comment has be nervous (Archived)
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AdmiralZephyr158/19 10:47AM
Can Assist Trophies be interacted with? (Archived)IceBomb4558/19 10:41AM
Even Better Than Shirtless Ike... (Archived)
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ParaMorrigan228/19 10:40AM
Attack on Captain Falcon (Archived)
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Melkazar118/19 10:38AM
The PotD is amazing today :) (Archived)110is22x558/19 10:36AM