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Miis aren't really my cup of tea. (Archived)
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iAmTheLaw45249/9 2:12PM
Is Ridley Playable? (Poll)quinfordmac79/9 2:12PM
Palutena is covered in bacteria (Archived)
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player_hater119/9 2:11PM
Jigglypuff (Poll)
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AdmiralZephyr249/9 2:10PM
YR: Following brawl in the family, corpse run decides to end (Archived)Larsa_Britdor69/9 2:10PM
Being A Startropics fans sucks (Archived)KillerKremling59/9 2:10PM
I Still Don't Think the Sneaky Spirits in Smash Run Were for Nothing (Archived)
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Darkfire2431159/9 2:09PM
Guise moar proof samurai has bias! (Archived)skotopotomus89/9 2:08PM
If the top poll option becomes top tier, I will buy 20 posters a copy of SSB3DS (Poll)
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Mash_Ketchum889/9 2:06PM
what if Ridley's shadow is playable (Archived)Eponalove79/9 2:02PM
Guys I think Neo Zero is not lying because.. (Archived)Gamegeek123109/9 1:58PM
Brawl in The Family Ending, Kickstarter to get Limited Comic Books! (Archived)
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Simcambi159/9 1:58PM
Smash Run has a Sneaky Spirit, which likely means that SSB4 has a Rhythm Heaven (Archived)HerbertGMcGee39/9 1:58PM
Are you get Super Smash Brothers fong Wii yung? (Poll)raulgarcia269/9 1:57PM
PSA: Super Smash Bros for 3DS isn't real. (Archived)JinjoMaster79/9 1:57PM
Bandana Dee Pictures (Archived)
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Fetalisk219/9 1:56PM
After the ESRB Leak, are you doubting a Rhythm Heaven Rep? (Archived)
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themegafunk349/9 1:54PM
Think of a Smash character before entering this topic. (Archived)
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Chaos-15289/9 1:53PM
Hopefully all these menu pics are leading to the final potd...the CSS menu! (Archived)
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Pizza22139/9 1:53PM
Will the 3DS version run as seamlessly as the Wii U? (Archived)DarkBowser55469/9 1:53PM