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Why do people defend dark pit? (Archived)
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Nomorice4U709/18 12:24PM
Would you replace Shulk for Mewtwo or Ridley? (Poll)
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Thunder_Okami509/18 12:21PM
Are you happy with Jigglypuff's return and will you main him (or her)? (Poll)
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alpha-ape239/18 12:20PM
For Glory is such a crappy game mode and shouldn't even exist. (Archived)
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User7281109/18 12:19PM
The one thing I WILL give to Dark Pit... (Archived)flyinelk21229/18 12:19PM
Do Assist Trophies figure into All-Star Mode yet? (Archived)ItsKaljinyuTime39/18 12:15PM
Palutena got 12 special moves? But Dark Pit... (Archived)krauser13529/18 12:15PM
Actually, do we know as a FACT that Ridley is male? (Archived)AlexxPB109/18 12:12PM
Every time Robin is in a match... (Archived)L_M_439/18 12:10PM
what pink character is your favourite (Poll)
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ScoutShellby209/18 12:05PM
I apologize for thinking the Chorus Men would be playable (Archived)Waluigi779/18 12:05PM
Marth is obviously a man (Archived)Artsy0949/18 12:04PM
ITT: Post your luckiest win from all of Smash Bros. (Archived)
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Unknown Force119/18 12:01PM
In real life hand to hand combat, no weapons Fox vs Mario, who'd win? (Poll)GreatCongratsby109/18 12:00PM
I think I saw a Zero Suit Samus amiboo (Archived)NeoBowser39/18 11:57AM
lets be fair to the 3ds users (Archived)
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inTaCtfuL129/18 11:57AM
Remove all trophies to add a newcomer of your choice? (Poll)
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BenJ09389/18 11:55AM
What do YOU consider to be our current Donkey Kong's first appearance? (Poll)
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Sygma01249/18 11:55AM
Sakurai did in fact cut a female rep from Brawl. (Archived)
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Icedragonadam209/18 11:54AM
Sakurai 100% teased us about the inclusion of this highly desired character (Archived)RidleysPlayable39/18 11:54AM