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I'm so happy that Shulk's confirmed! (Archived)
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lopol12288/27 7:32AM
Could this be the last smash game made? (Archived)
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Quinnsanity118/27 7:28AM
Is there any chance a leaker will unlock All-Star mode any time soon? (Archived)
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Izec128/27 7:28AM
Did anyone notice this detail about Larry Koopa(The clown car gets color swaps!) (Archived)
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subzerorok115258/27 7:24AM
If one of these characters HAD to be in Smash 4, who would you pick? (Archived)MrProngs98/27 7:24AM
'Try Try again' music is in! (Archived)OshawottGuy428/27 7:19AM
can't wait for (Archived)mikebond2278/27 7:17AM
One reason why we don't have the full roster yet. (Archived)
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GodSlayer15198/27 7:15AM
Do you want a "check" option for doing "For Fun" mode with Mii/Custom Move Sets? (Archived)Garfield6488/27 7:14AM
Mario Kart 8 DLC means possible Smash DLC? (Archived)
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Suppaman234288/27 7:14AM
How many of you who have played all these repped games, like the roster? (Archived)
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bobopatch234248/27 7:13AM
Does Dark Pit prove that Sakurai is biased toward his own games? (Poll)
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Rad_Dudesman378/27 7:11AM
Ice Cimbers being DLC; Leaker mentioning them (Archived)SmashPhenom9288/27 7:11AM
YR: Dr. Mario uses F.L.U.D.D. (Archived)
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LethalAffinity248/27 7:08AM
C/D Ice Climbers apparent cut foreseen or just stumbled upon all of a sudden? (Archived)SoulRequiem238/27 7:07AM
People on GoNintendo are so f***ing stupid. (Archived)
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Storrac218/27 7:06AM
If the Gematsu is Still Real... (Archived)QuadForce87878/27 7:05AM
which previously unseen stages were revealed in the leak? (Archived)Guitarman1588/27 7:05AM
Information on Leaks (Archived)Schmeman78/27 7:00AM
List of all the characters who can now stand upright. (Archived)Flame55258/27 6:59AM