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Make Falco the star of Star Fox and cut Fox from Smash Bros (Archived)
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Sad to say, Isaac is not playable. What's worse, he never will be! (Archived)
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I thought Marth was short for Martha. (Archived)ThisAnvil17/2 7:17AM
We should get Django from Boktai (Archived)
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does anyone else ship wario and samus (Archived)
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Which cut character from Melee that isn't Mewtwo deserves to come back the most? (Poll)matthewtheman87/2 6:54AM
Unpopular opinions! (Archived)
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Out of ALL of Melee's cut characters, which one deseves to come back the most? (Poll)MushroomMuncher97/2 6:53AM
Character Preferences 51C: Zero Suit Samus vs. Bowser Jr. (Poll)mutehero747/2 6:46AM
Which Gen 3 Pokemon rep would you like most? (Poll)ProtonCharge17/2 6:46AM
You can add one character for each letter in your username. Who do you add? (Archived)
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YR: Ridley is a playable character in Super Smash Bros, and is awesome, but... (Archived)HerbertMcGee57/2 6:40AM
I hope one of the hats the Miis can wear is a Waluigi hat (Archived)matthewtheman17/2 6:34AM
Which third party deserves to be a viable character? (Archived)Diayamondo27/2 6:30AM
Ridley is just too big (Archived)mustpostthis47/2 6:29AM
Mii Brawler's gloves (Archived)mutehero747/2 6:22AM
Which of my top ten most wanted newcomers do you want most? (Poll)
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Do you think Hades and Viridi are too big to be playable? (Archived)
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No double jump cancelling in the demo build? (Archived)
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