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So, lets talk stage bosses. (Archived)
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Drag0nBlade159/18 11:24AM
If Peach were to get another outfit... (Poll)AnselaFan99/18 11:23AM
It hurts to watch a lot of SSB streamers. (Archived)
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LagoonTheCursed239/18 11:21AM
Anyone have a good Dark Pit wallpaper? (Archived)ChibiDialga29/18 11:21AM
Any word if Gamestop is doing any tournaments for Smash 3DS? (Archived)toadfan6429/18 11:20AM
Can someone actually test the alleged Ice Climbers chant glitch? (Archived)
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L_M_4119/18 11:19AM
So is 3DS/Wii U Sheik Male or Female? (Archived)
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QuadForce878719/18 11:18AM
Is Ridley male or female? (Archived)
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BikiniRidley239/18 11:17AM
Demo midnight release? (Archived)Darksilver7729/18 11:17AM
Whichplayable Smash characters do you look/act like most? (Archived)
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ProtonCharge309/18 11:14AM
If Dixie Kong does not get into the next Smash as a playable character... (Archived)Garp_fist79/18 11:12AM
DLC discussion is dominated by character requests from popular series. (Poll)
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peppermintsnow219/18 11:11AM
Ugh at Little Mac on For Glory (Archived)
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daikonboy101279/18 11:06AM
Delphox Hunts the Battlefield! (Delphox moveset creation and support thread) (Archived)
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Davin134489/18 11:02AM
Now that 3DS is out, let's reminisce and post funny Smash pics from this board. (Archived)CapnMuffin39/18 10:55AM
So hows the online play so far? (Archived)chronotrig100109/18 10:55AM
I wish the wii u version can upload replays directly to youtube (Archived)kukingina279/18 10:51AM
All songs (as of now) in Youtube playlist. (Archived)Gameesh89/18 10:50AM
So are we just going to get garbage PotDs now until October 3rd? (Archived)LRodC49/18 10:45AM
Why is Ganondorf so sassy? (Archived)Chaos-1599/18 10:41AM