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It's a shame that Lucina didn't get falcon punched in that trailer. (Archived)
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How many newcomers left? (Archived)
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If you were the Director, how would you handle the Awakening representation? (Poll)
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How do Melee fans feel about the gameplay now? (Archived)YoungGganon97/19 2:25PM
Weird Al should write the soundtrack to this game. (Archived)SalsaSavant107/19 2:24PM
Should Jigglypuff's "pound" be replaced by a fairy-type move? (Archived)
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Biggest WTF character of all time (Poll)
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Does Bowser Jr. still have a chance? (Archived)
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If I was an Assist Trophy what would I do? (Archived)ss4parrothair47/19 2:18PM
So in which Arcana do the characters belong? (Archived)Chaos-1557/19 2:18PM
Miiverse's Reaction: Goku is actually playable, but it's the one from Yuyuki. (Archived)Yoshi201037/19 2:13PM
Why do people still make rosters? (Archived)NutOfDeath97/19 2:12PM
Sakurai decides one of these Must Be Playable. Choose wisely. (Poll)
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They fixed Marth's Final Smash (Archived)
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Ways to tell Sakurai doesnt care about the US (Archived)
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If Marth gets heavily nerfed thanks to the addition of this Lucina tramp... (Archived)
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Rate my rooster (Archived)ss4parrothair47/19 2:03PM