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Has Nintendo announced promotions/discounts for the Wii U version?? (Archived)MargaritaPaul310/18 12:07AM
is there a boycott or something? (Archived)Genericgamer667610/18 12:02AM
Poll: Which Smash Bros had the best items? (Poll)nintendoboy2012510/17 11:52PM
Ganondorf is fast and cool (Archived)ImGanondorfLol710/17 11:32PM
wow people sure do like jigglypuff (an actual serious topic, not a hating topic) (Archived)skotopotomus710/17 11:32PM
if smash brothers characters were made while sakurai was drunk or bored (Archived)peppermintsnow1010/17 11:26PM
Sakurai wants the Smash soundtrack to be consistently themed. (Poll)
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peppermintsnow1510/17 11:12PM
Can Marth/Lucina still Meteor with Dancing Blade? (Archived)grantholomew410/17 11:12PM
Has Master Core been confirmed to be in this version? (Archived)nintendoboy2012710/17 11:11PM
Cutting Jigglypuff won't instantly bring back Mewtwo (Archived)alpha-ape1010/17 11:09PM
Just for Fun: You're in charge of making a Smash clone using your top ten games! (Archived)Austin_4e610/17 11:05PM
Dang it Reggie... (Archived)Simon-for-Smash210/17 10:54PM
Would you take Wendy to the prom? (Archived)Megaman6924410/17 10:45PM
YR: Next game's third party characters represent the console wars (Archived)Lightflame610/17 10:43PM
How does this video make you feel? (Archived)UnknownSmash410/17 10:42PM
I see the A.I is still a bit similar to Brawl's (Archived)587Deathking310/17 10:24PM
Characters that pretty much nobody besides you want? (Archived)
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KicktheNopon11810/17 10:24PM
Board Game Mode (ideas/speculation) (Archived)idontknow8110/17 10:20PM
I don't have a problem with Project M, but... (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson1110/17 10:18PM
To be fair, each franchise is limited to only 2 heroes and 1 villain now. (Archived)
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Xano12341310/17 10:16PM