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Wouldn't it be funny if the Leak (Archived)cyclone32738/27 9:23PM
Dr. Baby Paper Pink Gold Metal Toon Young Ridley in Her Sports Outfit (Archived)Svedeesh_Cheff28/27 9:18PM
Get ready for tonights Pic (Archived)mckee2318/27 9:18PM
If a Brawl newcomer had to meet the same date the Ice Climbers did.. (Poll)Jack_the_monke768/27 9:16PM
Professor Layton is a uninteresting, generic waste of a third-party character. (Poll)
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Theguysayhi288/27 9:15PM
Any news about the ESRB leak? (Archived)
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MariowiiX158/27 9:14PM
This should be a secret character. (Archived)DerekRoss58/27 9:13PM
The next trailer will still be awesome. :D (Archived)
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CapnMuffin168/27 9:12PM
Do You Miss the ASCII topic? (Archived)JiggsMcPuff48/27 9:11PM
Would you get this game now, or should NoJobBob get a job? (Archived)
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ComeOnGhirahim118/27 9:10PM
SHould there be an original Smash Character made of ASCII art? (Archived)Lord_Valkire68/27 9:08PM
Some Smash Musings (Not an ASCII Topic) (Archived)Shadow_Roxas_28/27 9:07PM
What if all these "leaks" are an elaborate scheme by Sakurai? (Archived)danielfromhood38/27 9:05PM
Yeah I know what you mean. It reminds me of the unveiling of Wind Waker (Archived)biohazard15118/27 9:04PM
The Town theme from Zelda II (Archived)PerfektDar18/27 9:04PM
Duck Hunt arguably predates Pac-Man and G&W (Archived)game200268/27 9:02PM
I want to turn into Palutena... (Archived)Svedeesh_Cheff78/27 9:00PM
What is Mega Man's victory theme? (Archived)
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LagoonTheCursed168/27 8:56PM
What is that flashing thing going on as Shulk moves around the Stage? (Archived)GreatCongratsby98/27 8:53PM
I'll feel uncomfortable playing as Lucina (Archived)
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Evilcrachitt158/27 8:52PM