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Why isn't Mega Slowbro being talked about for DLC? (Archived)nicknick9691610/29 5:05PM
soooooooooo, no adventure mode? (Archived)sayianprince300610/29 5:03PM
YR: Angela from Talking Friends gets in (Archived)I_Am_Fire110/29 5:00PM
Joke: Why isn't Ridley playable? (Archived)
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MordecaiRocks2010/29 4:50PM
Mike Tyson plays Punchout as Little Mac (Archived)precita310/29 4:50PM
Ridley fans jumping to Geno (Archived)
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Xaranid1510/29 4:50PM
Lucas comes back, but so does Pichu for DLC... (Poll)
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OshawottGuy41810/29 4:50PM
I just realized what 8-player Smash is going to allow (Archived)The_Ninjadillo810/29 4:47PM
YR: Sakurai makes Flying Man a playable character as free DLC (Archived)
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Vyers1210/29 4:42PM
Theory - Owning both versions = "Season Pass" (Archived)jeffhardyrox610/29 4:39PM
.... My Mii just blinked in a photo. :l (Archived)SpacePirateKhan810/29 4:35PM
Sakurai comments on Falcondorf and Captain Falcon (Archived)
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Vangis6053410/29 4:34PM
I really hope there are no challenges that require multiplayer in Single modes (Archived)
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TheCrazyRat1910/29 4:33PM
can u use the 3ds on 8player smash?Also can I fight a friend using a 3ds online? (Archived)selkie1997410/29 4:32PM
Can you do 8 players online, or is it local only (Archived)That_Damn_Kid510/29 4:26PM
They should change Captain Falcon's neutral B (Archived)bnui_ransder1010/29 4:25PM
sign the Lucario and Mewtwo peace treaty ^_^ (Archived)
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geno4life3510/29 4:20PM
No one should be surprised that they had to make cuts. (Archived)Ninty20161010/29 4:17PM
Best Nintendo franchise? (Poll)Killzonegaming310/29 4:15PM
Which would you rather have? (inb4Sakuraibias) (Poll)Solar_Crimson510/29 4:13PM