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Shulk vs Daisy. (Archived)GoddessLu1gl58/29 1:00PM
Which scenario would you prefer? (Poll)LRodC28/29 1:00PM
Poor Captain Falcon. Remember when he was the fastest character in the roster? (Archived)
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Magitek111218/29 12:59PM
How do we get Sakurai to become biased towards Suda51? (Archived)DrHarlock48/29 12:58PM
Did Shulk used Monado Fourth Wall? (Archived)Blayshy98/29 12:56PM
People crying about the leak spoiling the roster. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz78/29 12:56PM
So xenoblade chronicles 3ds only works on the new 3ds... (Archived)EpicNess201388/29 12:55PM
Should it Return? Day 45: Zap Jump (Poll)kidmf93558/29 12:55PM
Should an Inkling be DLC, or should it wait until the next Smash game? (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson198/29 12:54PM
Quick question about Palutena and Shulk's trailers (Archived)
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judgementaeon118/29 12:54PM
What Shulk's FS should've been: MONADO UNLEASHED! (Archived)Blitzus18/29 12:54PM
YR: Sakurai secretly killed the leaker. (Archived)ImSpidey688/29 12:52PM
ITT: The Smash 64 characters weren't in 64, Melee or Brawl. (Archived)
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ToxicTyran218/29 12:51PM
Remember when Shulk was an IKE clone? (Archived)Ghasts108/29 12:51PM
So, how do you customize Monado Arts? (Archived)
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Geminia999128/29 12:51PM
YR: Bowser Jr. gets announced but.. (Archived)Flamemaster9648/29 12:49PM
Not all the characters were unlocked in the character roster leak... (Archived)
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SpindashStudios188/29 12:48PM
The Shulk Time comment was just...wrong... (Archived)
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Garp_fist168/29 12:47PM
So...why exactly is shulk 3rd party? (Archived)
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epik_fail1258/29 12:47PM
What music from Xenoblades ya think are going to be in? (Archived)Anthoba3218/29 12:46PM