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I just don't get the thought process behind Alph- alt Dark Pit- Clone (Archived)
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kazooie959229/13 3:51AM
C/D: You'd rather cut Zero Suit Samus than cut Wolf. (Poll)MarioGamer1234569/13 3:49AM
Has anyone glitched the 3DS demo yet? (Archived)UltraQuest59/13 3:45AM
Can you replace Wario's fart move? (Archived)
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blargargy129/13 3:45AM
I have a 10$ E-Shop code for a demo code. I can't use the money myself. (Archived)spookyfan329/13 3:40AM
Does anybody have any of the challenges translated??? (Archived)ChaseAlan49/13 3:40AM
It's creepy seeing the mod and admin topics stickied on both boards. (Archived)EmeraldArachnid39/13 3:38AM
Anyone else liked playing as the Ice Climbers but still glad they are gone? (Archived)MarioGamer1234559/13 3:35AM
Wario's pupil still looks f***ing weird. (Archived)Frostheat_2279/13 3:33AM
Are there any videos of newcomers complete movesets? (Archived)ssj_duelist19/13 3:33AM
a request for people with the japanese full version, Kirby Hats. (Archived)druskie29/13 3:28AM
Everyone knew dark pit was in, but you complain now? (Archived)Lootman59/13 3:26AM
What do you think is the worst song in Smash? (Archived)EmeraldArachnid79/13 3:25AM
Dark Pit Appreciation Thread. (Archived)
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Zero97259/13 3:24AM
Am I the only one? (Archived)LayingSnow79/13 3:23AM
Think of any playable character in this game before entering this topic... (Archived)Nehpets70099/13 3:19AM
So, is anyone else annoyed about the unlockables? (Archived)hivebent4life79/13 3:16AM
Something I noticed about the Villager's Pocket. (Archived)Gameandwatch229/13 3:15AM
So... 3ds as a wii u controller... for what? (Archived)Dunkelheit66649/13 3:08AM
Donkey Kong has no Assist Trophies on the 3DS version. (Archived)ProtonCharge89/13 3:06AM