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Character Preferences 51D: Zero Suit Samus vs. Wonder-Red (Poll)mutehero737/2 11:18AM
YR: SSB5's roster is one character per franchise (Archived)
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Smash Bros you never knew you wanted. (Archived)
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Another Ridley Poll (Poll)
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YR: Somehow, someway, this is the final roster. (Poll)
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Who is your favorite Newcomer so far? (Poll)
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Do you ship Ike x Female Villager? (Poll)
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Lucas Thursday tomorrow. (Archived)AbysmalTrinity107/2 10:56AM
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It's such a shame that stages operate on the extreme of "too much" or "nothing." (Archived)Vyers47/2 10:43AM
Is it bad I don't even care about Newcomers anymore? (Archived)Chaze_the_chat67/2 10:34AM
If Ridley really is so big, why isn't he in Smash? (Archived)KingKFool67/2 10:33AM
Why is Lucas so necessary? (Archived)
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Should every character from Mario Kart Wii at least get a Trophy? (Archived)
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Say one great thing about this game (Archived)
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I really like how SSB4 hype is introducing a lot of people to Xenobalde. (Archived)KamikazePotato67/2 10:23AM