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Can a Mii character come up on random selection under brawl mode (Archived)CruelBuffalo611/25 6:14PM
Excuse me, why does Kong Jungle look like it belongs in a time spasm... (Archived)Cheko2015911/25 6:13PM
What are the best specials for each of the mii characters? (Archived)redpop200211/25 6:13PM
Smash @ Xanadu now featuring Smash Wii U! (Archived)Hylian88111/25 6:09PM
How often do music CDs drop? (Archived)Super Slash811/25 6:07PM
Did Sakurai seriously put a 2-minute limit on songs? (Archived)Solar_Crimson111/25 6:05PM
Who had the better reaction to Warios farts? (Poll)Da_Geek311/25 6:02PM
Can you find cds and trophies in regular, special and 8 man smash? (Archived)TheLastSpecies211/25 6:02PM
for those people who have the Wii U Ethernet Adapter (Archived)m2k13911/25 6:01PM
Which nintendo music remixes do you want to see in the upcoming miiverse stage? (Archived)Reavisk811/25 6:00PM
Delfino Plaza is the best stage (Archived)Dumdumwantgum411/25 5:59PM
Smash Bros is about Nintendo All-Stars amirite? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Storrac1711/25 5:58PM
Any advice on a few of these challenges? (Archived)OlafPietro311/25 5:50PM
Post the amount of trophies you have here (Archived)D4Cs_Love_Train311/25 5:49PM
I love my Fox amiibo! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
TheCrazyRat1311/25 5:43PM
That definitely says Falgo on the CSS. How do so many of these slip by? (Archived)CmaBoy311/25 5:42PM
Strategy Guide question (Archived)Guilmon_80111/25 5:42PM
Turn off Global Smash Power display (Archived)SinestrOWN211/25 5:39PM
Villager mains: who do you secondary? (Archived)GoreGross1011/25 5:38PM
Is it just me or do some stages not show up in Classic mode? (Archived)KCJ5062311/25 5:34PM
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