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Ignore the hate, which of these 4 do you want playable? (Poll)
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OhSweetToadette219/8 12:04PM
Would you sacrifice SSB4 for 365 free 3 course meals? (Archived)
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Rave_Pimp159/8 12:03PM
Olimar players. Will you be using Olimar or Alph more? (Poll)Holy_Oblivion49/8 12:01PM
Mystery Package: Think 1-3 (Archived)Oreoassassin42169/8 12:01PM
ITT: Let's predict when the next leaks start arriving!! (Archived)
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the_DeZAwUlf119/8 12:00PM
What is your favorite move shared by Lucario and Mewtwo? (Archived)
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ViewtifulGene619/8 12:00PM
Who's better, Ike or Robin? (Archived)ChibiRidley39/8 11:58AM
What happened today? (Archived)Kooky_von_Koopa49/8 11:58AM
Can someone link me to a translated version of this weeks worth famitsu scan? (Archived)OlafPietro49/8 11:57AM
PSA: Bowser's Castle in the Paper Mario stage is from Sticker Star, not PM64 (Archived)
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greatdimentio389/8 11:52AM
30 stages for 3DS announced atm and 20 for Wii-U. Thoughts? (Archived)Gameesh79/8 11:51AM
Will people expect Mewtwo in Smash 5 too? (Poll)SilverBassCross59/8 11:51AM
Was the leaked roster final? (Archived)dragonfruit15249/8 11:50AM
Who's Final Smashes have changed? (Archived)
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sumuthergamer179/8 11:49AM
There should really be an "item switch" but for assist trophies. (Archived)Gordaton39/8 11:49AM
YR: SSB4 is now rated M, but now you can use Miis online (Archived)pkmnpkmn109/8 11:47AM
I expect Ridley and mewtwo. (Archived)Nightinangle59/8 11:47AM
That was quick, did you get everything? (Archived)PaleTunaPls59/8 11:41AM
Which of the Following is More Legit? (Archived)FrigidRigid79/8 11:40AM
RUMORS: Fleetwood Mac high selling album (Archived)FrankenBooBerry49/8 11:40AM