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I'll Never Give Up Hope For Chibi-Robo (Archived)ShiniOfMadness610/29 8:14PM
YR: Palutena stays at your house for a week. (Archived)
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mariobros0111110/29 8:13PM
Can I say something about ZSS' "over sexualization"? (Archived)
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Shorydouken1710/29 8:11PM
Why do so many people on this board dismiss the "deserving" argument? (Archived)Dedede_Man810/29 8:11PM
How would you rate this as the debut E3 showcase of the next Smash Bros.? (Poll)
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MiyamotoSakurai3010/29 8:11PM
Kinda pissed that Rosalina's used so much.. (Archived)QueenLUCiNA910/29 7:58PM
What you think Paletuna gonna say about Rosalina in Paletuna Guidance (Archived)RedLotusX510/29 7:51PM
RACE WAR!!! What race should the next Smash Bros DLC character be? (Poll)
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peppermintsnow1510/29 7:50PM
Does Falco suck? (Archived)
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UnknownSmash2910/29 7:45PM
Is Mewtwo here to stay? (Poll)Wetterdew510/29 7:42PM
Today is not my day (Archived)UnknownSmash110/29 7:36PM
joke trophies for everyone!! (Archived)WaWaluigi803710/29 7:32PM
There's just one thing, characterization wise, that I'd like Wario to do again (Archived)IAmMC2410/29 7:32PM
Chrono Trigger style, Super Smash Bros RPG (Poll)
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Simcambi6310/29 7:31PM
Why is Flynn Not in This Game? (Archived)
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boboboj4710/29 7:30PM
Why isn't Sword Arm Ike playable? (Archived)
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Lightflame1110/29 7:29PM
Sakurai could've made more clones that were seemingly unique. (Archived)SUPR64510/29 7:23PM
Nintendo released a trailer for the Pikmin short movies. (Archived)TZH30110/29 7:15PM
YR: New Classic Mode Boss... (Archived)unknownuber710/29 7:10PM
Palutena's Guidence (Archived)Vangis605210/29 7:09PM