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Can you transfer demo data to the full game? (Archived)
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cameronpbb149/17 6:39PM
Might be old, but... (Archived)energyman228959/17 6:39PM
the 3ds version lacks something the wii u version will provide (Archived)crazy_koopa19/17 6:37PM
I glad Nintendo is focusing on giving us a full game with no pre-planned DLC (Archived)
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castrejon04239/17 6:37PM
MashedPotato Samurai addresses lack of Ice Climbers in SSB3DS/SSBU (Archived)
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MisterMyster6141429/17 6:35PM
Too bad Proto Man isnt in. Mega Man always wanted a real brother relationship. (Archived)Proofpyros19/17 6:35PM
4 stocked the cast! (Archived)SplitMushroom29/17 6:35PM
How would you feel about this roster for Smash 5? (Archived)Lightflame99/17 6:34PM
I quietly asked for Dr. Mario to return as the noisy Mewtwo fans chattered a lot (Archived)Dumdumwantgum69/17 6:31PM
Why not both Mewtwo and Lucario? (Archived)
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JorentyIII119/17 6:30PM
So no Xenoblade Remixes? (Archived)
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Gandolftheman119/17 6:30PM
Does the Smash Bros 3DS XL come with the game on the system? (Archived)-TheFranchise-69/17 6:24PM
You know, I actually wanted Dr. Mario back. (Archived)LagoonTheCursed99/17 6:19PM
Let's write a letter to Ridley one incomplete sentence at a time. (Archived)mariobros0189/17 6:18PM
YR: Ice Climbers make it into the game, but... (Archived)holysquid89/17 6:16PM
C/D: Instead of Dark Pit, Sakurai should have added... (Poll)lastoutlaw11329/17 6:14PM
The official term of DI in this game is hit stun shuffuling (Archived)EasterEggHunter69/17 6:13PM
Would this be a great game to buy for casual friends? (Archived)TheCurseX269/17 6:13PM
So, Zelda's teleport can KO at 87%. (Archived)
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Jekefka169/17 6:09PM
Paper Mario TTYD/Super Paper Mario iteration Bowser spotted! (Archived)
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greatdimentio419/17 6:09PM