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YR - Dark Pit is not a clone of Pit (Archived)Megumi sama78/29 2:59PM
List the characters you wanted and got, and the ones you still want. (Archived)
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DarcKage348/29 2:59PM
So, what do we learn from the new Smash Bros. 3DS Japanese commercials/TV spots? (Archived)SuperJoshi0788/29 2:58PM
Do you believe the leak now? (Poll)
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Holy_Oblivion258/29 2:57PM
Is Josh Thomas aka TheBitBlock aka Joshy Shulk Returns salty over Shulks reveal? (Archived)
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ecne7ab218/29 2:57PM
Why is the closed media event so long? (Archived)
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endergamer537138/29 2:57PM
As far as CGI goes I didn't like Shulk's best but liked how he was in the action (Archived)messhia_dark48/29 2:56PM
Which Bosses and Unique Monsters from Xenoblade would make good Stage Bosses? (Archived)
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Kiyomaruu128/29 2:56PM
More aggregious move long term (Poll)yuoke18/29 2:56PM
People who completely disregard the gematsu are in denial (Archived)
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cocozimme198/29 2:55PM
Anyone else? (Archived)Ganondorfslam28/29 2:55PM
About Duck Hunt in Smash Bros (Archived)JNP200068/29 2:54PM
Let's put things in Shulk's mouth (Archived)
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Mikokiri278/29 2:53PM
Whose counter is your favorite? (Poll)bopbop6698/29 2:50PM
Which Blonde Haired, Blue Suited "Adept" would you want in Smash? (Poll)Insanylum1318/29 2:50PM
I think Shulk's smash model has more polygons than Xenoblade (Archived)PlasmWraith58/29 2:50PM
LEAKED ALL-STAR MODE PIC: Ridley at last, 100% confirmed (Archived)
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Sony_71538/29 2:49PM
Who the hell is Josh Thomas? (Archived)jigglyweigel68/29 2:48PM
So they accidentally showed Ganondorf (Archived)
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joshl94688/29 2:48PM
People are missing the real significance of the Shulk trailer. (Archived)McmadnessV368/29 2:47PM