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A collection of Daisy's Movesets by Game: Mario Party 4 [5] (Poll)
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Newcomer Trailer: Krystal (Archived)
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hizelshustat99158/29 1:07PM
Would you be okay with Luigi being referred to as a Luigi character? (Poll)
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Dedede_Man118/29 1:06PM
Are you kidding me, Nintendo?! (Archived)gr8b8m898/29 1:06PM
30 dollars for the gamecube controller? (Archived)
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darksora2323208/29 1:06PM
Now that we probably know the final roster, which of your wanted chars got in? (Archived)
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ReallyCoolForum478/29 1:05PM
any high quality pictures of Gaur Plain from the trailer? (Archived)CrystalKing542618/29 1:04PM
C/D: Metal Face's shadow was Sakurai's way of deconfirming Ridley. (Archived)LethalAffinity68/29 1:04PM
I'm starting to think Sakurai is paying the leaker. (Archived)kkTheKiller4228/29 1:02PM
Favorite playable character? (Poll)Sinamoi18/29 1:02PM
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Shulk vs Daisy. (Archived)GoddessLu1gl58/29 1:00PM
Which scenario would you prefer? (Poll)LRodC28/29 1:00PM
Poor Captain Falcon. Remember when he was the fastest character in the roster? (Archived)
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Magitek111218/29 12:59PM
How do we get Sakurai to become biased towards Suda51? (Archived)DrHarlock48/29 12:58PM
Did Shulk used Monado Fourth Wall? (Archived)Blayshy98/29 12:56PM
People crying about the leak spoiling the roster. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz78/29 12:56PM
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Should it Return? Day 45: Zap Jump (Poll)kidmf93558/29 12:55PM