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Just think, by January 2015, we'll be playing this! :D (Archived)Diayamondo66/28 7:07AM
Pick your most wanted newcomer and your favorite food (Archived)
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Your cousins genuinely care for you. (Archived)
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Dark Pit is playable... (Poll)WrappedInBlack86/28 6:50AM
So what was this event that people think Shulk will be announced at about??????? (Archived)
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Melee Fox walks into a bar.. (Archived)
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PSA: Ridley is NOT too big. (Archived)
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Mrs. Pac will be the easiest alt to.make (Archived)WrappedInBlack16/28 6:34AM
What music should play in Shulk's trailer? (Archived)Magitek11156/28 6:30AM
About Links 'alt' they showed off. (Archived)VenomSymbiote86/28 6:19AM
What if, for the next smash game(s) (after the current one) (Archived)RyanDaRaikou36/28 6:19AM
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Think of the 2 characters you find the ugliest and most disgusting (Archived)Archest-Archer46/28 6:01AM
With the 3DS version coming out very early October (Archived)ecylis36/28 6:00AM
YR: Sakurai lied. ALL characters have 12 B moves, not just Mii and Palutena. (Archived)
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