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Bowser Jr.'s artwork would be so freaking perfect (Archived)Kooky_von_Koopa59/8 3:19PM
Some questions about the music (Archived)Katellox49/8 3:17PM
Friendly Reminder: Shulp is a Papist. (Archived)AwesomePerson9949/8 3:16PM
ITT: Nintendo decides to create a "Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe"... (Poll)
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Melkac299/8 3:13PM
Why has there not been a direct announced yet? (Archived)
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breakerx27129/8 3:11PM
One last Direct before the game releases this week? (Poll)Gandolftheman79/8 3:08PM
Is it true that tere is a stream on Friday? (Archived)Thundering_TNT39/8 3:07PM
no full roster (Archived)feliaro49/8 3:07PM
Shulk is really feeling it. (Archived)
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ItalianIdiot139/8 3:06PM
metaknight...F tier? (Archived)
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Retroxgamer0189/8 3:03PM
No more chain grabs in Smash 4. (Archived)
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Melkazar189/8 3:02PM
Here's the full video with the AKB48 people (Archived)powerclaw149/8 2:59PM
I was going to complain about Dark pit but I remebered there are multiple Samus (Archived)
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Nowujalo129/8 2:59PM
Your Reaction: A Trailer Is Starting... (Archived)ShiniOfMadness29/8 2:59PM
You have 100 points to spend.. (Archived)
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JulianLegend149/8 2:57PM
Amiibos priced at $12.99 (MSRP). How many will you get? (Poll)
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RayCRP1339/8 2:56PM
The Club Nintendo purchase survey for Smash Bros on the 3DS is up (Archived)DuranMan199/8 2:55PM
What happens after 3DS launch? (Archived)breakerx2799/8 2:54PM
Pick a number between 1 and 8 before entering this topic. (Archived)
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AwesomePerson99149/8 2:51PM
Sign here if you will delete your gamefaqs accounts if a duo reveal happens fri (Archived)funnypeoplerule49/8 2:50PM