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Post in this topic if your getting Mewtwo (Archived)Rosal1naIsBeast610/23 4:05PM
so no opening cinematic trailer or what? (Archived)queirotacobell410/23 4:05PM
Why wasn't this shown? (Archived)Flareeeon410/23 4:05PM
My name is NitroFlauger and I thought that Ridley was playable (Archived)NitroFlauger310/23 4:05PM
"It takes a lot of work to complete even one fighter" (Archived)
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Spacebar5551810/23 4:05PM
YR: Kraid is announced as a DLC fighter (Archived)ScottThang410/23 4:05PM
Will people finally stop saying Jigglypuff and/or Lucario stole Mewtwo's 'spot?' (Poll)Aerroh510/23 4:04PM
Evidence that Ridley will be playable in Smash 5 (Archived)SmellyVonBeli510/23 4:04PM
So Wii U version confirmed GOTY (Archived)RotomGuy3910/23 4:04PM
K. Rool still has a chance! (Archived)SmellyVonBeli210/23 4:04PM
Just like that Smash 4's selection of characters became the best in the series. (Archived)themegaman7610/23 4:04PM
You can team up with Ridley woohoo!!! AWESOME! (Archived)Gamegeek123310/23 4:03PM
Jack x Gina (Archived)MonadAlvis210/23 4:03PM
How does Mewtwo's DLC work? (Archived)
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Numbuh1001710/23 4:02PM
Wired connection? (Archived)messhia_dark410/23 4:01PM
Tower of Smash deconfirmed. (Archived)Makattack202310/23 4:01PM
What did the direct due to Tower of Smash leak? (Archived)
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Dragonball98991410/23 4:01PM
I totally called the DKC stage...more than 3 years ago (Archived)Eponalove110/23 4:00PM
Mewtwo. (Archived)Patwhit01610/23 4:00PM
Crossing Roads is fun! (Archived)pokemonpokemon4210/23 4:00PM