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Hell naw guyz. Dk is in. (Archived)breakerx27410/23 7:10PM
So Jiggs and Bowser JR are starters on the Wii U? (Archived)DeroIin310/23 7:09PM
I never knew that Bowser Jr. was so hardcore. (Archived)MegaMario1000210/23 7:08PM
The download size for you download peasants is going to be huge. (Archived)pikachupwnage710/23 7:08PM
I just want to say... (Archived)Xx_AtmusFEAR_xX710/23 7:06PM
3ds version, I love you.... (Archived)Holy_Oblivion210/23 7:05PM
Best reaction to Mewtwo bar none (Archived)MushroomMuncher510/23 7:05PM
The 3DS version will still come in handy as an extension of thr Wii U version. (Archived)Tyranitrum110/23 7:03PM
Remember last August when there was hope for a single Metroid stage (Archived)Triforceformer110/23 7:02PM
Now we get MewTwo. (Archived)Sakuraiya410/23 7:02PM
Think this version will have the name tags? (Archived)Zero_Destroyer410/23 7:01PM
One event answers an age old question... (Archived)TheLastSpecies110/23 6:59PM
I don't like how you can only play as Miis in Smash Tour... (Archived)KicktheNopon510/23 6:59PM
Is that the Paper Mario stage? (Archived)Unknown Force610/23 6:58PM
The Great Ridley Debate is finally over... (Archived)
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Spider-Van1210/23 6:57PM
When started talking about trophies, the first ones shown were Ridley and DIHSO. (Archived)MegaMario1000510/23 6:56PM
UGH, I can't believe stupid Mewtwo is in this game (Archived)
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PityBump1510/23 6:55PM
We're getting Mewtwo, and the Ridley Wars are over until the next Smash game (Archived)MegaMario1000210/23 6:55PM
Question about 8 player Smash... (Archived)zeldas_lover310/23 6:54PM
Here's every stage shown in that shot of the stage select screen: (Archived)Rupin_Salesman510/23 6:54PM