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Sakurai leaks Bowser Jr. and Jiggs (Archived)
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KingDeadpool3210/15 10:08PM
Little Mac's running theme sounds like Turkish Folk Music (Archived)the_DeZA_wUlf410/15 10:08PM
Seriously there is no reason for Bill Rizers absense. Contra was a classic (Archived)the_DeZA_wUlf210/15 10:03PM
Anyone else think that Pac-Man is just extremely lame? (Archived)
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NoJobBob1410/15 10:02PM
Rate my controversial but respectable and believable Smash 4 DLC pack !! (Archived)the_DeZA_wUlf910/15 9:59PM
C/D You would rather these have had these newcomers (Archived)KicktheNopon1010/15 9:48PM
will peach's amiibo have a black hole? (Archived)pnkgoldcatpeach1010/15 9:43PM
if pit had his brawl moveset but dark pit had pit's ssb4 moveset (like now) wud (Archived)Dumdumwantgum410/15 9:37PM
Smash World is a literal theme-park game mode and you buy tickets to access it. (Archived)Triforceformer910/15 9:36PM
I just realized something with the secret characters (Archived)MariowiiX310/15 9:31PM
So this is what picking top tier feels like!!! (Archived)felica610/15 9:27PM
Super Mario vs. Pokemon (Day 3: Round 3) (Poll)Xuan_Wu_71010/15 9:18PM
Did everyone in Fire Emblem become Ike? (Archived)
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Nehpets7001710/15 9:11PM
If META Ridley was a DLC character, would you consider Ridley playable? (Archived)Dumdumwantgum610/15 9:06PM
which mario amiibo are you getting? (Poll)skotopotomus510/15 9:01PM
Supurr Smash Cats Full Roster (Archived)Mudkip43410/15 8:52PM
What does everyone think the special orders are? (Archived)ThatKipp110/15 8:42PM
So disappointed Bandana Dee isn't in... (Archived)KicktheNopon310/15 8:41PM
If we actually,by some miracle, got a new Pokemon character, who would you want? (Archived)
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pafbonk9910/15 8:41PM
Bruh melee isnt even that good. (Archived)EasterEggHunter410/15 8:40PM