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So Shulk KO-ed Villager at 20% with Vision.... (Archived)
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Oreoassassin421119/18 5:44AM
Rosalina online match :D (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Jesus_Isra139/18 5:41AM
Guys, do you think Red Luigi will be DLC? (Archived)Mikokiri19/18 5:39AM
Dorkly's Smash Br- I mean Destiny review! (Archived)
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HungoverHero777159/18 5:38AM
Which 'dark character' would you rather have than Dark Pit? (Poll)
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ProtonCharge169/18 5:32AM
Who would you rather have playable? (Poll)Dragonball989939/18 5:32AM
So wait, if Bowser Jr knows Peach isn't his mom, why does he keep kidnapping her (Archived)
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Garp_fist209/18 5:18AM
What's the consensus on Charizard so far? (Archived)Leanaunfurled39/18 5:17AM
Xenophone Chronicles spoilers that might affect this game (Archived)NotSnowske109/18 5:02AM
Would you be happy if Lucas was Ness' Final Smash? (Poll)
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Gamegeek123139/18 5:02AM
Gametrailers gets real about Smash Bros (Archived)NessInEagleland89/18 4:59AM
Mega Man's b-air has a spike (Archived)
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Mash_Ketchum159/18 4:19AM
Will Lucina get an Amiibo? (Archived)
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Latino_King169/18 4:17AM
Looking for the vid where Bowser Kos Fox on 29% with the dropkick (Archived)FZeroMaster99/18 4:17AM
Are you sad that they got rid of break the targets? (Archived)Retroxgamer089/18 4:17AM
Yo stop it with the pity party (Archived)
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Houndoomed129/18 4:12AM
How many hours until demo release? (Archived)michael dude59/18 4:04AM
I look at the CSS and my brain just breaks down (Archived)ChibiRidley89/18 3:50AM
No Ridley, Reyn, or Yellow Devil trophies. :/ (Archived)Jagus69/18 3:39AM
Weird glitch in demo? (picture included) (Archived)nonexistinghero89/18 3:16AM