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Who's your wife? (Poll)
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HeroicSomaCruz328/19 6:21PM
Reminder that while the Duck Hunt Dog render is better, we had fake Ridley too. (Archived)JohnnyShred612108/19 6:20PM
By this pile of (potentially fake) info, Shulk is in, Chorus Men aren't. (Archived)SuperDavio38/19 6:20PM
New Captain Falcon alt leaked!! (Poll)
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LethalAffinity308/19 6:20PM
This leak may raise the chances of Chrom being at least a DLC! (Archived)Hylian-Hero68/19 6:20PM
So, Let's Talk Leaked Stages. (Archived)
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ShiniOfMadness118/19 6:19PM
You lot do realise there was space for more characters right? (Archived)Nicholas222218/19 6:19PM
The amount of new renders is what seals the deal here (Archived)
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On_The_Edge148/19 6:18PM
REAL reason leak is fake (Archived)
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D4Cs_Love_Train238/19 6:18PM
So I go on and find this new leak (Archived)notausername11718/19 6:18PM
Why are people dismissing Wario's eye? (Archived)
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Radbot42138/19 6:17PM
If we are gonna get ANY Flamboyant character, it should be Hades, Not Ghriadork. (Archived)PowerOats48/19 6:17PM
A closer look at the "leaked" Shulk (possibly deconfirmed) (Archived)
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Dnite_Delight188/19 6:17PM
Why do people think Dark Pit would be in this? (Archived)
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Darkinsanity1148/19 6:16PM
I hate to say it, but this leak looks pretty genuine. (Archived)
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HerbertMcGee138/19 6:16PM
Sakurai the All-Knowing Troll will confirm another Assist Trophy tonight (Archived)bnui_ransder28/19 6:15PM
Biggest reason the leak is fake that no one is discussing. (Archived)dotsdfe48/19 6:14PM
Anyone else quite surprised that we haven't seen a genuine leak yet? (Archived)
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ThisAnvil238/19 6:13PM
Looks like history is repeating itself. (Archived)
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SilentKnight961208/19 6:11PM
This pointed out yet? Shulk render in the leak is a shooped Little Mac. (Archived)
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SharmHedgehog258/19 6:09PM