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When should Ridley be revealed (Archived)
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Wouldn't it be insane if Rosalina was a starter and Toad was hidden? (Archived)
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YR: Koopa Troopa is playable while Toad is not in the game at all. (Archived)TooManyVowels53/2 3:07PM
Should Sakurai revive ROB with a new game like he did with Kid Icarus? (Poll)
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SSB4 BOARD CONSENSUS: Favorite SONIC characters. [RESULTS] (Archived)Steven-Chase23/2 2:51PM
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What if the rest of the newcomers were determined by a poll? (Archived)Kcthanagarathos83/2 2:40PM
To those who think Ridley won't be playable: Why haven't we seen him yet? (Archived)
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Which Justice League member do you most want playable? (Poll)
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ITT: 10 additional newcomers are confirmed for the game. (Archived)
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Rate the Stage Day 25: Saturn Valley (EarthBound) (Poll)
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Would you be ok with Simon Belmont as a second Konami rep... (Poll)Triforceformer13/2 2:19PM
Kalos Trainer won't get in over the "Kanto Trainer' we already have, (Archived)
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Giygas or Pokey Minch? (Archived)
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IF we were getting 1 new Kirby Character: Knuckle Joe or Bandana Dee? (Poll)
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YR: the guy who commentated mega man vs. mario at E3... (Archived)ecylis33/2 1:52PM
Your Reaction... this is the roster (Poll)PandorraXD93/2 1:48PM
I wouldn't be surprised if Hatsune Miku were to be added (Archived)Kurumiee63/2 1:45PM
My Pokemon Roster has been Finalized (Archived)PhantasmShot53/2 1:35PM