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EU code for US code? (Archived)
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vetsniper22159/12 1:15PM
I just got 3 US codes from Club Nintendo (Archived)
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HermeticJustice419/12 1:15PM
If you can guess my new main... (Archived)
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KoopaHookah439/12 1:15PM
anybody still looking for a code? (Archived)ieatfoodtoo99/12 1:14PM
Wow, those 3DS technical limitations (Archived)Zeta77719/12 1:14PM
Shiny Pokerus Pokemon for EU code (Archived)Long_Bottom59/12 1:12PM
I'm so hyped for Duck Hunt (Archived)Sword_Slasher69/12 1:12PM
its currently being discussed but how do you feel about custom moves.. (Poll)kukingina259/12 1:11PM
$15 bucks for a code. please. (Archived)willspay49/12 1:11PM
If you give me your code (Archived)timetokill1319/12 1:11PM
The more I see in regards to Miis, the more I like them (Archived)Long_Bottom29/12 1:10PM
I have a EU code (Archived)
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Kuribo4309/12 1:10PM
2 Free Demo Codes:) (Archived)
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Nintenfan1456179/12 1:10PM
Everyone with demo, who was the first character you picked? (Archived)MrBlaziken59/12 1:08PM
Been playing for an hour, brief thoughts on the new and returning characters (Archived)CrystalKing542689/12 1:08PM
Do you download the demo? (Poll)CrystalKing542699/12 1:07PM
Three EU Codes (Archived)
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alienatedduck119/12 1:07PM
Have Olimar's customs been found yet? (Archived)RotomGuy379/12 1:07PM
Custom moves should have really been allowed online, at least in For Fun. (Archived)RotomGuy3109/12 1:07PM
Wii U/3DS connectivity confirmed:..You can use your 3DS as a controller in Smash (Archived)Magitek111109/12 1:06PM