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chillindude and azen streaming (Archived)Typhlax19/12 7:04PM
No Owain or Roy assist trophy? (Archived)
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BIeck5169/12 7:04PM
any screenshots of the wall of achievements? (Archived)ecne7ab69/12 7:03PM
cool, rar is still in this game (Archived)MrFingers0729/12 7:03PM
how likely do you think the theory that you need both version to unlock all.... (Poll)
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epik_fail1129/12 7:02PM
Your Mii's size affects how it plays! (Archived)PhoenixRush89/12 7:02PM
Greninja's voice (Archived)
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Svedeesh_Cheff189/12 7:01PM
Where do you fight all of the characters when you unlock them? (Archived)pokemega3289/12 7:00PM new trailers at all today? (Archived)PhoenixRush19/12 6:59PM
Can someone tell me what song this is? (Archived)PierreFluffball29/12 6:59PM
Can someone who has this game test if Wario still gets grab released? (Archived)Sony_719/12 6:58PM
Rainbo Road Medley (Archived)SuperZambezi39/12 6:58PM
Someone with a japanese copy. Can you pick the miis you fight in game? (Archived)themasterpikmin39/12 6:56PM
Haven't been on top of gameplay today... (Archived)Majora99939/12 6:55PM
I got the demo (Archived)
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ecylis389/12 6:52PM
Another solution to Ridleys small shadow (Archived)Da_Geek59/12 6:52PM
Does Lucina make you happy in ways Dark Pit doesn't? (Poll)Izec59/12 6:51PM
A depressing image for you Lucas mains. I feel for you. (Archived)Auto-Gyro69/12 6:51PM
So what happened once Ridley got officially deonfirmed? I mean post full-roster. (Archived)
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MuTeKiKen329/12 6:50PM
Swapping a EU code for a NA code!!! (Archived)bloopertime69/12 6:48PM