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We will see Ridley tomorrow! (Archived)
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NEW-WAYS-2-DIE1510/23 10:20AM
Dem Rush Hours Yo. (Archived)Chenmaster2310/23 10:20AM
The 50 news will be 50 DLC characters (Archived)Big_Isaac510/23 10:19AM
Zelda should get a hummingbird tattoo costume (Archived)SalsaSavant110/23 10:14AM
Which universe is stronger? Main series or Smash? Day 1: Mario series (Archived)
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Xano12341110/23 10:13AM
As a mail gamer (No you can't have any of my stamp collection) (Archived)RidleysPlayable410/23 10:12AM
C/D: Top five strongest characters are ZSS, Sheik, Greninja, Duck Hunt, Lil Mac. (Archived)
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BigSharkZ3510/23 10:08AM
Social Media worker for Nintendo says the direct has some big news..... (Archived)
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Tehshankers12341310/23 9:59AM
So today's direct starts the second I go to work (Archived)seltraeh221010/23 9:56AM
Samus: Ridley, you can't be in Smash because you have.... (Archived)
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PkmTrainerAbram1510/23 9:52AM
Would people still like Samus if she were a call center rep (Archived)PityBump110/23 9:52AM
When is the direct at? (Archived)-Ghetsis-710/23 9:50AM
when is the direct (Archived)
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AceMos1510/23 9:49AM
Nintendo Direct Summed up (Archived)
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Nemesis3471710/23 9:48AM
How exactly do I watch the Direct on the Wii U? (Archived)
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Nemesis3471110/23 9:40AM
My move ideas for Mileena from the MK games (Archived)MKWARRIOR2000910/23 9:31AM
Why do people say Ridley is going to be revealed playable? (Archived)
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Rosal1naIsBeast1110/23 9:30AM
Online tournaments pls (Archived)georgethecow4610/23 9:26AM
Why is everyone talking about Ridley so much all of a sudden? (Archived)JohnLennon3910/23 9:25AM
Things I'm hoping to see in the direct today (Archived)Zeragi810/23 9:24AM