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Why no Shadow alt costume for Sonic? (Archived)
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buizel1231810/30 5:31PM
Do you think Ganondorf is still the worst character or bottom tier? (Archived)
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skotopotomus1610/30 5:31PM
I can't be the only one who has dinner while sitting across a picture of Sakurai (Archived)xXCutthemacXx810/30 5:24PM
Where is Master Foot? (Archived)
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hydradragon1910/30 5:21PM
Better free-for-all with items mode: Timed or Stock? (Poll)
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RedZaraki2110/30 5:20PM
So smash runs replacement is even WORSE that smash run :( (Archived)
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cameronpbb3110/30 5:16PM
What type of Smash fanboy? (Poll)
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Gamegeek1231110/30 5:14PM
They remixed Conquest! (Archived)KoKo0009710/30 5:11PM
When this board becomes deserted, where will you go? (Archived)
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DpadLad1510/30 5:08PM
My Shulk costume for Halloween! (Archived)
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NinjaNomad1961910/30 5:08PM
How would you feel of DLC consisting of Pink Gold Peach? (Poll)falloffcliffman910/30 5:03PM
So which character/playstyle is the least fun to fight? (Archived)kenshejoe810/30 5:02PM
I invited my friends to play smash Wii U next week... (Archived)
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KingIceSonic1710/30 4:53PM
YR: Sega, Capcom, Namco and Konami add DLC packs for the following characters. (Archived)
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DK92922510/30 4:51PM
Honestly I don't feel bad for Sakurai (Archived)Dumdumwantgum910/30 4:48PM
why should it matter if ridley is too big for smash? (Archived)Nintendrome92310/30 4:44PM
Whenever ZSS comes on the screen when Mom's in the room, I get embarrassed. (Archived)
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MewtwoPlusTwo2410/30 4:39PM
Mega Mewtwo X alt costume and Mega Mewtwo Y Final Smash. (Poll)
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Triforceformer1710/30 4:34PM
So if we get a demo any guesses when we will get it? (Archived)DZG-fearless510/30 4:33PM
A question regarding the size of Riddlesticks. (Poll)vash520310/30 4:33PM