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...what... what happened to that thread about smash-sponge bob quotes? (Archived)Ao_Ryuu54310/18 6:32PM
Who is the hottest of the Koopa Kids? (Poll)wah_wah_wah910/18 5:49PM
I changed Kirby's Neutral B to Ice Breath (Archived)
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Rosal1naIsBeast1110/18 5:46PM
HD Ice Climbers (Archived)MordecaiRocks1010/18 5:41PM
Favorite Color Change / Alternate costume Day 4: Bowser (Poll)
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Monster_in_Abox1510/18 5:28PM
Do ya'll suppose THIS is what foreshadowed Lucas' cut? (Archived)RainbowSword64310/18 5:18PM
How would you feel about these extra characters on the Wii U and DLC 4 3ds later (Poll)xyzlactic810/18 4:53PM
YR The first DLC pack is: (Archived)
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ThisAnvil1110/18 4:44PM
What did Shulk say as he defeated Bowser? (Archived)
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Patwhit012810/18 4:42PM
Name some things you think should be fixed that bothers you.. (Archived)ZLn13110/18 4:35PM
I wonder if Sakurai ever looks at this message board. (Archived)LysanderxX410/18 4:29PM
Competative online in a nutshell (Archived)
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NessInEagleland1310/18 4:28PM
If I order online is it shipped after release date? (Archived)megacp3210/18 4:28PM
C/D: Ganondorfs and Ikes are the most annoying characters online. (Archived)
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QueenLUCiNA1110/18 4:27PM
Wouldn't it be great if a chao race mechanic was implemented! (Archived)KawaiiAnne810/18 4:21PM
Wow, Mario's really good now. Too good. Guys, I don't think it's actually Mario. (Archived)
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Gaming_Mastery1810/18 4:09PM
Let's have a discussion for Smash 5. (Archived)GappyWing410/18 3:41PM
Ridley vs Alduin (Skyrim) (Poll)
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ShamblerQ2110/18 3:37PM
Where Did All The Robin Hype Go? (Archived)
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Oreoassassin4211710/18 3:36PM
Is it still too early to call Sonic a staple in Smash Bros? (Archived)
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MrCrazyFace982210/18 3:29PM