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Maybe Sakurai and the dev team pushed for the GCN adapter and Nintendo caved in. (Archived)bnui_ransder810/8 9:33PM
Am I the only one who thinks King Dedede was nerfed in this game? (Archived)
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mikeman09121210/8 9:31PM
So the Ice Climbers... (Archived)morpheus1138510/8 9:29PM
Zelda's even worse than she was in Brawl (Archived)ecne7ab610/8 9:28PM
I'm practically hyperventilating right now (Archived)Holy_Oblivion110/8 9:20PM
What does Mario look so angry all the time? (Archived)SilentKnight961710/8 9:14PM
OK I think you'll like it this time (roster) (Archived)WaWaluigi8031010/8 9:10PM
Will there be Wii U Connectable Characters (Poll)mikeman0912510/8 9:06PM
I started playing Wolf more in Brawl... why did they cut him??? (Archived)
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ThatKipp1210/8 9:00PM
About the Daisy icon ... (Archived)Diane4eva810/8 9:00PM
8 player smash!? (Archived)Diane4eva710/8 8:53PM
What does Mega Man's leaf shield do? (Archived)
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BladeManEXE101410/8 8:51PM
Anyone else think Shulk and Robin are dying of sweat during battles? (Archived)
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bisonyesyes1810/8 8:51PM
I heard rumours about a Daisy icon online in smash wii uu? (Archived)ComeOnDaisy510/8 8:51PM
Five Characters that are actually pretty good that people underestimate (Archived)Chaos_Neo510/8 8:48PM
The Mega Man 2 Retro Medley (Archived)Auto-Gyro710/8 8:44PM
Is Wendy Koopa the character who is MOST LUCKY to be in Smash? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant4610/8 8:44PM
a couple glitches i found (Archived)skotopotomus710/8 8:32PM
Hidden Kirby Voice Acting (Palutena's Custom Attacks) (Archived)LucasLaska310/8 8:30PM
what are people talking about 8 players????? (Archived)
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pnkgoldcatpeach1110/8 8:27PM