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Falcondorf. Captain Ganon (Archived)WonkyKong48/27 4:18AM
Wii U Smash Bros players are hardcore winners (Archived)HermeticJustice68/27 4:14AM
I hope Duck Hunt is the next character revealed. (Archived)barrabaCHHS58/27 4:09AM
I hope the Duck Hunt gets a black fur alt (Archived)Houndoomed108/27 4:06AM
Hmm, I don't really care about the leak. (Archived)
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ec11929198/27 4:06AM
In the picture that the leaker originally showed, did Mewtwo have a new render? (Archived)RotomGuy338/27 3:57AM
the pic of the day was terrible, challenges only give pictures? (Archived)
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xKitsunex168/27 3:53AM
So Shulk's eye colour in Smash. (Archived)detchibe38/27 3:45AM
Amiibo Tournaments? (Archived)conradical21108/27 3:44AM
Mega Man 2 medley and Bath time tracks added to music section on the site (Archived)
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Gameesh138/27 3:44AM
How the characters are in their own games compared to how they are in smash. (Archived)
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LucasPSI3158/27 3:38AM
Who is the best SSB ghost buster, Luigi or Pacman? (Archived)
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Flame552118/27 3:34AM
anyone here interested in maining bowser jr.? (Archived)
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Asian_Charizard298/27 3:33AM
C/D: If Sakurai does DLC, we will see another Animal Crossing and DK newcomer. (Archived)
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Vyers188/27 3:31AM
Would you compromise about Mewtwo if he was a lucario alt? (Archived)
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Scirel138/27 3:16AM
Snake or Bomberman? (Archived)
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Aaron_Erin12198/27 3:15AM
my characters... (Archived)Dark_SilverX28/27 3:09AM
C/D: Your opinion of Bowser Jr. changed completely upon seeing his moveset. (Poll)RotomGuy338/27 2:54AM
Urm Guys (Mario Kart DLC Related) (Archived)
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Yoshi2010188/27 2:53AM
Custom Button Set Up? (especially for 3ds..) (Archived)Huanchi78/27 2:24AM