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Crossing Roads is fun! (Archived)pokemonpokemon4210/23 4:00PM
Ugh, CDs are returning. (Archived)
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Metua1810/23 4:00PM
8-player smash!?!?! (Archived)
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DreamingOfToli1410/23 4:00PM
man smash has fallen... but on a good note the best thing from the direct was (Archived)Chaos_Neo210/23 4:00PM
You can do everything except for play as him (Archived)Shryker7310/23 3:59PM
Why the heck is 75M coming back?? (Archived)
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SmellyVonBeli1210/23 3:59PM
I'm sorry Mewtwo fans (Archived)Waluigi7810/23 3:59PM
ridley and mewtwo fans got owned lol (Archived)
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Retroxgamer02410/23 3:59PM
So.... Lucas, Ice Climbers, Squirtle, and Ivysaur DLC confirm. (Archived)
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SushiCake36441510/23 3:59PM
Only 1 Pokmon Stage??? (Archived)STHSWN310/23 3:58PM
He is called Mewtwo because you need 2 versions of Smash to unlock him. (Archived)Thunder097710/23 3:58PM
Bowser Jr's newcomer poster (Archived)Mudkip43410/23 3:58PM
I will burn a Bibble and a Quaran if Snake doesn't come back (Archived)yourDaddie910/23 3:58PM
"We're thinking about it." (Archived)
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Radoree2010/23 3:57PM
If my NNID is already connected... (Archived)Insertbumpshere110/23 3:57PM
So, it must be asked. Will we have other characters as DLC? (Archived)Vangis605210/23 3:57PM
Thanks to this direct, we have gained more evidence for Ridley being playable. (Archived)Frostheat_22410/23 3:56PM
Ridley really is too big. (Archived)RedAndWatch110/23 3:56PM
Metroid fans, how much do you love lava? (Poll)Nath1343110/23 3:56PM
So there's no new F-Zero, Earthbound, or Yoshi stage on Wii U. (Archived)
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hekifier2210/23 3:55PM