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Let me get one thing clear... (Archived)canroman99/17 5:25PM
We should take all the complaints about the roster... (Archived)Fowhawk59/17 5:24PM
Let's write a Smash fanfic bout THREE-FIDDY words at a time. (Archived)
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cutthemac16169/17 5:23PM
Anybody play as Rosalina yet? (Archived)Vuts_Up69/17 5:23PM
Last spot on stage select screen: DLC stage button? (Archived)Mr_Yooj89/17 5:22PM
So Marth doesn't seem so bad, right? (Archived)
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Yggdrasil66129/17 5:20PM
We Smash yet? (Archived)Austin_4e109/17 5:20PM
No holds Bara'd battle (Poll)Insanylum1329/17 5:18PM
YR: An Ice Climbers amiibo is released (Archived)SmellyVonBeli39/17 5:17PM
R.O.N. should have been cut (Archived)
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cutthemac16149/17 5:16PM
ssb4 roster maker (Archived)KingDeadpool59/17 5:16PM
why did brawl have squirtall and ivysuar rather than (Archived)AceMos49/17 5:10PM
Ice Climbers-ers Unite!! (Archived)
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ReplayValue119/17 5:10PM
PSA: Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U KILLED the "Ridley is too big" excuse. (Poll)peppermintsnow109/17 5:09PM
Any word on the Virtual Boy mask yet? For Mii Fighters? (Archived)Nes_Mettaur49/17 5:08PM
Do you care about the Ice Climbers? (Poll)
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ItalianIdiot409/17 5:07PM
What we can learn from how the Ice Climbers were handled... (Archived)
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ItsKaljinyuTime209/17 5:06PM
ITP: You help Gregor write Ridley's Trophy decription 5 words at a time... (Archived)
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WantmoreGregor179/17 5:06PM
Who Would You Rather #1: Sceptile or Ivysaur (Poll)Oreoassassin42169/17 5:05PM
Wow, Bowser. (Archived)Jesus_Isra69/17 5:04PM