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Why are people so obsessed with Ridley? (Archived)
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Irnkman739/12 4:54PM
Nintendo AU are sending out codes at the moment (Archived)Chiron1179/12 4:54PM
Can I get a demo code Plz? :( (Archived)GallantChaddymn19/12 4:52PM
IMPORTANT! For those with Australian 3DS systems (Archived)Jamken79/12 4:51PM
Is the Eshop too slow to download the demo for anyone else? (Archived)SalsaSavant49/12 4:51PM
do unlocked characters transfer from the 3ds version to wii u? (Archived)smoky82049/12 4:51PM
Is there a list of all the Mii Fighter moves and their descriptions? (Archived)Spideymaster29/12 4:51PM
I met all the requirements and I still didn't get my download code. (Archived)OniIchimaru89/12 4:49PM
Im a Lucas mane and I don't know what to do now (Archived)
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One_Direction149/12 4:47PM
anyone think (Archived)mikebond2219/12 4:47PM
Will stream for code (Archived)Raikoumaru19/12 4:45PM
Falco's final smash... (Archived)falloffcliffman59/12 4:44PM
Who was a Wolf main? (Archived)
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Padraigo52369/12 4:44PM
DEMO OWNERS: Rank the characters! (Archived)
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ChefTorte119/12 4:43PM
I've been out for the day what I miss? what code? what demo? (Archived)tremain0779/12 4:41PM
To those who have the full 3DS version of the game (Archived)HerbertGMcGee59/12 4:40PM
Anyone want a demo code? I have three left. (Archived)
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LRodC2729/12 4:39PM
Anyone have a link to all of the victory themes? (Archived)Killswitch007819/12 4:39PM
wii give game & wario for smash bros (Archived)progamer229029/12 4:38PM
Smash Run has no online mode. How problematic is this to you? (Poll)
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peppermintsnow549/12 4:38PM