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So Dixie Kong got a trophy back in Melee while Diddy didn't (Archived)precita610/8 2:26PM
Sceptile or Isaac for DLC! (Archived)
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OrangeCrush9801110/8 2:22PM
I'm legitimately happy about Dark Pit's inclusion. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
Mudkip_in_Space7810/8 2:15PM
honestly, more characters should have the "alph" treatment (Archived)epik_fail11010/8 2:12PM
Which third-party character has the worst alternate colors? (Poll)PokemonYoutube1010/8 2:12PM
Neat little trick for Shulk; Monado Arts Canceling (Archived)FlamingPies510/8 2:12PM
ITT: We post which character the above poster's name reminds us of. (Archived)
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lukesk111354310/8 2:03PM
Is For Glory glitched? (Archived)LagoonTheCursed210/8 1:56PM
Earthbound Animated Pollyana (Archived)
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EasterEggHunter1110/8 1:48PM
How would you feel about a Dry Bowser clone of Bowser? (Archived)
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QueenLUCiNA1910/8 1:46PM
Character challenge topic on the 3DS Online board. (Archived)FrozenWON110/8 1:46PM
There better be a Mario Paint stage (Archived)ecylis310/8 1:41PM
You guys need to stop complaining about "clones". (Archived)
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EdenRocks2810/8 1:40PM
ITT: List how to unlock Ridley (Archived)
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Gsus_941410/8 1:34PM
shulk doesn't seem very popular... (Archived)epik_fail1410/8 1:30PM
Would you cut Diddy Kong for King K. Rool? (Poll)
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Lightflame1110/8 1:26PM
Do you guys think that nintendo will have a (Archived)Marc2001410/8 1:23PM
Oh come on, Wendy Of Koopa sees Daisy as a rival? How ISN'T Daisy DLC?? (Archived)
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ComeOnDaisy2010/8 1:21PM
Confirm/Deny - Dark Pit and Lucina should've used... (Archived)
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Sailor_Razor1610/8 1:16PM
why are ice climbers cut, but..... (Archived)
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Nintendrome921410/8 1:16PM