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WOW!! 54 CHARACTERS!! All we need is 2 more, and we tie Marvel vs. Capcom 2!! (Archived)
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JoshCube999999508/26 4:45AM
Lol no one is even going to use Jr. (Archived)
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MandyMooMooo368/26 4:41AM
What will Owain get in this game? (Archived)PouringLight68/26 4:40AM
If dark pit isn't a clone (Archived)
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Toon_Link188/26 4:39AM
Is Yoshi still listed with the Mario reps? (Archived)BIuePeachClone48/26 4:37AM
Been gone 2 weeks. What the heck happened? (Archived)
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terminacarnival138/26 4:36AM
The GameCube and Wii both introduced Mario mainstays and Smash characters... (Poll)charlex388/26 4:35AM
Dr. Mario haters, air your grievances here and I'll show why you're mistaken! (Archived)
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Vyers218/26 4:28AM
I am Groot. (Archived)Yoshi201068/26 4:24AM
I just want this move for Ganondorf (Archived)KwonJigglypuff58/26 4:20AM
What if Dr. Mario uses F.L.U.U.D because laziness? (Archived)
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Mikokiri128/26 4:16AM
Where can I watch the pokemon annououncement today? (Archived)blast-door68/26 4:15AM
No DK newcomer. 1 recycled DK stage. No DK assist trophy. (Archived)Port_of_Adia98/26 4:14AM
Didn't Fire Emblem's latest game become the best selling in the series? (Archived)
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Long_Bottom138/26 4:14AM
Are Koopalings confirmed as alts for Bowser Jr.? (Archived)
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lowuw218/26 4:13AM
Leak Proven? I must've missed something. (Archived)Rasumii98/26 4:10AM
Dr. Mario being back lends credence to Mewtwo's return (Archived)RidleysPlayable28/26 4:09AM
Wait a minute, the leak can't be real... I mean... there's no way... because... (Archived)CaptainBang58/26 4:07AM
The leak didn't say anything about Mewtwo, Ridley, Dixie or Chorus Boys (Archived)L1ttleMac48/26 4:06AM
Cut Character/Select Screen Theory (IC and CK) (Archived)BigsbyBigsby58/26 4:05AM