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What Ridley Do You Want Playable? (Poll)
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MetalGearRiki159/6 1:43PM
6 days until release and Isaac has not been shown once. (Archived)
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Mr_Yooj199/6 1:43PM
Samus in Super Smash Bros for Wii U: How it should have gone. (Archived)
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wiiking96129/6 1:43PM
Paper Mario hasn't been seen. (Archived)Sakurafanboy29/6 1:40PM
6 days until release, and Ridley has not been shown once. (Archived)
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Metaknighter429/6 1:40PM
Apparently Miiverse thinks it's insane for people to buy both verisons. (Archived)
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MrCrazyFace98449/6 1:38PM
How hype are you? We'll know everything in a few days surely... (Archived)LethalAffinity89/6 1:38PM
About Wario.... (Poll)Rougefan99/6 1:34PM
How come nobody bothered people who thought the Ice Climbers were coming back? (Archived)
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Waluigi7129/6 1:31PM
You know, Toon Link shouldn't be called Link. (Archived)
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Storrac149/6 1:31PM
Do you think it's wishful thinking to expect character DLC? (Poll)cnking269/6 1:28PM
Should Fierce Deity Link been given his own slot in the Clone Corner? (Poll)
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CrystalKing5426169/6 1:28PM
Mewtwozard is proof that Mewtwo is coming back :D (Archived)
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xXDarklitXx159/6 1:26PM
Will Miyamoto's Star Fox be represented in Super Smash Brothers 5? (Poll)GeneralPengu39/6 1:26PM
Are you feelin it (Archived)Adumigan79/6 1:25PM
I think the original 12 are safe from here on out. (Archived)Super-Mario-Fan49/6 1:23PM
Quick question, what have you called Toon Link if... (Archived)
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Toon_Trixie309/6 1:20PM
To all the Pokemon players, do you like Jigglypuff and want her to stay? (Archived)
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Toon_Trixie359/6 1:20PM
Will you play All-Star Mode before unlocking all the characters? (Archived)
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ThatKipp139/6 1:18PM
Ready for SHIRTLESS Ganondorf alt? Link (Archived)The_Good_Ganon19/6 1:15PM