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Anyone have a link to all of the victory themes? (Archived)Killswitch007819/12 4:39PM
wii give game & wario for smash bros (Archived)progamer229029/12 4:38PM
Smash Run has no online mode. How problematic is this to you? (Poll)
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peppermintsnow549/12 4:38PM
Livestream? (Archived)PhotonCrusader29/12 4:36PM
Stupid question (Archived)Okamiden319/12 4:36PM
Question for anyone with the game(or demo) about the beam sword. (Archived)Furryyiffer39/12 4:36PM
The winner is... duh-khunt! (Archived)Blue Donkeykong29/12 4:35PM
Has anyone file dumped the game yet? (Archived)Gandolftheman69/12 4:34PM
Trading any of the digital club nintendo rewards available for a demo code. (Archived)Squirtle_Power19/12 4:34PM
This game will not save the Wii U (Archived)pkmnpkmn29/12 4:33PM
A Story Of Smash Leaks (Archived)DeChromfirmed19/12 4:33PM
If damage was dealt from enthusiasm then Goldeen would KO everything with Splash (Archived)Team Rocket Elite (M)19/12 4:32PM
What would they call Duck Hunt if it was a deer instead? (Archived)Patwhit0119/12 4:32PM
YEEEEEEEEEEEES NO Mr Resetti AT! (Archived)PalutenaIHate89/12 4:31PM
So I was playing the demo... (Archived)
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ChefTorte309/12 4:30PM
ONE CODE to the person who can guess what my favorite game of all time is (Archived)
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ecne7ab619/12 4:30PM
I'll trade 2 unused DS club nintendo codes for a demo code, to play w/ a firend. (Archived)GreatCongratsby19/12 4:30PM
I'm super frickin bored tonight, give me a code (Archived)LynxAngeloC69/12 4:27PM
YES! No Mr Resetti AT! (Archived)PalutenaIHate39/12 4:26PM
Does anyone have the link to all the trophy deconfirmations? (Archived)IceBomb4549/12 4:25PM