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Can you and a friend team up and do For Glory Team Battle? (Archived)_Intarwebz_310/7 8:27AM
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Rank the Koopalings and Bowser Jr by personal preference (Archived)
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OhNoPeppyHare3310/7 8:19AM
*sighs* Clones? Again? Really now? (Archived)
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RollerBob9810/7 8:17AM
Do you think there will be amiibos of secret characters? (Poll)P-Kong210/7 8:14AM
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Can you turn off smash attacks ( A + control stick) on the gamepad or gc control (Archived)Gamerdany510/7 7:48AM
Some objective facts about Mac I've noticed after all fighting so may (Archived)Chaos_Neo110/7 7:40AM
Smash attack off with control stick? (Archived)Gamerdany310/7 7:40AM
The gameplay is excellent but the roster is a travesty (Archived)
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Chaos_Neo1310/7 7:37AM
No tower of smash topics? (Archived)closetkpopfan610/7 7:25AM
Lets play a new game: Predict when the official date will be officially announce (Archived)DeroIin510/7 7:14AM
How to I upload my replays to my computer? (Archived)blast-door510/7 7:14AM
when is the GC controller adapter coming out? (Archived)ManuKesna210/7 7:05AM
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So, Wii U's Unique Modes? (Archived)The_Shadow_Link710/7 6:56AM
Wii U dat announced but not a system bundle... (Archived)ReplayValue410/7 6:52AM