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Anyone thinking Wolf or Lucas being cut is clearly begging for cuts. (Archived)Dark_Zoroark108/15 8:08PM
Paper Mario stage for the Wii U would be so awesome. (Archived)Chenmaster228/15 8:01PM
Why do people want Rosaline again? (Archived)unknownuber68/15 7:59PM
How do you pronunce Rosalina? (Archived)YoshiruIezz68/15 7:58PM
Best ass (Poll)
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lastoutlaw113288/15 7:58PM
The reason Mr. Game and Watch wasn't put on the website but Captain Falcon was. (Archived)TZH3098/15 7:55PM
Why is everyone trying to act like Pac Man is so legendary? (Archived)
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LemmTK608/15 7:54PM
Super Smash Bros 3DS Demo coming really soon to Atlanta, Houston, and Irvine (Archived)
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NutOfDeath608/15 7:54PM
Can Nintendo just buy the Mega Man franchise from Capcom? (Archived)
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LemmTK158/15 7:41PM
Best clone in Smash? (Poll)
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Lightflame198/15 7:39PM
how do you think the newcomers of this game... (Archived)PsionicStorm9948/15 7:39PM
why do Some people on YouTube still expect 45 characters -_- (Archived)
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geno4life168/15 7:31PM
No Say'ri and Henry, no buy (Archived)
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Lightflame128/15 7:28PM
If tripping was in Melee, but removed starting with Brawl (Poll)
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BalloonBattle05188/15 7:27PM
If an nobody HAD to be playable, who should it be? Part 2 (Poll)
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Nineth_Lion158/15 7:24PM
If you should be best friends with any of the Smash Bros., who would you choose? (Archived)
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GoddessJynx208/15 7:24PM
Wasn't Mr. G&W confirmed? (Archived)mariobros0168/15 7:23PM
Confession: I don't care what others say, I actually LOVE stage hazards. (Archived)
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MushroomMuncher148/15 7:21PM
Epic Smash (Archived)luigiparty88/15 7:18PM
So, what happened with CoroCoro? (Archived)
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SmashingBros138/15 7:17PM