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Think of two Smash characters... (Archived)MedicalGamer69/18 2:18PM
Why isn't Charizard popular with the Smash fanbase? (Archived)
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Svedeesh_Cheff249/18 2:17PM
Regarding the ESRB forcing Tharja's trophy to be taken out (a scenario). (Poll)
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AwesomePerson99559/18 2:16PM
Will Bowser Jr. and Duck Hunt get posters? (Archived)charlex319/18 2:15PM
Why are we getting Smash 4 3 weeks later (Archived)SSReviewers109/18 2:13PM
So have you ever met someone in real life named Samus? (Archived)
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21_21139/18 2:12PM
3ds demo out at 9am tommorow! (Archived)
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cameronpbb189/18 2:10PM
C/D: Mario Party is more iconic than Fire Emblem. (Poll)MarioGamer1234559/18 2:09PM
Sakurai is now the ESRB's Female DHD (Archived)
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pkmnpkmn129/18 2:09PM
Welp, Game confirmed to lag even in local wireless (Archived)
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Heroicmedic92459/18 2:09PM
Dr. Mario (Archived)JinjoMaster39/18 2:09PM
Guess the person above you favourite character (Archived)
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Adumigan659/18 2:07PM
I'm working on a Smash Wallpaper (Archived)Kcthanagarathos79/18 2:06PM
Is smash 4 going to be your favorite Kid Icarus game? (Archived)JulianLegend109/18 2:06PM
Melee HD REMIX (Archived)MrNoodles249/18 2:02PM
There is a ton of intertesting info in this imgur account (Archived)Sony_759/18 1:59PM
Do we know all of Kirby's custom moves yet? (Archived)PokemonYoutube109/18 1:59PM
Why did they remove Tharja? (Archived)
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ThunderSeal189/18 1:53PM
Bowser Jr's Up b does not sound right. (Archived)Awwayz19/18 1:53PM
Since Hyrule Warriors was announced to have a ton of dlc coming (Archived)
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DrOchasio159/18 1:52PM