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You wake up tomorrow with the body of Bowser (Archived)
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Ravio_Yo178/28 7:04PM
The next "retro" Smash newcomer for SSB5 will be Spike from Wrecking Crew (Archived)LemmTK78/28 7:03PM
I think Dark Pit is not going to be a clone, either semi-clone or new moves (Archived)Dark_Zoroark48/28 7:02PM
Dont get too excited for the direct (Archived)LemmTK58/28 7:00PM
NEW screen of full roster?? (Archived)
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LethalAffinity1008/28 6:58PM
We can still watch the direct, but its in Japanese! (with link!) (Archived)
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cameronpbb268/28 6:56PM
Why are people saying Bowser Jr. is Diddy Kong clone? (Archived)
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Jesus_Isra168/28 6:56PM
please share with me your moveset ideas (Archived)philyjbaby28/28 6:54PM
YR: When you autofill your powers for Smash Run... (Archived)Nes_Mettaur18/28 6:53PM
Question about Mario Kart 8 (Archived)
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Kyoskue138/28 6:51PM
Will we be getting a new character via the Japanese direct? (Poll)
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CaptainCrisb218/28 6:51PM
Where can I watch the direct tomorrow? (Archived)plasmawisp171338/28 6:47PM
What leaked character are you most excited for? (Poll)
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HealthyLunatic148/28 6:45PM
What if Ganondorf is the only character with 8 unique custom moves? (Archived)
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Dark_Zoroark128/28 6:45PM
PSA: Both the Falcon Punch and DK's Giant Punch hit for 28% at full power. (Archived)
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TheMudcrab148/28 6:35PM
Why does Sakurai show more bias toward KI than Kirby (Archived)Benify108/28 6:34PM
Is there a 12-year-old Smasher? (Archived)
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DoctorPiranha3178/28 6:34PM
is duck hunt dog a villain? (Archived)
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cheesesox188/28 6:32PM
Why do some series deserve more reps? (Archived)legendarylemur48/28 6:31PM
R.O.B. leak? (Archived)
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barrabaCHHS288/28 6:27PM