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I hate the lack of Metroid and Donkey Kong newcomers (Archived)
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precita3110/16 3:01PM
The Pokemon anime elements aren't as annoying as they would have been last year (Archived)Tyranitrum110/16 2:57PM
Questions about the trophy shop (Archived)xxxxxn810/16 2:56PM
PREDICTION: 8 player mode will be announced with Koopalings. (Archived)
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peppermintsnow1110/16 2:56PM
I don't like this game at all. (Archived)
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CoreGamer1012410/16 2:51PM
If we got a better clone, someone would complain over them (Archived)TehSmasher610/16 2:49PM
First-person TV Tropes pages for Smash characters (Archived)Tyranitrum310/16 2:44PM
I hope Jigglypuff is as good in this as he is in 3DS (Archived)
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alpha-ape4110/16 2:41PM
Pichu>>>>>>>Dark Pit>>>>>>>Dr. Mario (Archived)
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MarioGamer123451110/16 2:30PM
i honestly think that Mewtwo is a better reps than all pokemon aside from... (Archived)epik_fail1110/16 2:22PM
Join the Smash Bros. 3DS stream, your battles shown LIVE on twitch! (Archived)MrBlaziken110/16 2:17PM
Would you like if Freddy Fazbear was DLC? (Poll)
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Waluigi71310/16 2:12PM
YR: Ridley is free DLC... (Archived)Nehpets700610/16 2:10PM
Is Geno playable? (Archived)
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Xaranid1910/16 1:59PM
About the National Nintendo tournament that just happened with custom moves. (Archived)PFERSCHAW417110/16 1:58PM
>3DS is more powerful than Gamecube (Archived)
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Benify1710/16 1:56PM
So.. Bowser Jr. is the only newcomer villain? (Archived)
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PhantasmShot1810/16 1:55PM
The Miis are actually pretty fun to use. (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson2210/16 1:47PM
HD Robin (Archived)powerclaw1910/16 1:44PM
Didn't Sakurai say newcomer trailers will be watchable in game (Archived)0ShadowStories810/16 1:41PM