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Jigglypuff has Hyper Voice as a custom move. (Archived)Shocotate99/12 7:00AM
Any info on Charizard and Lucario's Final Smash? (Archived)EHeroHaneKuribo99/12 6:59AM
Going to ge ta review out by monday morning (Archived)NessInEagleland79/12 6:57AM
I propose we campaign for Mewtwo as DLC. (Archived)
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AuraWielder179/12 6:56AM
Is PK Freeze a custom move for Ness? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman19/12 6:55AM
Anyone know when the treehouse starts today? (Archived)Champion_Kyp49/12 6:54AM
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Nath1343389/12 6:54AM
Are we certain the streamers have already unlocked everything? (Archived)gameplayer645869/12 6:52AM
Clones actually might not be that bad (Archived)LUlGI89/12 6:48AM
Oh no, it wasn't the airplanes. (Archived)MysteriousShani39/12 6:45AM
Why did Sakurai literally go out of his way to remove all references to Mother 3 (Archived)
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Jagus449/12 6:44AM
So how long before people start making Smash 5 rosters? (Archived)FantasyFreak99969/12 6:44AM
Is there a list of custom moves yet? (Archived)Airyik19/12 6:44AM
Mewtwo? ;_; (Archived)HellsingOrg79/12 6:41AM
Dixie Kong trophy spotted (Archived)
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Farvin111359/12 6:38AM
to clarify (Archived)Arc16619/12 6:38AM
To add to how stupid Dark Pit is as an addition... (Archived)
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McmadnessV3849/12 6:37AM
Anyone have any vids of Charizard? (Archived)
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Zeragi199/12 6:36AM
is hamayama back in the lead? (Archived)PollGuy5499/12 6:35AM
JWittz streaming NOW! Check it out! (Archived)RandysRage59/12 6:34AM