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So uh... Ridley? (Archived)Sakul12398/29 4:55AM
Shulk being in swimsuit = insta boner, and I have no clue who he is. (Archived)
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TyPenguin268/29 4:55AM
I'm glad we have more sword users. (Archived)SoulRegalia28/29 4:55AM
Why is there a male version of Lucina in the game? (Archived)LucasPSI398/29 4:54AM
Shulk is not the type of character that would usually appear in Smash Bros. (Archived)
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JustCallMe138/29 4:53AM
If I was a new character is ssb4... (Archived)Hylian-Hero48/29 4:53AM
I feel terrible about Shulk... (Archived)mustpostthis78/29 4:52AM
I say a word and you respond to the first thing in mind (Archived)
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acetuner558/29 4:52AM
Dark link looks kind of different.... (Archived)ChibiDialga38/29 4:52AM
Shulk confirmed to have a wrestling moveset. (Archived)toad13338/29 4:52AM
The leaked roster is final; no Dixie, Ridley, Impa, or anyone. (Archived)
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xXxAgentAdaxXx158/29 4:50AM
You get 10 newcomers of your choice, but the game is sponsored by Mountain Dew (Poll)
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UltraCookie368/29 4:50AM
Ghirahim looks sooo like a playable character in this pic... (Archived)KirbyStar50068/29 4:50AM
KIRBY WILL HAVE A MINI MONADO! xD (Archived)Holy_Oblivion88/29 4:49AM
The reason why I continue to support the Chorus Kids is because... (Archived)
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Vyers138/29 4:48AM
Oh hai there Shulk. (Archived)ChibiDialga28/29 4:48AM
So is Daisy's game Super Mario Land in the GameBoy stage or??? What is going on? (Archived)Michaeloll68/29 4:48AM
Leaked roster has no Mii Fighters. Obviously the leak is (Archived)UltraCookie38/29 4:48AM
What could have been... (Archived)LinkIII_IsBack48/29 4:47AM
Shulp's pet thing and the Sephiroth guy with him (Archived)NotSnowske78/29 4:45AM