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Betting an eShop card that this will be a Sakurai Newcomer on May 30th or E3. (Archived)PhantasmShot52/16 6:47PM
Of the characters that have any chance of being cut (Poll)
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Little Mac and Ike... a love story. (Archived)
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When Ghirahim gets in, how should he fight? (Poll)
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Playlist Suggest (Day 1) REDO (Archived)
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ITT: One of these two WILL be playable, and you must choose (Poll)
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New stages Day 3 Mario Series (WII U) (Poll)linkmaster201362/16 6:00PM
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Metal Gear Representation in SSB4 (Archived)SaikyoBro82/16 5:52PM
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ITT: We choose a character and.... (Archived)
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You get one rule-free wish...... (Archived)
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I think this would be the best way to reveal Ridley and Zero Suit Samus. (Archived)
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Rate my Roster of 50 Characters (Poll)
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