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Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1 is a desert. Is all of Super Mario Bros a desert? (Archived)
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falloffcliffman3210/27 6:16AM
If you could cut one character from the roster (Archived)
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lucariosala2510/27 6:10AM
Which of these deserving Legend of Zelda characters should be playable DLC? (Poll)Nath1343210/27 6:07AM
what's this about patch and what character s were most effected by it? (Archived)Chaos_Neo110/27 6:00AM
What is bigger: Ridley, Kaibas Ego, or Leffens Ego? (Poll)
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EasterEggHunter1510/27 5:55AM
Will my Amiibo still work if I rip the character off the top to play with it? (Archived)MewtwoPlusTwo410/27 5:54AM
8 Falcon Punches at once (Archived)MushroomMuncher210/27 5:44AM
No joke, i made my very own Amiibo. Take a look. (Archived)DpadLad810/27 5:42AM
Is 8-Player Stamina going to be a thing? (Archived)HealthyLunatic210/27 5:42AM
Do You Think There Will Be A Demo For This? (Archived)KoolX310/27 5:40AM
So... Wario Land Shake It music... (Archived)
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Boo Destroyer2810/27 5:40AM
Hey, hey, TIME TO DIE! (Archived)
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powerclaw11310/27 5:38AM
Watching through Xenoblade story, now I see why it got Smash representation (Archived)Doctor_Teetor710/27 5:27AM
Only 2 minutes and 2 stocks for online play? that's so freaking dumb!! (Archived)
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xXBlaydeRXx1110/27 5:10AM
If the wii u version came out first, would you still buy the 3DS one? (Poll)
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gamerED142910/27 5:03AM
Honestly, I could see Dixie sharing only two Special moves with Diddy. (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson1610/27 5:03AM
Why do people say Falco is bad? (Archived)
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MedicalGamer2010/27 5:01AM
Fox sounds amazing in the victory quotes. (Archived)Mudkip_in_Space110/27 5:01AM
The Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo will look so funny. (Archived)HealthyLunatic510/27 4:58AM
Peach Amiibo is not final... (Archived)DpadLad1010/27 4:53AM