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Mario n Pokemon swap reps. Seems fair. (Archived)
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SoulRequiem2128/27 7:14PM
Best part of pre-release: Smash Bros. Dojo (Archived)NutOfDeath58/27 7:13PM
Why is everyone 100% sure we aren't getting anymore content all the sudden? (Archived)subzerorok11558/27 7:13PM
Would You Enjoy A COSPLAY BETTING LEAGUE For SSB 3DS? (Archived)
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ViewtifulGene148/27 7:10PM
Somebody recreated the "leaked" CSS image in Photoshop. (Archived)
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Xenozoa425408/27 7:10PM
Why did Fox have a ton a money? (Archived)
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NutOfDeath118/27 7:10PM
You can get any newcomer you want... (Archived)
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ComeOnGhirahim158/27 7:09PM
Would you have sacrificed the 3DS version for 60 less-balanced fighters? (Archived)Triforceformer68/27 7:08PM
Which of these two movie options would you prefer watching? (Poll)I_Wanna_Cookie78/27 7:07PM
James McCloud alt for Captain Falcon (Archived)Kanjo_Bazooie38/27 7:07PM
Krystal is a shoe-in at this point (Archived)
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SmashSlowpoke228/27 7:07PM
PSA: If you are upset about the ESRB leak, blame Mario and Luigi. (Archived)PowerOats58/27 7:06PM
Why the "leak" is faker than Pamela Anderson's breasts. (Archived)SmashSlowpoke78/27 7:05PM
Best Smash S-Support for Male Robin? (Poll)
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Sheershaw2148/27 7:04PM
Newcomer reveal to happen next Monday (Archived)
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SmashSlowpoke148/27 7:03PM
What if Dixie is a Diddy alt and Mewtwo is a Lucario alt? (Archived)Kanjo_Bazooie88/27 7:02PM
Busy day. Back home! What is the Impa wolf pic everyone is talking about? (Archived)Nightinangle78/27 7:01PM
Smash Bros. Attack Speed Comparison - Wii U vs Melee vs Brawl (Archived)bnui_ransder38/27 7:01PM
Does the Mii Fighters misspelling mean anything? (Archived)
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InsertJokeHere318/27 7:00PM
Is this the Megaman song that we really need? (Archived)Totes-My-Boats48/27 6:59PM