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three US demo codes to give. (yes really.) (Archived)
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druskie1039/12 1:41PM
Everybody on this board scrambling to get a demo code.... (Archived)SamuraiLloyd29/12 1:39PM
When General Scales opened up a diner with his son, who was his #1 customer? (Archived)
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Danspurt119/12 1:39PM
ATTN: People who were Platinum Club Nintendo members last year that didn't get a (Archived)CaptainVul69/12 1:39PM
3 club nintendo games of your choice for a demo code. (Archived)MarioGamer1234529/12 1:37PM
Wait, so platinum members get the code? (Archived)TheOPMagikarp89/12 1:36PM
RIP this board (Archived)
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JinjoMaster159/12 1:36PM
*sigh* plat member for like two or three years now... (Archived)
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Austin_4e219/12 1:35PM
Who else isn't interested in the demo? (Archived)
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SkyWolf78159/12 1:35PM
YR: American Release has day 1 DLC (Archived)subzerorok11559/12 1:35PM
I'm on the phone with Nintendo Support (Archived)canroman49/12 1:35PM
Attention Wii U owners. (Archived)Xx_AtmusFEAR_xX19/12 1:34PM
If Ridley isn't playable, I will close my account. (Archived)
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energyman22893579/12 1:34PM
Ganondorf is using a ****ing sword and all you care about are codes! (Archived)
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Pardoner_Oswald239/12 1:32PM
PSA: The 3DS Demo Codes are going to last year's Platinum Club Nintendo members (Archived)
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Phazon_Chaos269/12 1:31PM
I Qualified, But I STILL Haven't Gotten A Code. (Archived)
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ShiniOfMadness129/12 1:31PM
Trading a Terraria Steam Gift for NA demo code (Archived)FishyGoodness1229/12 1:31PM
Lets talk about something more important than... (Archived)CrescentShadow59/12 1:31PM
Does anyone know how to check if you're opted for the emails on Club Nintendo? (Archived)Thaxagoodname89/12 1:31PM
this game feels so smooth too (Archived)Genericgamer66719/12 1:31PM