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Where there any Pokemon you wanted to see in this game? (Archived)
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ChibiArceus3210/15 11:52AM
WAit. 8 player smash is real? (Archived)Oreoassassin421410/15 11:45AM
"8 player Smash isn't real, it's too hectic!" (Archived)
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RatheV1310/15 11:42AM
Would you take your most wanted newcomer if you had to remove a fan favorite? (Archived)
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ChefTorte2610/15 11:36AM
What if Mewtwo and the Mega forms are a boss battle on the Wii U version? (Archived)
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Austin_4e1410/15 11:34AM
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Totally Random Character Poll For No Reason 1 (Poll)
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Malefio7771210/15 11:21AM
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does yoshi have 2 get a smash ball to b dragonforce or is he always like that (Archived)SmallerRidley510/15 10:55AM
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I find it interesting that they still used Famicom R.O.B. on the site. (Archived)Meta289310/15 10:35AM
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yess. SOO shiny..<3 (Archived)QueenLUCiNA610/15 10:35AM
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Fly, Fly High or Rising Cyclone for Charizard? (Archived)Arjsree410/15 10:16AM