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Poll: Do you consider Project M to be IT'S OWN Super Smash Bros. game? (Poll)
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SuperJoshi07238/18 1:12AM
Night mare Wizard assist trophy (Archived)
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yomomma0919138/18 1:05AM
All kirby mains, unite! (Archived)
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TheOPMagikarp278/18 1:04AM
Why is Wii Fit Trainer so creepy? (Archived)xXxAgentAdaxXx68/18 1:02AM
Why do people hate Palutena? (Archived)
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RabnadSkubla748/18 1:00AM
I hope we get a Namco Bandai Smash Bros. game next gen. (Archived)
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HeroicSomaCruz238/18 12:53AM
Holy crap I just watched the last episode of the Kirby anime the other day (Archived)Kirby_is_cool58/18 12:51AM
Picture I'll be posting when Ridley is deconfirmed. (Archived)Hylian-Hero58/18 12:48AM
Random dude posted some pics of smash bros (Archived)
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SaxDragonJr128/18 12:45AM
Bed, Wed, and Dead Part 3 (Archived)
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ParaMorrigan298/18 12:16AM
3DS connectivity feature? (Archived)Wario-dude18/18 12:05AM
If there is another Smash Direct (Archived)FreezurBurn48/17 11:58PM
"Ghirahim can't be playable because he's just got a sword or something!" (Archived)
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AdmiralCarlisle128/17 11:57PM
Would you have been angry if Chrom was picked over Marth or Ike? (Poll)Hylian-Hero48/17 11:52PM
New Donkey Kong Rep? (Archived)mikeman091288/17 11:46PM
When was the last time you played a Super Smash Bros. game? (Poll)
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Pukurin228/17 11:41PM
potd! (Archived)brandeaux748/17 11:41PM
YR To a Normal Topic: The next POtD reveals Magolor as an assist trophy. (Archived)Reavisk28/17 11:39PM
You know what I hope Lucina inherited from Marth?? (Archived)
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MedicalGamer148/17 11:38PM
I Was *This* close to getting Xenoblade and learning more about a Smash Newcomer (Archived)
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GreatCongratsby258/17 11:33PM