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A Smash Racing game WILL happen. (Archived)
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Should a character need to be important to the franchise to be included? (Poll)
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Anything on Goomy yet? (Archived)GoomytheSavior66/27 10:13PM
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Why do people say that Marshal is the mascot of the Rhythm Heaven franchise? (Archived)
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If Nintendo does not release a Smash + Wii U bundle then they will go bankrupt. (Archived)
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Oh hey, another idea "real" Smash games should do. (Archived)
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Which Smash Bros spinoff would you rather have? (Poll)
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Which newcomers, if there were any, did you not like when they were announced.. (Poll)
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Which Smash Bros character would be the best stay-at-home dad? (Archived)
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Think of a Smash character before entering this topic (Archived)
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Out of the blue, here's a new stage--the Gangplank Galleon from DK Country! (Archived)JinjoMaster106/27 9:31PM
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Not sure if you guys have seen this but its pretty funny (Archived)EasterEggHunter46/27 9:26PM
MEwtwo, lucario and meat knight shouldnt return in smash 4, YEAH if u agree. (Archived)
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SSB4 Most wanted unconfirmed veteran! Poll 1: Squirtle vs Ivysaur! (Poll)
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What if the japanese demo has different characters than the US one? (Archived)Daisyfanboy46/27 9:12PM
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I hope for more "light" costumes in this (Archived)
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