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any known street pass features? (Archived)crazy_koopa59/12 8:00AM
Can't wait for Metroid Uprising and DK uprising! (Archived)
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Frostheat_22319/12 8:00AM
Is there a video of rosalina and luma anywhere? (Archived)Lootman39/12 8:00AM
So I just saw some Captain Falcon gameplay...and this isn't a HUGE deal... (Archived)
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Phoenixmon2149/12 8:00AM
Smash 4's list of injustices IMO (Archived)
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GREEN00959/12 7:59AM
i just got an Iwata AT lol (Archived)not__shawn__z69/12 7:59AM
Are there any livestreams going on right now? (Archived)PK_Wonder19/12 7:53AM
Was October the time they announce the delay for SSBB? (Archived)Chenmaster229/12 7:49AM
Ice Climber trophy (Archived)ReplayValue79/12 7:48AM
Let's hope Sakurai doesn't make the next Smash (Archived)
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precita199/12 7:48AM
When are we getting? (Archived)SHADOW_RULER2169/12 7:48AM
Sakurai lets you remove one character (Poll)
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Hejiru319/12 7:47AM
So NicoNico... (Archived)Superturkeys49/12 7:47AM
The New Unholy Trinity - Dark Pit, Doctor Mario, Lucina? (Archived)QueenLUCiNA89/12 7:45AM
Ridley still has a chance to be playable (Archived)
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PaleTunaPls339/12 7:45AM
Dixie trophy found (Archived)
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Yorkster239/12 7:45AM
So, new final smashes? (Archived)Icarus202089/12 7:44AM
Dixie Kong deconfirmed. R.I.P. (Archived)
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metalXgear259/12 7:43AM
C/D 3DS footage is irrelevant to you because you watched Twitch Stream. (Archived)PowerOats109/12 7:43AM
How Dark Pit got into this game (Archived)Rad_Dudesman39/12 7:43AM