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Lol Ganondorf is exactly the same and Palutena gets 12 special moves. (Archived)
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BigSharkZ158/26 5:40PM
Duck Hunt challenges you to a wrestling match (Archived)Stunfisk3218/26 5:36PM
Upon observing the Ganondorf footage.. (Archived)
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jigglyweigel128/26 5:36PM
Leaked Pic of the Day (Archived)Dinoman9638/26 5:35PM
Sort of a plain title for this game (Archived)David0113268/26 5:34PM
Which of these SMASH BROS things would you be BEST prepared.... (Poll)peppermintsnow58/26 5:32PM
Wait, there's a confirmed roster as of now? (Archived)
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Yoshiguy3971258/26 5:32PM
Hopefully ness has pk freeze as a custom moveset (Archived)EasterEggHunter48/26 5:31PM
What is Ridley? (Poll)
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bisonyesyes248/26 5:30PM
YR: Smash gets DLC like MK8, but... (Archived)
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S00perShyGuy138/26 5:27PM
Are you okay with the length of the trophy descriptions? (Archived)Hypergamer5578/26 5:26PM
Why did Sakurai bring back Dr. Mario, over other clones like Wolf / Lucas? (Archived)rindain98/26 5:24PM
I wish Ganondorf wasn't in Melee (Archived)Darkangel444458/26 5:24PM
list of bad stuff confirmed by the leaks. (Archived)
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epik_fail1148/26 5:23PM
Road to Smash Bros (Zelda and Metroid) (Archived)CobaltJustice18/26 5:22PM
If the 3DS is 54 spots 9x6, there's no way for the Wii U to match that number. (Archived)DMan304108/26 5:21PM
Let's say an SMT rep made it in due to FExSMT. Who should it be? (Poll)LagoonTheCursed58/26 5:21PM
Anyone else glad this board is an overwhelming minority of players? (Archived)
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Austin_4e138/26 5:18PM
Leak clarification (Archived)
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zookeeper331128/26 5:17PM
So Mario kart dlc means smash wii comes December? (Archived)Toon_Link48/26 5:17PM