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Wait so a regular 3ds has the same screen size as an iPhone 4? How can u play ?! (Archived)
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randomdude44119/6 6:49PM
Wolf fans Blown The Hell Out (Archived)Spade5979/6 6:49PM
Thunder! (Archived)
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powerclaw1369/6 6:49PM
Esrb leak question (Archived)skotopotomus89/6 6:49PM
Kirby seems to be extremely buffed (Archived)EasterEggHunter19/6 6:42PM
The blind Melee worship has got to stop. (Archived)
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QueenLUCiNA719/6 6:40PM
Anyone else suddenly not hyped for Smash Bros anymore? (Archived)
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PhantasmShot379/6 6:39PM
Star Fox is getting a new entry on Wii U, and Sakurai gives the series LESS reps (Archived)
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Shovel_Break369/6 6:39PM
If Wolf is actually cut then I blame the Smash fanbase (Archived)
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Aerroh149/6 6:38PM
Reason why they would show an incomplete roster screen to ESRB? (Archived)
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Wetterdew139/6 6:32PM
R.O.B Amiibo (Archived)ScoutShellby69/6 6:32PM
Would you accept slippy as a joke clone? (Archived)delfinotermina109/6 6:31PM
No, But Can We Discuss That 3D Land Remix? (Archived)
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ShiniOfMadness139/6 6:30PM
Bought Pac Land after the Pac Man reveal (Archived)
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Da_Geek119/6 6:28PM
Have Any Of The Demo-Goers Confirmed Any New Music Tracks? (Archived)ShiniOfMadness69/6 6:28PM
Did people predict DLC for Brawl? (Archived)randomdude4499/6 6:24PM
Does Smash Bros still have the simple joy of "Mario is fighting Samus!" for you? (Archived)
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Garp_fist369/6 6:23PM
An announcement regarding Rate the Stage. (Archived)Yoshi201079/6 6:23PM
Ice Climbers might have made it in if it weren't for stereoscopic 3D. (Archived)Sheershaw269/6 6:21PM
The most puzzling thing about no new Metroid stage for the 3DS (Archived)
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Nath1343189/6 6:21PM