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This is the Monado's Power! (Poll)
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bisonyesyes1110/9 9:03PM
Which of these DLC sounds most appealing to you? (Poll)
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Dorami6810/9 8:59PM
Brawl was the only Smash game that Charles Martinet recorded audio for... (Archived)
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L_M_41510/9 8:56PM
Come on and vote! Who would you rather have in this game? Toadette or Daisy? (Poll)
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ComeOnDaisy1210/9 8:55PM
You think there will be balance patches? (Archived)GameplayZero210/9 8:48PM
A Denpa Man should've playable. (Archived)UltimateNopon310/9 8:42PM
Here's my prediction for the next game's roster (Archived)Lightflame810/9 8:40PM
References to Smash Bros. in home series games? (Archived)
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Lizuka80021610/9 8:39PM
tbh I think sakurai was referencing miiverse with that line, not smashers (Archived)EasterEggHunter310/9 8:35PM
Screen KO Picture Pain (Archived)MalakVoid410/9 8:33PM
Best new stage for eight player chaos? (Poll)
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Lizuka80022710/9 8:27PM
Doesn't Smash need a representative?? (Archived)
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TehSmasher1710/9 8:23PM
If you could bring back 1 N64 Stage... (Poll)
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Zapazoid1910/9 8:22PM
The latest interview kinda gives me the impression Sakurai was pressured to rush (Archived)
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L_M_41810/9 8:21PM
Samus is an unrealistic representation of women. (Archived)Xano1234910/9 8:20PM
The worst example of Kid Icarus bias (Archived)
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pkmnpkmn1310/9 8:14PM
Is anyone else counting the days? (Archived)Zapazoid110/9 8:10PM
what do you think will happen to meta knight on the wii u version? (Archived)koolboy123110/9 8:07PM
Do we have a sense of how many people are buying a Wii U just for this game? (Archived)Mr_Red_Herring610/9 8:03PM
How do GS fans feel now that Isaac is deconformed? (Archived)
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Terra-enforcer1410/9 7:58PM