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PotDs won't show unlockable characters until the international release on 3DS (Archived)powerclaw119/16 3:51PM
Sakurai: "You wish I was your pound cake. Boy, you know I look good as f***." (Archived)OriginalShani59/16 3:51PM
Ike's customs (Archived)
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ColdReticence159/16 3:51PM
Question about the Mii Fighters if anyone has the answer: (Archived)taoxadasa19/16 3:50PM
What would you rather have? (Poll)Pinxed99/16 3:49PM
Wario's new victory pose... (Archived)threedualscreen99/16 3:48PM
Sakurai is an idiot, his logic is astounding. (Archived)
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xXDa-KidXx479/16 3:47PM
Have you played Kid Icarus: Uprising? (Poll)
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MechaKoopa50001759/16 3:45PM
If the 3DS version had event matches, the Flying Men would have been perfect... (Archived)Solar_Crimson29/16 3:44PM
Wait I swear sakurai said he was going to try and cut as little as possible (Archived)
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skotopotomus159/16 3:41PM
The "rumored" 3ds version first interview (Archived)WorldTrader39/16 3:41PM
How can you hate the 3ds smash? (Archived)
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GeneralPengu239/16 3:40PM
Smash Bros Wii U (Archived)ReggieFiIsAime49/16 3:39PM
Which is worse: thinking Lucario is a clone, or thinking Wolf is a clone? (Poll)
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Metua319/16 3:35PM
3ds held back the Wii U (Archived)WorldTrader49/16 3:34PM
It take FOREVER to unlock all the custom moves. (Archived)lcampoy19/16 3:34PM
You should be grateful... (Archived)edbassmaster59/16 3:33PM
The 3DS version sucks! (Archived)SuperJoshi0779/16 3:33PM
No Isaac, Ridley or Bandana Dee trophies found yet... (Archived)
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LethalAffinity479/16 3:29PM
So this game was originally only gonna be for 3DS? (Archived)cutthemac1639/16 3:29PM