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I'm sorry, but it's very foolish to think Chrom will be Monday's newcomer shown. (Archived)
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I had a Smash-related dream a few nights ago, and it was pretty odd... (Archived)GreatCongratsby57/13 12:53AM
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Theory about Monday, be prepared for your minds to be blown (Archived)
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How would you feel if this is the final roster? (Archived)
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Y/R if this was the final roster. (Archived)
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Do you think the Gematsu 3 are the final newcomers? (Poll)
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Who would you prefer: Dante, Bayonetta or Raiden? (Poll)
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YR: Character reveal starts off with DK navigating around Gangplank Galleon... (Archived)
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TONGLE would like to SMASH (Archived)ashcrv97/13 12:23AM
Which of these characters will be revealed on Monday? (Poll)Insanekoy0te97/13 12:22AM
We need more strait characters! (Archived)LysanderxX87/13 12:17AM
What if they actually won the war that was on miiverse a couple of days ago (Archived)
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Shulk's moveset (Archived)ScrambyMyEggs57/13 12:04AM
This foolishness has gone on long enough, the character to be revealed Monday is (Archived)PlasmWraith67/13 12:02AM
Which one of these characters is your favorite? (Poll)ChibiDialga87/13 12:00AM
Who's going to be revealed on Monday? (Poll)Insanekoy0te97/12 11:58PM
I don't know why, but Sakurai is giving me this vibe like (Archived)xgiraffes13x97/12 11:55PM
Is Rotom a Pokemon Ball item in this? (Archived)ItBeShani107/12 11:53PM
Hey, I'm playing Smash. Which one do you want to play? (Archived)
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