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If I didn't like the Fire Emblem game on the GameCube, will I like the 3ds one? (Archived)Tales_of_10159/12 3:27PM
I'm confused, what are these demo codes? (Archived)WobbuffetKnight89/12 3:27PM
ganondorf garbage lower than his brawl version confirmed (Archived)kukingina259/12 3:26PM
The Smoke Ball (Archived)falloffcliffman19/12 3:26PM
Hmm, according to the menu in the stream, Final Destination has an Omega form... (Archived)
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VincentLAURiA119/12 3:26PM
So is it me or... (Archived)123chatty29/12 3:25PM
Demi's local multiplayer with other demo players only? (Archived)Long_Bottom69/12 3:25PM
oh my god another trophy deconfirmation (Archived)
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EasterEggHunter179/12 3:24PM
Characters can have multiple trophies? (Archived)acetuner59/12 3:21PM
For people with Nintendo Id's outside Club Nintendo reach. (Archived)Cornholioam19/12 3:21PM
Other than the lack of MewTwo and Totakeke I am happy with the roster (Archived)Cosmic_Coyote29/12 3:19PM
I unlocked Pit, Olimar, Wii Fit Trainer and Rosalina in the demo (Archived)hivebent4life39/12 3:19PM
has anyone found any OP custom moves yet? (Archived)lcampoy59/12 3:19PM
Anyone got any good ideas on how to record with a camera... that is comfortable? (Archived)bnui_ransder29/12 3:19PM
"great! another mario game!" (Archived)wingblade9879/12 3:18PM
Is there a trophy diorama mode? (Archived)Boo Destroyer49/12 3:17PM
You can target a specific character (Archived)Retroxgamer039/12 3:16PM
New sticky everyone. (Archived)
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Aegis_Runestone179/12 3:13PM
Alt Colors (Archived)KingDeadpool69/12 3:11PM
anyone know if mewtwo is a masterball pokemon? (Archived)skotopotomus39/12 3:11PM