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Reminder: Alph and the Kooplalings are no different than Doc and Dark Pit. (Archived)DMan30488/26 6:27PM
Our only hope are Ganondorf's custom moves. (Archived)
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Dark_Zoroark148/26 6:27PM
What music would play during Duck Hunt Dog's trailer? (Archived)IceBomb4588/26 6:27PM
Bowser Jr. is the greatest thing about this leak. (Poll)
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dadkwashere218/26 6:25PM
How would you feel with 2 Ganons (Archived)Holy_Oblivion48/26 6:24PM
Should Bowser's voice be changed? (Archived)
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LethalAffinity218/26 6:21PM
YR: Ridely is confirmed... (Archived)martins_renato58/26 6:21PM
We got Falcodorf because of Sakurai bias. (Archived)Thundering_TNT68/26 6:19PM
How would you feel if smash was delayed 3 months to include all the cut content? (Poll)SUPER3METROIDX18/26 6:18PM
Make your own Smash DLC packs! (Archived)DoctorA2718/26 6:18PM
When I say Awakening, you think. . . (Poll)
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PunkNeverDies158/26 6:17PM
WAIT! I just thought of something! Will Dr. Mario have Mario Tornado? (Archived)
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Professor_Marth318/26 6:15PM
Here's why Mario has so many reps (Archived)seltraeh2288/26 6:15PM
If Pokemon indeed has six characters, the roster split is perfect! (Archived)
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Vyers148/26 6:14PM
DK Rep: Dixie, Funky Kong, or Cranky Kong? (Poll)FestiveMomo28/26 6:13PM
Mario now has 7 reps? It seems unbalanced (Archived)TorturousKitty68/26 6:13PM
It doesn't matter one bit that there are 3-5 spaces left on the character screen (Archived)MrVaidd58/26 6:12PM
Do you think every Koopaling will be available as a standalone character (Archived)BIeck598/26 6:12PM
YR: The game releases, and we find that Shulk was cut at the last minute (Archived)powerclaw168/26 6:09PM
Has anyone made a timeline about this leak? (Archived)Evilcrachitt18/26 6:07PM