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"Less content is better than more content!!" (Archived)
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Kanjo_Bazooie4810/10 6:00AM
Just like Sakurai considers this version Smash 5, he says there are 57 fighters. (Archived)
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RotomGuy33910/10 6:00AM
For glory Mode: (Archived)Thundering_TNT310/10 5:57AM
This board has way too much hate on it. (Archived)AwesomeFawful810/10 5:51AM
Dr. Mario is the only character is consider a full fledged clone in the Corner. (Archived)graymam310/10 5:48AM
Ok you know how I said I was feeling it yesterday? (Archived)Samurai-Otter710/10 5:44AM
So is there any special reason why Samus's up tilt deals THIRTY SIX PERCENT- (Archived)Fierce_Deity777310/10 5:44AM
Why did people hate Adventure Mode in Brawl so much? (Archived)
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PangLa4210/10 5:41AM
Sakurai: "There are 3 clones...." (Archived)WonkyKong910/10 5:40AM
Sakurai: "Could you please leave it to me to select [characters]?" (Archived)ItsKaljinyuTime510/10 5:40AM
Wowowow Sack yo my man, this is OUR game too ya know (Archived)Samurai-Otter510/10 5:38AM
I think Mr. Game and Watch should star in another game. (Archived)HungoverHero777410/10 5:31AM
What's this about 8 player smash? (Archived)mustpostthis210/10 5:15AM
i still can't wrap my head around using the 3ds as a controller. (Archived)druskie810/10 5:12AM
What's the point of hiding the characters if you're just going to outright (Archived)Mr_Yooj310/10 5:10AM
*Is still upset about the Tharja Trophy* (Archived)
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L_M_41110/10 4:32AM
Holy S*** guys! I just realized something about 8 player smash and Ice Climbers. (Archived)
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Thundering_TNT1310/10 4:10AM
Best menu theme? (Poll)
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lastoutlaw1132910/10 4:02AM
I know the Ice Climbers are in the Wii-U version and here is why with evidence. (Archived)
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falloffcliffman5810/10 3:58AM
YR: Adam Malkovich is the main character in the next Metroid game? (Archived)Tyvendord810/10 3:56AM