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As stupid as this looks, I would buy this attachment (Archived)
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bnui_ransder239/6 9:49PM
Is it fake? (Poll)
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Ghasts209/6 9:47PM
A year ago everyone would have hated this roster lol (Archived)
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SaikyoBro309/6 9:42PM most likely won't have any alternate models for costumes. (Archived)
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Phoenixmon2149/6 9:41PM
you guys are blind. let me show you that ridley is fake. (Archived)
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Xerxoxical129/6 9:38PM
Remember when everybody thought the ESRB leak was fake? And then... (Archived)PalutenaIHate19/6 9:38PM
Church of the Children of PATCHES (Archived)
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Conf_Chromwell159/6 9:37PM
Does anyone else get annoyed by the people who shout "FAKE" about every leak? (Archived)
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Aaron_Erin12339/6 9:36PM
Could someone explain to me why Gannondorf was considered really bad in Brawl? (Archived)
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Slayersfan199/6 9:35PM
just remember when the roster is released (Archived)mikebond2259/6 9:33PM
Duck Hunt Dog should just become a Mario spinoff character. (Archived)Hi_ImRidley29/6 9:33PM
Are people ignoring the obvious font difference? (Archived)naruko24379/6 9:30PM
is it time to reach (Archived)mikebond2279/6 9:29PM
Who do I BELIEVE! HELP ME (Archived)Artsy09109/6 9:27PM
Concerning the Ridley "leak"... (Archived)Meta28989/6 9:26PM
Will the JP version have a language switch option? (Archived)greatdimentio59/6 9:21PM
PSA: hey guns lagoon has something worthwhile to say for once why don't you look (Archived)LagoonTheCursed99/6 9:21PM
Sakurais most hated series? (Poll)
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NoJobBob649/6 9:20PM
Look at the board now. Imagine if Ridley really is confirmed! (Archived)
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mikeman0912119/6 9:19PM
Fanbase vs. Fanbase vs. Fanbase! (Poll)
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An_Unkind_RGN129/6 9:17PM