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For those who haven't, are you planning on playing any of the Xenoblade games? (Poll)Jaewong1010/21 8:05AM
When do you think this game will go on sale? (Archived)NoCashAsch910/21 8:02AM
Can we all agree that Ridley is going to be a really bad Stage boss? (Archived)
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ThisAnvil1810/21 8:01AM
Who is more heinous, Ganondorf or Rupert Murdoch? (Archived)
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LeatherWings1510/21 8:00AM
C/D: Anyone in the Smash cast can be corrupted by Phazon. (Archived)
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Bobolobo1510/21 8:00AM
Have you found yourself playing as veterans you never touched before? (Archived)
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SmashBro251610/21 7:51AM
Ridley fans get him as a boss, King K Rool fans get notihng (Archived)
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NoJobBob2910/21 7:36AM
Super Indie Bros. (Archived)
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jigglyweigel2510/21 7:31AM
YR : Smash 4 gets a melee mode (Archived)UltraKangaskhan810/21 7:28AM
Melia: I'm really looking away from it! (Archived)Mr_Yooj210/21 7:28AM
Metal Face's trophy being Wii U exclusive implies the same for Ridley (Archived)
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kingtrace1910/21 7:21AM
This song needs to be in the game: (Archived)
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ChefTorte1710/21 6:52AM
what if they announce that the DLC will be determined by a vote (Archived)zado19110/21 6:35AM
Will you watch the direct live? (Poll)
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pholicious2010/21 6:25AM
smash U direct predictions (Archived)
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cheesesox1910/21 6:23AM
***Countdown to Launch of Super Smash Bros for Wii U*** (Archived)
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xeno_x-blade202310/21 6:16AM
Hyrule temple being in again means..? (Archived)tstumo27210/21 6:15AM
Who else never actually thought Marth was a girl? (Archived)
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TheCrazyRat4210/21 6:12AM
Most logical Mario newcomer (Poll)ProtonCharge910/21 6:07AM
I....can't believe I'm about to say this but... (Archived)
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TriforceX54210/21 6:06AM