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Shulk or Ice Climbers? (Poll)GreatCongratsby99/15 10:01PM
So Palutena get's the most overpowered thing i've ever seen and Doc gets Finale? (Archived)Dumdumwantgum39/15 9:58PM
Do you have the demo (Poll)toadfan6469/15 9:58PM
Wait has the shrek trophy been seen yet? (Archived)mikeman091289/15 9:57PM
Which fans just need to give it up? (Poll)
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Waluigi7329/15 9:56PM
Didn't they say EVERY Smash character would get an Amiibo??? (Archived)Stirlingo69/15 9:55PM
So was the mewtwo and dixie data leak true. (Archived)mikeman091289/15 9:54PM
Any tips to get better at the game? (Archived)
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kclaujames159/15 9:49PM
The sakurai bias is real. (Archived)
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mikeman0912189/15 9:48PM
Any taken 4 stocks off of all lvl 9 CPU's yet? (Archived)SplitMushroom49/15 9:45PM
Is Escape from the City a song in the game?? (Archived)mikeman0912109/15 9:44PM
To all the fans of "Gyromite" (Archived)YoshiruIezz79/15 9:41PM
YR: That wasn't Metal Face teased, but Metal Metal Face! (Archived)Lightflame19/15 9:41PM
C/D: This game will be a good excuse to bust out the Mii Maker. (Archived)CapnMuffin49/15 9:40PM
Who is Donkey Kong's Best Matchup and Worst matchup? (Archived)
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Flamemaster96169/15 9:39PM
Is Magicant hinting at a MOTHER Localization? (Archived)
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PSISly119/15 9:39PM
Metal Face meets Anthony Higgs (Archived)Lightflame69/15 9:39PM
I want anyone who has the game to try this (Archived)
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ecylis409/15 9:38PM
Let's talk about how BIASED Sakurai is. (Archived)
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Austin_4e639/15 9:37PM
Is the 3DS Version a Rip Off, Does the 3DS Version Have Enough Unique Content? (Poll)Rollingcone39/15 9:36PM