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Which of the 3 clones do you like the most? (Poll)
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SpeedSh0t92179/11 7:06PM
Quick question about mii fighters (Archived)jerralmw19/11 7:06PM
Which one of these confirmed characters is most adorable? (Poll)Ghasts109/11 7:05PM
why do people say snake, Lucas and wolf will be DLC? (Archived)epik_fail199/11 7:05PM
Is anyone streaming smash 3ds tonight? (Archived)mikeman091229/11 7:05PM
Clone Additions to SSB4 (Poll)HipsterSora49/11 7:04PM
There's going to be a bonus boss in the True All Stars Mode, isn't there? (Archived)The_Shadow_Link19/11 7:03PM
It's not "Bowser Jr." anymore. It's "Koopa Clown Cart" (Archived)
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Benify239/11 7:03PM
Whoever made this picture made me really sad.... But it's kind of funny (Archived)
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ChibiDialga359/11 7:02PM
Any compilation of outfits? (Archived)PlasmWraith29/11 7:01PM
What if each third party company got a second character in a DLC (Archived)1337Rooster39/11 7:00PM
So online. (Archived)Pokesamus21769/11 6:59PM
Mind games with Duck Hunt's neutral B! (the exploding can) (Archived)Farvin11179/11 6:56PM
Next thing I can't wait for: Extended versions of the remixes (Archived)endergamer53719/11 6:56PM
Has anyone tested the online? (Archived)TZH3059/11 6:55PM
New poll series:Voice Actor Battle:Day 1 Classic Pit vs L (Poll)Insanylum1319/11 6:54PM
The new roster is the ugliest yet... (Archived)arannugnt59/11 6:53PM
Did anyone want falcondorf? (Archived)aliadnan3799/11 6:53PM
Duck Hunt is a terrible name. (Archived)SpacePirateKhan69/11 6:52PM
Less Annoying Pit Voice (Poll)
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Swiftie_Muggle259/11 6:52PM