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Guy at GameStop said 3DS version was pushed back until AFTER the wii u version? (Archived)
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Would you be okay with an Xenoblade rep that's not Shulk? (Archived)
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lolmiiverse - Week 5 - What Miiverse War? (Archived)
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Any hope of Roy ever coming back? (Archived)
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So, this is a 3:00 video for one character? (Archived)
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If Final Smashes were used in competitive matches how do would the tiers change? (Archived)JustCallMe67/12 6:28PM
Should Ezekiel be in this game? (Archived)
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Super Smash Brothers is a... (Poll)
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Who would you like as a DLC character? (Archived)
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If Shulk is revealed on Monday, let's talk Xenoblade Assist Trophys! (Poll)
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