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Do you have hope that. (Poll)Excalibur012359/16 9:06AM
Did you get the demo (Poll)Adumigan49/16 9:05AM
Announcement from Sakurai (Archived)
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KlRBEH479/16 9:03AM
For those of you who have been smashing since the N64 days (Archived)
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McmadnessV3329/16 9:00AM
I still need to make more Miis so it'd be more interesting to fight them in (Archived)Chenmaster279/16 9:00AM
A weird part of the Ridley debate no one hardly mentions (Archived)Chaos_Neo99/16 9:00AM
What is the advantage of getting both versions of the game? (Archived)
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shadestreet179/16 8:59AM
how would you rate the Smash Bros community as a whole overall? (Poll)darkleox49/16 8:56AM
This game is hardly balanced, just compare Bowser to Ganondorf. (Archived)
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FZeroMaster269/16 8:53AM
I have 2 European codes. (Archived)Hylian-Hero19/16 8:47AM
Any footage of Peach's new Up Air? (Archived)Regan14519/16 8:47AM
Tires don exit (Archived)
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hikaru_beoulve529/16 8:43AM
Neither Pit nor Kirby are available to play in the demo (Archived)Eclypse981059/16 8:36AM
Palutena's Temple, 4 players, MAX Items, 99 stocks, no time limit. (Archived)Bullet_Punch39/16 8:35AM
What's your most KO's against a Lv. 9 CPU on Omega Battlefield? (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman199/16 8:35AM
How's Charizard? (Archived)Masemune_10069/16 8:31AM
What is the best Koopaling? (Poll)
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MarioGamer12345279/16 8:25AM
Are There Any Videos Of ZSS Withstanding The Constant, Relentless Pounding Of DP (Archived)
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ViewtifulGene129/16 8:24AM
Super Smash Bros for 3DS - First week sales over 1 million (including eShop) (Archived)
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xXDa-KidXx319/16 8:19AM
How many coins do you have in THe (Archived)mckee2369/16 8:16AM