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New Ridley leak!!? (Archived)Artsy0999/6 9:08PM
why should i believe some random japanese player about whos OP? (Archived)
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Retroxgamer0139/6 9:07PM
Coming from someone who believed the esrb leak from the first pic, (Archived)KingDeadpool69/6 9:04PM
Wasn't Greninja "Debunked" With Photo forensics? (Archived)Darkfire243169/6 9:04PM
Coming from some one who was 100 percent sure the esrb leak was fake at first. (Archived)majorasmaskfan29/6 9:04PM
Ridley is my #1 most requested character, but I have a question about the leak. (Archived)Caissie0799/6 9:03PM
BluLightning easily could've put this image in PS and done analysis on that (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SmellyVonBeli149/6 9:03PM
Call me crazy but... (Archived)unknownuber89/6 9:03PM
PSA: The Ridley "render" is a drawing. (Archived)Gordaton19/6 9:03PM
I cannot believe... (Archived)
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Swickman81169/6 9:02PM
"We found Dr. Mario's render! FAKE!" "Shulk is an edited Little Mac! FAKE!" (Archived)
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SmellyVonBeli189/6 9:02PM
Ridley: Debunked :( (Archived)
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Oreoassassin421259/6 9:01PM
What is Shulk's favorite German march? (Archived)RatheV29/6 9:01PM
the problem with this ridley render (not what you think) (Archived)AceMos69/6 9:00PM
what do you think will happen to Ridley after that "leak" (Poll)epik_fail179/6 8:58PM
Behold, my subpar mouse-drawing skills! (Archived)Roast_Grief19/6 8:57PM
You know what game seriously needs some representation? (Archived)LagoonTheCursed39/6 8:51PM
Realistically, does anyone think that.. (Archived)IceBomb4599/6 8:48PM
So we can't find the Ridley render? (Archived)RayAllen12339/6 8:48PM
Are you happy with the touted 49 character roster if it proves to be final? (Poll)
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Nath1343349/6 8:47PM