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Why so much emphasis on Wario being a gross slob? (Archived)
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LethalAffinity798/26 10:23AM
Wii U CSS leaked. (Archived)
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D4Cs_Love_Train238/26 10:23AM
Which moveset would you have preferred for Bowser Jr.? (Poll)
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Yoshi2010378/26 10:22AM
Bowser jr, Duck hunt dog, or shulk (Poll)izichu78/26 10:20AM
Choose two characters before entering... (Archived)
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TrioOfThree-3178/26 10:20AM
My mains in Brawl... (Archived)
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ss4parrothair178/26 10:19AM
Why are people thinking the leak doesn't contain all the characters? (Archived)
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papermarkis148/26 10:18AM
Ok, I think I'm starting to get a grasp on the whole leak situation, but..... (Archived)
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o___Okami138/26 10:15AM
Can anyone make out Bowser Jr's voice in the videos (Archived)yrag32458/26 10:15AM
How do you think Duck Hunt will play? (Archived)Stunfisk3258/26 10:13AM
Why would ESRB even know if there is DLC? (Archived)
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User728218/26 10:13AM
Who's your favorite female smash bros character (Archived)
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Asian_Charizard328/26 10:12AM
Someone link me to the "final" leaked roster please? (Archived)
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MasterSword546118/26 10:12AM
Rate my Newcomer trailer? (Archived)MrCrazyFace9848/26 10:05AM
Is the leak real? (Poll)EasterEggHunter98/26 10:04AM
IF Ganondorf is still a clone, at least give us Gerudo Dragon back. (Archived)Gordaton58/26 10:04AM
So uhh... favorite leaked character? *spoilers* (Poll)
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NessInEagleland218/26 10:02AM
Snake should return so he can punch the Duck Hunt Dog. (Archived)Magitek11138/26 9:59AM
Are there going to be more characters (Archived)Stunfisk3258/26 9:59AM
Dixie leak was fake? (Archived)MaskedZelos68/26 9:59AM