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Befor anyone gets revealed, who is the third most popular Dk character? (Poll)
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How often do you play as Diddy Kong? (Poll)
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I Just realized something I thought I should share with y'all (Archived)
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Did you main Diddy Kong in Brawl? If so will you main him again in SSB4? (Archived)
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YR: Today's Direct reveal is... (Archived)
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Oh geez, I still remember this from the Dojo days. (Archived)
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If we get Diddy and Dixie Kong in the Direct, going to buy this to celebrate ^_^ (Archived)NintendoSK72/13 1:13PM
next direct should put to rest the debate of the major leak (Archived)
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Rosalina, Toon Link and Dixie Kong walk into a bar (Archived)
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Wow.. (direct leaked)! (Archived)
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