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More overlooked evidence for Ridley's playability from the Direct (Archived)
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Vlakorados158/26 5:32AM
No one can debunk this. (Archived)
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graymam268/26 5:32AM
Didn't Sakurai state that assist trophies will factor into All Star Mode? (Archived)RidleysPlayable58/26 5:30AM
Did someone say Omega Forms? (Archived)OrangeCrush98018/26 5:29AM
They re-used the Smash Bros "Trailer Slash" sound in the Pokken Fighets thing (Archived)SalsaSavant28/26 5:29AM
Leak accurately guessed spectator mode and winning rates. (Archived)Nightinangle98/26 5:28AM
No Ice Climbers? F*** Yeah!! (Archived)
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joshuadj388/26 5:27AM
Guys, just because Larry is a trophy doesn't mean the Koopalings are alts (Archived)
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Mash_Ketchum268/26 5:24AM
Falco should have been cut instead of Wolf (Archived)
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ssj_duelist328/26 5:24AM
Omega Form (Archived)maddoggnick9628/26 5:22AM
So uh... I kiiiiindaaa Missed the leak lol,which new chars /Alts did it add? (Archived)EbonyEye58/26 5:22AM
Are you happy with the roster? (Poll)
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NutOfDeath388/26 5:21AM
Who remembers when it was a surprise when you unlocked a character? (Archived)mariobros01108/26 5:20AM
Predict the Daisy! (Poll)Michaeloll88/26 5:17AM
The leak that mentioned Bowser Jr. having the Koopalings as alts is correct. (Archived)
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Nate_Dihldorff158/26 5:15AM
Every Character Deconfirmed in Smash 4 History (Archived)Varexa18/26 5:13AM
Jigglypuff will be announced tomorrow (Archived)KwonJigglypuff98/26 5:11AM
Thanks to the POTD it proves the leak even MORE! (Details inside) (Archived)MrCrazyFace9888/26 5:06AM
To anyone who says there is no way someone could create such "undeniable" proof (Archived)TG_WoIf58/26 5:05AM
When's the last time Bowser himself has been seen in the Clown Car? (Archived)greatdimentio38/26 5:01AM