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This game has too much unarmed fighters. (Archived)Gandolftheman29/12 8:25AM
Any translation guides for the smash settings? (Archived)ScrambyMyEggs19/12 8:22AM
holy **** Dedede's down B got a buff (Archived)
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KlRBEH119/12 8:22AM
Ranked for Glory mode is Timed confirmed :( (Archived)
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kukingina2129/12 8:19AM
Has it been revealed how the Wii U and 3DS versions connect? (Archived)OnePieceFan39/12 8:18AM
Wait, so Kirby and King Dedede get new FSes, but Falco and Sheik don't? (Archived)LegendofLegaia99/12 8:14AM
Now I just hope we see Pyrosphere soon (Archived)
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Tyranidomega119/12 8:13AM
If There Was a DLC Skin For Everyone, What Would You Want? (Archived)Lizuka800239/12 8:13AM
Weedle seemed to be an interesting pokeball (Archived)Radbot4219/12 8:12AM
So... what are the chances that tourneys accept certain customs at some point? (Archived)
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JohnnyShred612149/12 8:12AM
that bird/chicken thing in that mother stage... (Archived)PowerOats39/12 8:07AM
Don't get why they kept the CSS so ugly and didn't just give it 10 columns... (Archived)LethalAffinity79/12 8:07AM
Roster is final - Now rate it (Poll)
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Newman82049/12 8:06AM
Guys Charles Martinet appears in the Credits! (Archived)KillerKremling89/12 8:05AM
did anyone else's download suddenly stop downloading? (Archived)ssb_master19/12 8:05AM
Sakurai would make a great waiter (Archived)
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RatheV169/12 8:04AM
So Japan gets the Wii U version in November? (Archived)Diayamondo59/12 8:03AM
3rd Party DLC: Which Would you like the most? (Hypothetical Roster bumped to 64) (Poll)Eyemeralds69/12 8:03AM
So uh...was there ever a reason given as to why Palutena is the only character.. (Archived)
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Spideymaster279/12 8:01AM
Regarding game size... (DLC-related) (Archived)MajinTenshinhan69/12 8:00AM