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Would you rather nerf the top tiers or buff everybody else to match/supass them? (Poll)
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DarkKirby25001110/21 5:39AM
I know why there's no Wario Land content. (Archived)D4Cs_Love_Train910/21 5:02AM
Sakurai lets you add a character from the Mario series (Archived)
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sosleepy171710/21 4:48AM
People always say the original 12 will never be cut... (Archived)
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Alphrin2210/21 4:46AM
Hypothetical: All Smash Bros 3DS stages and Smash Run as $30 DLC. Buy or no buy? (Archived)WickedSickJosh1010/21 4:30AM
Do you like this character? (Day 36: R.O.B.) (Poll)
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Sniperdog1171510/21 4:05AM
The secret Sakurai has cleverly hidden from us for far too long. (Archived)
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Nehpets7001710/21 3:51AM
Rugrats has had 8 playable games on Nintendo platforms (Poll)
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NoJobBob5410/21 2:22AM
The GameFAQs Most Deserving Newcomer Tournament Day 9- Greninja vs. Shulk (Poll)kidmf935910/21 2:22AM
It sucks that Hyrule Warriors didn't have any influence on Smash Bros U/3DS (Archived)WickedSickJosh610/21 2:15AM
Are "Uniqueness" and "Originality" really THAT Important? (Archived)
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asiacatdogblue2210/21 2:11AM
Ridley, Wendy or Krystal. You must kiss one of them on the butt check. (Poll)xyzlactic1010/21 1:50AM
Character and Reveal Idea: Splatoon's Inkling (Repost from 3DS sister board) (Archived)Chaos_Colonel310/21 1:35AM
Would you rather have this game now, or be transported to the Pokemon world? (Poll)
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Theguysayhi8810/21 1:30AM
All the girls in this game are having a slumber party... (Archived)
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sosleepy174010/21 1:18AM
Favorite stages. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz410/21 1:13AM
Is it me or does Melia look a lot like Shulk in the POTD (Archived)DuranMan1210/21 12:46AM
Leave a clue and guess the above posters main. (Archived)
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Cheko20151910/21 12:45AM
If Ridley is a stage boss, I'll quit DOTA 2 forever. (Archived)Loyf410/21 12:37AM
A question for Samus mains (Archived)dearestnight510/21 12:30AM