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How Much Are You Paying For Smash? (Archived)
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Oreoassassin421289/7 12:56PM
If Ridley is playable, will he play awfully? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Ghasts119/7 12:53PM
I really want Pichu to return ;_; (Archived)MercuryEnigma69/7 12:52PM
Your most wanted character gets in, but their Smash portrayal ruins them for you (Archived)
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Svedeesh_Cheff239/7 12:51PM
I would trade Robin for Pichu in a heartbeat. (Archived)
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ChibiRidley269/7 12:51PM
Give me all the known Sakurai nicknames please. (Archived)
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ChefTorte169/7 12:50PM
Since The CSS Isnt Final, Whos Left? (Archived)
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Oreoassassin421549/7 12:50PM
when this game drops we should all start a trend saying "thank you sakurai" (Archived)
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crazy_koopa579/7 12:49PM
Do you think any "leak" pre US/worldwide release will be taken down? (Archived)super hotshot bowser109/7 12:49PM
Neo Zero's source discovered. (Archived)Triforceformer99/7 12:49PM
McRidley (Archived)KillerKremling39/7 12:49PM
I just realized... (Archived)Noren_Oatmun39/7 12:48PM
Female Robin gets sick and can't fight in Smash (Poll)
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powerclaw1229/7 12:48PM
Crazy overthinking: Wreck it Ralph more likely (Archived)SalsaSavant79/7 12:46PM
Think people will make Brawl Taunts like videos for Smash 4? (Archived)
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toadfan64159/7 12:46PM
this game has done a number on you guys (Archived)zado1939/7 12:45PM
Will metal gear make a return in this? (Archived)sd_games29/7 12:44PM
Do you consider alts as playable characters? (Poll)TriforceNimi99/7 12:43PM
Who would you rather have playable? (Poll)jakovu39/7 12:41PM
I can't believe we'll know the roster in less than a week. (Archived)
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AuraWielder119/7 12:41PM