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Is it just me, or is Lucario almost too powerful? (Archived)Makattack202910/11 6:28PM
okay so i was playing the game and i realized (Archived)pnkgoldcatpeach710/11 6:26PM
Time to answer the ultimate question! (Archived)MistahTwistah410/11 6:16PM
Palutena can have bunch of moves, but the Pokmon can't? (Archived)
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Bubble_Berry_2010/11 6:14PM
Here's some interesting strange PAL changes. (Example:PAC-MAN) (Archived)
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Magitek1111110/11 6:08PM
anyone else NOT have a main? (Archived)
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WaWaluigi8031410/11 6:04PM
Most misrepresented series? (Poll)
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L_M_42510/11 6:02PM
If Shulk was selling artificial lumber at a hardware store, he'd say that it's (Archived)Alphrin210/11 5:56PM
A sick 15 second Ganondorf combo I did (Archived)Ismellliketokyo510/11 5:53PM
Palutena's panties are fine, but Peach got censored? (Archived)
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PikachuTheHorn2110/11 5:51PM
What is with all the Daisy topics? Are people finally realizing her greatness??? (Archived)McLahey1010/11 5:50PM
The problem with Palutena is that her moveset and playstyle is very incoherent (Archived)Rad_Dudesman510/11 5:49PM
HD Ridley (Archived)yoshirulezz1310/11 5:49PM
What did Lucario say when he was eating marshmallows? (Archived)UltimateNopon310/11 5:47PM
Greninja will be cut next game (Archived)
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charlex31210/11 5:47PM
Smash 4.5... (Archived)ty_taurus1010/11 5:46PM
Ugh, why is Phantom Slash so terrible? (Archived)
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Metua1210/11 5:43PM
Is anyone actually going to use the 3ds as a controller for wii u? (Poll)skotopotomus410/11 5:42PM
YR: Ridley IS DLC and... (Archived)Mikokiri510/11 5:41PM
Out of all these characters , which one is canonically the worst? (Poll)Swiftie_Muggle710/11 5:38PM