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how do you get name to show above you online? (Archived)dhewett2911/21 9:27PM
What's the final verdict on the DKCR Vocal Mix? (Poll)Lizuka8002811/21 9:27PM
How do you effectively train Amiibos? (Archived)ObtuseAngina211/21 9:26PM
Those aly trophies in Classic Mode... (Archived)HiiiiiTechnical311/21 9:23PM
no 4 player online stock mode? (Archived)PainoGamer211/21 9:23PM
How do I get items from my Amiibos? (Archived)Behonkiss311/21 9:19PM
all-star mode adaptor help (Archived)Knuckles1412511/21 9:18PM
song in character select screen (Archived)vanni_boi211/21 9:15PM
They screwed up my toon link (Archived)Km0n611/21 9:15PM
To everyone who says that casuals would complain about Dark Samus... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Dedede_Man1611/21 9:14PM
I went into the game, thinking Smash tour would be horrible... (Archived)Rasumii311/21 9:13PM
What's your first Trophy? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
TheLastSpecies3011/21 9:12PM
Anyone having trouble with their game crashing? (Archived)Gimpt3811/21 9:12PM
How do you change to the gamepad damage display? (Archived)Shad0wg00n611/21 9:11PM
About time the final Ridley Nuke happened (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
bfidle1211/21 9:05PM
i suck really badly at this game (Archived)_Parakarry_611/21 9:05PM
Which Event Unlocks Wonderful 101 Song Planet Destruction Form (Archived)jawmuncher511/21 9:01PM
View total KO count in records? (Archived)Muff111/21 8:59PM
The most annoying thing about this game (Archived)On_The_Edge511/21 8:54PM
8 Player Smash: Player 1, 5 amiibos and 2 CPUs (Archived)DQAbel411/21 8:54PM
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