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smash bros brawl worst attack range? (Archived)
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strider_123199/7 2:42PM
The Smash Brothers are the real villains (Archived)MegamanRockX289/7 2:42PM
If Ridley is playable... (Archived)HealthyLunatic19/7 2:40PM
So what happened to all the people who claimed they were getting the game today? (Archived)Thaxagoodname49/7 2:40PM
Which Smash Community is the Worst? (Poll)
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MetalGearRiki159/7 2:39PM
When will the R-bomb detonate? (Poll)
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Moonlight150139/7 2:37PM
Wily's Castle is now the WORST Stage in Smash history! (Archived)
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MechaKirby709/7 2:37PM
Yo Isaac haters..dixie and mewtwo are not in this game..isaac is... call it (Archived)Huanchi29/7 2:36PM
RAWK HAWK ROUND TWO! Ridley. (Poll)Blitzus39/7 2:36PM
I really hope they still arent being anti-competitive (the dev team) (Archived)ZeroSuitLucina39/7 2:35PM
Place Your Bets 8! When will we find out about all the characters? (Poll)_Mewtwo_Shadow_29/7 2:34PM
What's this I hear about a Fierce Diddy alt... (Archived)
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Lunar_Envoy9119/7 2:33PM
So, who else expects leaks tomorrow? (Poll)Gandolftheman49/7 2:32PM
Does anyone know if this Shirtless Falcon is Real? (Archived)
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KillerKremling189/7 2:30PM
if you can correctly guess what 3 characters I will be playing as, I will... (Archived)
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crazy_koopa329/7 2:24PM
Anyone who thinks Ridley has to be next to Samus on the CSS is a fool. (Archived)NOTsmashlurker89/7 2:24PM
Was it ever confirmed whether Nintendo was hiring (Archived)
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ScrambyMyEggs179/7 2:24PM
Does/Did the inclusion or exclusion of a character affect your purchase? (Poll)Gordaton29/7 2:24PM
How about this Lucas fans. (Archived)
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Bman27129/7 2:23PM
Rawsalina and Looma (Archived)EasterEggHunter49/7 2:23PM