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C/D:Zelda's appearance should be based on WW,not TP (Archived)Rosal1naIsBeast98/26 8:56AM
Personally I prefer the air (Archived)jigglyweigel68/26 8:54AM
Do you believe the Ice Climbers are cut? (Poll)NEW-WAYS-2-DIE78/26 8:54AM
So....Mewtwo isn't in then :( (Archived)
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subzerorok115468/26 8:52AM
The August 2014 Census Of Jimmies (Poll)ViewtifulGene38/26 8:52AM
Is there any very popular character not in? (Archived)
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Toon_Link498/26 8:50AM
C/D : Zelda's appearance should be based on her Skyward Sword one, not TP. (Archived)
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Yoshi2010428/26 8:50AM
every character should have a doctor version. (Archived)
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crazy_koopa158/26 8:49AM
My main was replaced and I don't care/complain (Archived)
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UltraGoatFoot118/26 8:49AM
Best music on the website? (Poll)
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FatReuniclus258/26 8:46AM
So how do we know Ice Climbers just havent been unlocked yet? (Archived)
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DarthWaddleDoo138/26 8:46AM
I don't see any Miis on the leaked CSS (Archived)
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MercuryEnigma118/26 8:46AM
I'm loving all these boob and ass shots the leaker is posting >_> (Archived)
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NeonOctopus308/26 8:42AM
If Ridley is in do you think he will be a secret character? (Archived)Almedinz48/26 8:40AM
Dr. Mario should have just taken Mario's spot on the roster (Archived)Shovel_Break88/26 8:39AM
Anyone else completely undecided on who they'll main? (Archived)
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NEW-WAYS-2-DIE128/26 8:38AM
People who want ridley in (Archived)SkiranBrown58/26 8:36AM
Do you plan on maining any of the Koopaling alts? (Poll)
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mutehero7218/26 8:35AM
If there's any RH track to be added, I want it to be... (Archived)LagoonTheCursed18/26 8:34AM
YR: All 5 of the unseen characters are Kid Icarus newcomers (Archived)LegendofLegaia108/26 8:33AM