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There's still no proof Wolf and Lucas are cut until the game actually comes out. (Archived)Magitek11199/6 10:10AM
SSBMs air game sucked, Brawls ground game was too slow (Archived)Assassin2713109/6 10:08AM
So Miis cant be used in "For Glory" mode right? (Archived)felica89/6 10:07AM
To all Wolf fans: I'm sorry for your loss. (Archived)Charganium79/6 10:07AM
For Japan People: Hows Shulk? (Archived)Oreoassassin42169/6 10:05AM
I'm really gonna miss Wolf. :( (Archived)ramon_chase69/6 10:04AM
Mario vs Sonic (Archived)Aaron_Erin1259/6 10:02AM
Fierce Deity Link? Thank you Sakurai! (Archived)Duncanwii29/6 10:00AM
What's with the Doctor Mario hate? (Archived)
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Aerroh409/6 9:59AM
Found errors in ESRB leaked image (Archived)
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TalesofRemorse259/6 9:59AM
Who would you rather play as? Day 8 (Poll)gaiaslayer69/6 9:58AM
Characters you think are a waste (Archived)
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mrbaIIerswaggin319/6 9:58AM
Shulk, Wonder Red, Dillon? (Poll)ZeroGravity38109/6 9:56AM
Has your hype increased or decreased from the info from yesterday (Poll)
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EasterEggHunter129/6 9:55AM
Who Had The Best Trailer? (Poll)MetalGearRiki19/6 9:54AM
YR: this is one of Shulk's customs. (Archived)Blitzus29/6 9:54AM
Think of your top 4 most wanted newcomers, not counting ones that are in already (Archived)
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PlasmWraith239/6 9:52AM
So when is ROB going to be cut? (Archived)
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Rosal1naIsBeast199/6 9:52AM
Waiting for this game feels like an eternity. (Archived)Diayamondo69/6 9:52AM
So Pit, Kirby and Dedede all get new FSes... (Archived)
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On_The_Edge849/6 9:49AM