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what time does the smash website usually update? (Archived)Retroxgamer038/25 10:34PM
Dark Pit's alts? (Archived)xXxAgentAdaxXx78/25 10:34PM
Can you imagine what it'd be like if this leak ended up being fake? (Archived)nicknick969198/25 10:33PM
So Sakurai was trolling the gematsu leak? (Archived)Toon_Link18/25 10:32PM
Ice Climbers, Lucas and Wolf may be gone, but I forgive Sakurai because of this: (Archived)JohnTeetor48/25 10:32PM
should smash bros ever have an original fighter? (Archived)
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jneal57178/25 10:31PM
Do you think the pic of the day will announce... (Archived)Soramon38/25 10:29PM
The reason the PotD is taking a while (Archived)Artiroo18/25 10:29PM
I'm not a leaker, I just want to be held accountable for a really lucky guess (Archived)LavisFiendMkII38/25 10:27PM
Confession: I am Master_Radori (Archived)
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Brohemian258/25 10:25PM
Ridley's coming tonight tonight, Ridley's coming tonight! (Archived)Brohemian68/25 10:25PM
Assuming Ridley and Mewtwo are playable, who will be Smash 5's "Unholy Trinity"? (Archived)MM12518/25 10:24PM
POTD is late again... (Archived)
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Banjo2553138/25 10:24PM
I've really screwed myself with my expectations for Ridley. We all have. (Archived)TheMudcrab38/25 10:23PM
What will Dr. Mario's down special be? (Archived)Rad_Dudesman98/25 10:22PM
Is this the final roster? (Archived)Ivashanko58/25 10:21PM
I am BUTTHURT about the roster. (Archived)
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Ghasts368/25 10:21PM
Characters (Archived)Flamemaster9618/25 10:21PM
Can I get a link to the picture of just the CSS? (Archived)Xeylir38/25 10:21PM
What would be Sakurai's best move here, given the additions to the leak we have? (Archived)frogzx78/25 10:21PM