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YR: They Get Rid of Coin Matches. (Archived)
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Blitzus188/30 8:28PM
Monado Buster is going to make for some good combos. (Archived)Lunar_Envoy928/30 8:28PM
Why doesn't Monado Shield make a shield, why is Speed Blue, and why is Buster (Archived)NEW-WAYS-2-DIE108/30 8:26PM
Would you get this DLC pack for $10? Shared for Wii U/3DS via Nintendo account. (Poll)
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WolfJounin258/30 8:25PM
YR: Shulk's final Smash is customizable to allow other party members. (Archived)AwesomePerson9998/30 8:24PM
why isnt shulk holding his sword (Archived)
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ReallyCoolForum218/30 8:20PM
Hey, check out my Smash Bros. video lol k (Archived)
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MrBlaziken128/30 8:18PM
Would you pay more for all cut characters to be included in the game? (Poll)Sega959978/30 8:15PM
Ridley confirmed to be playable (Archived)Kanjo_Bazooie78/30 8:14PM
What if Pichu comes back (Archived)lastoutlaw11388/30 8:12PM
imagine if someone created the actual roster before it was leaked (Archived)epik_fail138/30 8:12PM
I hope leaked roster is not completed. (Archived)PokemonBlazeX98/30 8:12PM
To those that want to see an upgraded version of Melee's Adventure mode... (Archived)Toon_Trixie58/30 8:11PM
I was gone the whole day. Anything important happened? (Archived)
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MrCrazyFace98138/30 8:11PM
Does anyone else think Smash Run was a complete waste of time? (Archived)
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NEW-WAYS-2-DIE748/30 8:10PM
Which would cause more hate, Young Link returning or Dark Pit? (Archived)ComeOnGhirahim78/30 8:09PM
Which fanbase has it the worst? (Archived)
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BigsbyBigsby778/30 8:04PM
Pichu is dead RIP (Archived)luigiparty68/30 8:03PM
If Shulk is revealed tomorrow, I'll close my account (Archived)PokeSchluck58/30 8:02PM
So now we know newcomer trailers can come without warning. (Archived)Triforceformer78/30 7:59PM