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We should have trainers for the Pokmeon. Just because. (Archived)SalsaSavant88/3 5:29PM
Who's the most dull character to play as? (Poll)
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LordCarlisle398/3 5:28PM
Which of the Belcher family (Bob's Burgers) would you want to be playable? (Poll)Daisyfanboy38/3 5:28PM
What Koopaling will U use? Since that new leak has many sources backing it (Poll)
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xyzlactic328/3 5:25PM
Something good is coming in the pic of the day tonight (Archived)
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ecylis228/3 5:24PM
When making fake leaks, the least people can do is not just re use Brawl models. (Archived)IAmMC238/3 5:23PM
Rate this Rayman Moveset (Archived)DK929268/3 5:21PM
I hope the smash bros series... (Archived)
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sisamiller248/3 5:19PM
ITT: conclusions the GP will draw about the SSB4 newcomers. (Archived)QueenLUCiNA18/3 5:19PM
Rosalina's down custom moves and Little Mac's neutral custom moves (Archived)
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OneInchPoke228/3 5:18PM
What do you consider good and bad changes? (Archived)
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MechaKoopa5000388/3 5:17PM
I thought of a way that Olimar could use the Rock Pikmin. (Archived)Regan14548/3 5:15PM
Who do you prefer playing as: Link or Toon Link? (Poll)
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cnking2228/3 5:13PM
When will the leak revealing the whole roster come out? (Archived)
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InsertJokeHere208/3 5:09PM
If you spanked Peach, would hearts emerge? (Archived)
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Jekefka258/3 5:03PM
Raichu would be a great playable character in smash, chu (Archived)
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ChibiRaichu118/3 5:03PM
Sakurai is leaving comments to people who tell him happy birthday on Instagram. (Archived)
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Diayamondo278/3 5:02PM
People are SERIOUSLY using Daisy's valid reason for inclusion on Bowser Jr? (Poll)Michaeloll88/3 4:58PM
Are any of you guys satisfied with the roster so far? (Archived)
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ChibiDialga358/3 4:57PM
Snake is CONFIRMED (involves Captain Falcon) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
bnui_ransder278/3 4:54PM