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I got 4 custom moves for Greninja in this last Classic run (Archived)RatheV410/3 2:46AM
Onett returns for Wii U (Archived)
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FZeroMaster3210/3 2:45AM
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What stage is on the second picture of Ness' page? (Archived)Gameesh810/3 2:38AM
Figured I would ask someone to answer that phone because I CALLED IT! (Archived)Maverick_Reznor210/3 2:35AM
Wii U version confirmed to have very little content. (Archived)_Luiginator_810/3 2:32AM
wtf is little mac's final smash supposed to be? (Archived)NintendoDS610/3 2:28AM
Am I the only one who loves DK's final smash? (Archived)ChefTorte610/3 2:27AM
DACUS makes its return to SSB4. (Archived)Chenmaster2410/3 2:05AM
So... (Stage spoilers) (Archived)
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Nes_Mettaur1710/3 2:00AM
Since i apparently have no idea what im doing (Archived)0ShadowStories310/3 1:56AM
Are the trophy descriptions the same in the US and EU versions? (Archived)CreepyAndNice110/3 1:49AM
Do you think the pre release streamers... (Archived)kkTheKiller42110/3 1:41AM
After playing Meta Knight for a bit, these are the nerfs I've noticed so far... (Archived)Quick-Man510/3 1:40AM
So I Got My Preorder... But I got it for $30 (Archived)fauxlicious210/3 1:33AM
Look how the characters are ordered on the updated Smash page (Archived)GiveIsaacPls110/3 1:22AM
The game is fun. (Archived)Unknown Force110/3 1:15AM
The real reason smash in other region is release nearly a month after (Archived)SolRiver610/3 1:13AM
Today was one of the best days of my life (Archived)Artsy09810/3 1:11AM
If you disconnect is it a loss? (Archived)randomdude44110/3 1:00AM