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Whose side are you on in the Smash Civil War? (Poll)ThunderSeal18/7 10:05AM
Just ordered my Japanese 3DS (Archived)greatdimentio58/7 10:01AM
Baldy Long Legs and Burrowing Snagret need to be in this. (Archived)RotomGuy328/7 9:58AM
Who is your favorite character in each Smash-repped franchise? (Archived)
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ViewtifulGene298/7 9:57AM
I think Sakurai is going to play the... (Archived)KirbyStar50078/7 9:54AM
Poll: Which previously unrevealed boss should make it into SSB4? (Poll)Purple_Wind108/7 9:52AM
Adding niche characters for advertisement does barely anything. (Archived)
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JustineCourtney1498/7 9:52AM
Created a totally balanced roster free of Sakurai's horrible bias towards niches (Archived)
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HerbertMcGee258/7 9:52AM
Super Smash Bros has enough villains. (Archived)
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HerbertMcGee128/7 9:51AM
Waiting for Corocoro scans... (Archived)Meta28988/7 9:48AM
POLL: Do you think Ridley will be playable in Smash Bros. 4? (Poll)
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Snakey158/7 9:47AM
Have you ever bought a game from a franchise you hadn't tried before... (Poll)
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bopbop66208/7 9:44AM
Could the Garden of Hope have a stage boss? (Archived)Mudkip_in_Space58/7 9:42AM
Swooping Snitchbug/Careening Dirigibug Assist Trophy (Archived)Mudkip_in_Space88/7 9:42AM
Describe Captain Falcon in one word (Archived)
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Second_Hokage498/7 9:41AM
I'm glad Ridley is playable. (Archived)
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RappTappnique1388/7 9:39AM
Ridley is too big. (Archived)LethalAffinity68/7 9:37AM
I really like this shop feature because I get 2 do something with my smash coins (Archived)Chenmaster218/7 9:34AM
I just noticed, but Wolf has pretty nice arms (Archived)
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BluntGrunt328/7 9:33AM
Prediction: 9-Volt is the next newcomer to be revealed. (Archived)Purple_Wind78/7 9:28AM