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Would you want Shulk if... (Archived)ThisAnvil58/21 12:05PM
YR: The leaked pictures are real... (Archived)I_Am_Fire78/21 12:04PM
Firsthand quote from Gibrahim Lincoln (Archived)Ravio_Yo18/21 12:04PM
YR: Dr. Mario reps his own series. (Archived)Lunar_Envoy938/21 12:03PM
Barefoot Suit Samus (Poll)
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cutthemac16418/21 12:03PM
the leak is real=7 mario reps? (Archived)
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wingblade98208/21 12:03PM
Let us discuss Ghirahim. (Archived)
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LordCarlisle438/21 12:02PM
K. Rool fans, it is time to throw your support behind Dixie. (Archived)
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TheSlowpoke138/21 12:01PM
It is really funny how people believe every single leak everytime one shows up (Archived)WorldTrader28/21 12:01PM
You guys act as if Nintendo don't re-use renders. (Archived)RotomGuy388/21 12:00PM
Clone newcomer rage topic (Archived)
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RabnadSkubla158/21 12:00PM
RIP Isaac (Archived)
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MetalShadow438668/21 12:00PM
How much less of a clone do you think Ganondorf will be? (Poll)WolfJounin68/21 12:00PM
Adding new franchises to smash or new characters to existing ones? (Poll)breakerx2778/21 11:59AM
3 Kid Icarus characters, 2 Star Fox characters, 1 Earthbound character (Archived)
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bisonyesyes228/21 11:57AM
I bet NintendoIsBeast's account that the leak is fake (Archived)ss4parrothair78/21 11:56AM
I feel bad for anyone who thinks that there are five more characters. (Archived)
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Storrac188/21 11:55AM
You know how this POTD makes me feel!? (Archived)Ravio_Yo38/21 11:54AM
The roster is so illogical it has to be real (Archived)bobby33428/21 11:54AM
Doctor Mario is a cool guy (Archived)
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matthewtheman148/21 11:53AM