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Do you think Rosalina will be mega OP in this game like she was in 3D World? (Archived)
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How many reps should this series get? Metroid series (day 5) (Poll)
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Does Luigi open the WINDOW for Wario? (Archived)ViewtifulGene21/30 5:02PM
ITT: I laughing the face of you poor hopeful Shulk fans!!! (Archived)
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What do Cranky Kong and Princess Zelda have in common? (Archived)thepredictionss81/30 4:46PM
Smash Survivor! Bonfire Jan. 29 (Archived)
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New DKC Reps (Poll)
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I hope they fix the netcode. (Archived)
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Wait, when did people start shipping Waluigi and Rosalina? (Archived)
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I predict that Yoshi and Diddy Kong will be shown soon. (Archived)AbysmalTrinity41/30 4:06PM
How many Mario characters will we have in this game? (Poll)
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If James McCloud were playable in this game... (Archived)
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tomorrow is the last day of the month (Archived)Bahamut_Shin61/30 3:43PM
Who's More Likely? Round 3. Ridley vs King K. Rool (Poll)
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how is Ridley "too big", but no King K.Rool? (Archived)Bahamut_Shin91/30 3:23PM
Does this mean no Shulk reveal today? (Archived)
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Tingle or Waluigi for ssb4? (Archived)
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Say Ridley were to get in- what would his Final Smash be? (Archived)Timohtep81/30 3:13PM
this how I picture Sakurai responding to most characters request in Miiverse (Archived)Bahamut_Shin11/30 3:07PM