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SSB4 Ultimate Trailer 8.30.14 (all trailers in one) (Archived)NutOfDeath88/30 1:03PM
Any new Nintendo game, anniversary or event coming up? (Archived)Awwayz68/30 1:02PM
Wii Fit Trainer amiibo sold out?! (Archived)
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xXxAgentAdaxXx118/30 1:01PM
Rate that Item!: Super Bell (Super Mario 3D World) (Poll)Yoshi_Bro18/30 12:58PM
Bill Trinin teased Ness (Archived)stampedefoot48/30 12:57PM
I'm almost 100% happy with the roster. (Archived)
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Mudkip_in_Space168/30 12:57PM
Bomberman, Nights, Tails and Master Higgins (Archived)Buttles58/30 12:56PM
I think the real question is.. (Archived)Trndo38/30 12:56PM
who else (Archived)mikebond2278/30 12:55PM
Is Sakurai overrated? (Poll)
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DpadLad128/30 12:53PM
My move ideas for Cloud Of Darkness from final fantasy III not VI (Archived)
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MKWARRIOR2000238/30 12:53PM
palutena trailer question (Archived)skotopotomus58/30 12:50PM
What if Ice Climbers were only cut because... (Archived)ThisAnvil68/30 12:50PM
It's about time we discussed a serious problem. There are FOUR FE characters (Archived)Skeif1358/30 12:49PM
C/D: Ridley only would be enough to make the roster for you. (Poll)quad_draxis108/30 12:47PM
I think groot is a bad idea for DLC (Archived)
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Adumigan188/30 12:44PM
....What if we have exactly 50 characters? (Archived)Nehpets70098/30 12:44PM
There's 51 characters so far. (Archived)Dark_Lawl48/30 12:44PM
Rate this stage list for the Wii U version (53 stages). (Archived)Solar_Crimson98/30 12:42PM
I showed my baby sister (a year old) the newcomers and here's what she thought.. (Archived)
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xyzlactic138/30 12:41PM