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to paraphrase sakurai... (Archived)philyjbaby58/31 8:03AM
In total, who's reveal trailer have you watched the most? (Poll)
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Mr_Yooj338/31 7:58AM
Favorite Character Reveal Trailer (Poll)SamBamBamz48/31 7:56AM
Is Duck Hunt a villain? (Archived)nonexistinghero58/31 7:54AM
No matter how we look at it, Dr. Mario replaced Ice Climbers (Archived)
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ChronoCactaur148/31 7:53AM
Smash bros at pax (Archived)NintendoFan199148/31 7:50AM
Okay since kid icarus is getting all this attention (Archived)skotopotomus88/31 7:49AM
Ideas for Bowser Jr.'s Final Smash (Archived)endergamer53758/31 7:45AM
I'm getting both Pit and Dark Pit's amiibos. (Archived)
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Mudkip_in_Space168/31 7:45AM
Will alts get Amiibos? (Archived)greatdimentio78/31 7:44AM
Who's your favourite Super Smash Bros sword user? (Poll)Nath134388/31 7:43AM
Are you sick of people that won't shut up about how much they hate Rosalina? (Poll)
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IngSlayer258/31 7:42AM
Why hate Dark Pit? (Archived)
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BikiniRidley178/31 7:41AM
Strongest Nintendo or Smash-represented character. (Poll)
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HeroicSomaCruz258/31 7:41AM
Shulks rock hard abs are clearly sexist, I am offended. (Archived)thefabregas2298/31 7:39AM
Thanks to Shulk's alt costume, can we stop saying Zero Suit Samus's is sexist? (Archived)
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GreatJallopi378/31 7:38AM
Who are you looking most forward to playing as? (Archived)Totes-My-Boats108/31 7:35AM
why do So many people want lana? (Archived)epik_fail118/31 7:35AM
Dr. Mario and Dark Pit are ok (Archived)SubconYoshi18/31 7:34AM
C/D You hadn't even heard of Greninja before he was announced for Smash (Poll)
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sketchturner138/31 7:32AM