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dumb things youve heard from smash fans (Archived)
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skittywinsalot748/7 6:25AM
Fire Emblem could have 5 characters (Archived)
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smashman92278/7 6:24AM
First Smash Bros Japanese commercial (Archived)charlex368/7 6:23AM
Where is the leak that mentioned trophy shop? (Archived)
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Nightinangle198/7 6:10AM
Is today the day of hating fire emblem (Poll)Adumigan108/7 5:54AM
Everyone wants Shulk as a rep for Xenoblade, but... (Archived)Frostheat_2248/7 5:28AM
ITT: You're the Nintendo employee who posted that Brawl trailer that leaked Ness (Archived)
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MushroomMuncher328/7 5:15AM
The stupid, biased community roster is here! (Archived)
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ProtonCharge138/7 5:03AM
Wait, so the POTD deconfirmed Andrew? (Archived)DoctorPiranha388/7 5:02AM
Palutena's Final Moveset Plus Custom Moves (Archived)DarkNut2258/7 4:47AM
oh smash bros facebook page (Archived)mikebond22108/7 4:37AM
Dat Oshawott Trophy (Archived)OshawottGuy458/7 4:36AM
If you had to choose one muppet to be playable... (Poll)
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wah_wah_wah208/7 4:28AM
YR: The Nintendo rep that leaked Rayman is murdered by... (Archived)
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Kostie100188/7 4:21AM
Andrew could still get in as Wolf's alt (Archived)Waluigi738/7 4:21AM
It's been nearly a month since our last reveal... (Archived)
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Terra-enforcer158/7 4:18AM
oh awesome. NESS CONFIRMED!!! (Archived)
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NessInEagleland188/7 4:09AM
Who would you rather be the next newcomer? (Poll)Guitarman1548/7 4:03AM
Can Little Mac use the KO Punch as Giga Mac? (Archived)GuitarinPanda98/7 3:58AM
Hey guess what guys?!?! (Archived)
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soothsayer77138/7 3:40AM