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Are people going to be disappointed tomorrow when the newcomer is revealed? (Archived)
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Will we get information on DLC tomorrow? (Archived)luigiparty57/13 2:28PM
I hope Sakurai is watching EVO2014 and sees that stages chosen have PLATFORMS. (Archived)PowerOats17/13 2:28PM
Who's the cutest Smash Bros. Character? (Poll)MushroomMuncher67/13 2:28PM
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I would gladly pay $10 for a Gen 3 Pokemon Trainer DLC (Archived)Welcommatt47/13 2:26PM
Where Do I Go To Watch Tommorows Reval Without Spoilers? (Archived)Jade_Rock37/13 2:24PM
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Respect Jigglypuff. He will win evo2014 haters!!! (Archived)Azeiryous37/13 2:19PM
Ego reveal too maybe (Archived)GoNohachi87/13 2:19PM
Amiibos of alternate outfits. (Archived)Selfsavingmedic77/13 2:18PM
Has the EVO Melee finals started yet? (Archived)
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What new IPs should have playable characters in future Smash games? (Archived)ThatKipp107/13 2:15PM
Anyone else not excited / not caring for Shulk at all? (Archived)
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Do you want Shulk to be revealed tomorrow? (Poll)ThatKipp37/13 2:14PM
Whats falcos favorite pokemon? (Archived)EasterEggHunter87/13 2:12PM
Creepiest thing about Pac-Man (Archived)
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Why isn't #UmbranMonday a thing? (Archived)
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To boost sales of Smash Bros Wii U + the Wii U console, Nintendo should do this: (Archived)MarioGamer1234557/13 2:05PM
Which Smash Bros guy do you think has the largest 'package'? (Archived)
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