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So Palutena leak confirmed fake and Dixie Kong is deconfirmed. (Archived)
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So... that just happened, apparently. (Archived)Puppyfaic72/13 4:19PM
I sincerely hope that Little Mac has an orange palette swap (Archived)Meta28932/13 4:19PM
Little Mac stole Ridley's bike. (Archived)AllAroundGamer952/13 4:18PM
I bet 1000$ that Cranky Kong is announced today. (Archived)
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So what else was in the Nintendo Direct? (Archived)
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Will little Mac have a codec on his stage like Fox and Snake did? (Archived)AllAroundGamer992/13 4:11PM
Super Smash Bros Popularity Contest Round 1 Day 23: Fox vs. Falco (Poll)NintendoFan200052/13 4:10PM
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Samus crawling like in Project M? (Archived)pholicious42/13 4:04PM
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If Samus's alternate colors could only be one of these three... (Poll)
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Direct leaked, Little Mac is a newcomer. (Archived)
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You know I'm a little worried about Doc Louis... (Archived)Melkazar42/13 4:00PM
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