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Dunban: ''On my mark!'' (Archived)powerclaw148/30 6:50PM
I know who the shadow in the Shulk's trailer is... (Archived)
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Fowhawk148/30 6:47PM
With Shulk confirmed do you still think the gematsu leak is fake? (Archived)
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DarkHiei09198/30 6:46PM
Which Tekken Character would you want in Smash? (Archived)
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ParaMorrigan268/30 6:44PM
Mr. Ridley, thanks for coming to your performance review. (Archived)Pikmin300068/30 6:42PM
Toon Link deserves to be cut anyone who thinks otherwise is delusionally biased! (Archived)
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delfinotermina158/30 6:41PM
Wouldn't it be weird for a Rhythm Heaven rep not to be in at this point? (Archived)Eat_Cow38/30 6:39PM
So I was strolling around one day... (Archived)
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ChibiDialga1388/30 6:38PM
The faith of the Chorus Men? (Archived)FZeroMaster58/30 6:37PM
YR: Reyn is playable (Archived)pkmnpkmn48/30 6:30PM
YR: The Mario Kart 8 team chooses the playable characters (Archived)
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DarthWaddleDoo138/30 6:29PM
I think the roster is going to have 54 characters. (Archived)Dark_Zoroark98/30 6:28PM
How does one get into competitive smash? (Archived)Bobolobo78/30 6:27PM
SSBB Wiimmfi online battle anyone? (Archived)
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S_S_3_CHA0S148/30 6:26PM
Wu Tang Clan: "yeah we are interested in making a track for the new Smash Bros". (Archived)DeZA_wUlf58/30 6:26PM
I think lil mac will have difficulties against Shulk. (Archived)
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crazy_koopa158/30 6:23PM
Do you use the C-Stick? (Poll)iKampfer38/30 6:22PM
"Time to tip the scales!" (Archived)powerclaw168/30 6:22PM
Can we all just agree to never use the word deserve on this board again? (Poll)
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Gandolftheman248/30 6:21PM
I tried asking if there was a new Fire Emblem character shown by Nintendo at Pax (Archived)TEC-XX38/30 6:21PM