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Is the PotD going to be anything worthwhile? (Poll)
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Triforceformer149/11 11:33PM
I love how people who never played Uprising are bashing it now (Archived)Genericgamer66729/11 11:33PM
what is gamefaqs most wanted characters now? (Archived)
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Ubergeneral3159/11 11:32PM
When do you guys think we'll get a Wii U version release date? (Archived)
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marchefelix129/11 11:32PM
If tomorrow is the Nintendo Tree House... (Archived)BoyleVoices29/11 11:31PM
Does Ganondorf have any changes at all? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman69/11 11:29PM
Any footage of the Paper Mario stage? (Archived)
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greatdimentio279/11 11:29PM
Rogueport Music in Stream (Archived)Evilcrachitt19/11 11:29PM
THE EVENT MATCHES... They're all.. Gone? (Archived)
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MrBlaziken219/11 11:24PM
Who else is satisfied that Femtwo is deconfirmed? (Archived)
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Svedeesh_Cheff159/11 11:24PM
Just like Captain Falcon and Ganondorf, Is Dark Pit... (Poll)bnui_ransder39/11 11:23PM
PSA: Don't expect Chorus Kids, ever. (Archived)
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Storrac219/11 11:23PM
So when you finish someone with Pac-Man's final smash and they respawn... (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz19/11 11:22PM
Imagine if Master Core had a Ridley form. (Archived)Chaos-1559/11 11:22PM
Who will be your punching bag for training mode? (Archived)
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Artsy09239/11 11:21PM
Arena Ferox theme music? (Archived)Shadow Stalker X79/11 11:18PM
Dedede took Ike's Final Smash (Archived)MushroomMuncher59/11 11:17PM
The rows aren't organized the way I think they should be. (Archived)mech dragon59/11 11:16PM
Maybe the character select screen is messy due to the clones (Archived)HURRICANEKID39/11 11:16PM
Any good gameplay of lucina? (Archived)ArtoriasBlue19/11 11:16PM