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Wrath of thw Wolf Bomb... (Archived)Blitzus39/11 5:59PM
Sign here if you don't want Ridley, Mewtwo, or K. Rool in. (Archived)
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Unoriginal123ab189/11 5:59PM
I think Master Core is the only thing I shouldnt have seen (Archived)MegamanRockX259/11 5:58PM
Are you OK with Dr. Mario now bc of Mario Tornado? (Archived)
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QueenLUCiNA249/11 5:58PM
Do you like Duck Hunt's NEW laugh? (Poll)
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Ghasts139/11 5:57PM
Is anyone annoyed at anything besides the roster? (Archived)
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unknownuber239/11 5:57PM
I'm pretty happy with DHD... cept one thing (Archived)
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Eyemeralds179/11 5:56PM
Duck Hunt Dog has great teeth. (Archived)GoldenGryados8519/11 5:56PM
This Can not be the final roster. (Archived)
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Darkangel4444149/11 5:56PM
This song needs to be in the Wii U version (Archived)Second_Chances19/11 5:54PM
OK, we know the entire roster, but what about the stages? (Archived)Rakansen39/11 5:54PM
Y;know, when you think about it, we shouldn't be surprised Dark Pit is playable. (Archived)DK929269/11 5:53PM
I like all the Newcomers and find nothing wrong with them (Archived)I_Am_Fire89/11 5:53PM
Since Doctor Mario doesn't have FLUDD...what makes the others clones different? (Archived)
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DarkOceanNights139/11 5:52PM
Are there any Twitch streams of someone playing the full game right now? (Archived)An_Unkind_RGN59/11 5:52PM
@ Japanese players or people who can read Japanese (Archived)sumuthergamer79/11 5:51PM
Ridley is in the game, and here's how to unlock him. *spoiler warning* (Archived)Xenozoa42589/11 5:49PM
Any streams still going on? (Archived)TRICERATOPS4219/11 5:48PM
Wait hold on? Smash Run is local only? preroder canceled (Archived)
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Chaos_Neo269/11 5:47PM
This time last night... (Archived)Chaze_the_chat19/11 5:46PM