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Nintendo officially confirms the starting roster (Archived)
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MushroomMuncher518/30 4:05PM
What is sexier, Tingle, or Bill Trinen's 2 hit combos? (Archived)Hi_ImRidley108/30 4:05PM
Metal Face is too big. (Archived)
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daGamexx118/30 4:04PM
Bruh if da Shy Guy Gang isn't in this game, Sakuri is messed in the head (Archived)One_Direction78/30 4:02PM
Something weird about Ganon (Archived)Daeyrat58/30 4:02PM
Moral dileimma concern with sword character to main. (Dumb ino) (Archived)
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Azurefan666258/30 4:02PM
Am I the only one who misses Wolf? (Archived)
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ilikeikeilikeik208/30 4:01PM
So Dark Pit is an ALL STAR now (Archived)dedekong108/30 4:00PM
Now we just need Isaac for the ultimate battle. (Archived)
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Simon-for-Smash138/30 3:57PM
Those of you buying Duck Gunt because of Duck Hunt's reveal... (Archived)FiniteGrab98/30 3:56PM
Dat Shulk trailer (Archived)
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PlasmaCannon138/30 3:55PM
So will Metal Face be a boss in the game? (Archived)
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Kcthanagarathos148/30 3:55PM
What do you think of DLC and which Konami character would you like to see as DLC (Archived)DeZA_wUlf78/30 3:55PM
So our 11 unlockable fighters. (Archived)
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Nightinangle258/30 3:55PM
DLC would fix this game's roster for a lot of people. (Archived)graymam18/30 3:54PM
Which one of these will be Dr. Mario's tagline? (Poll)
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wah_wah_wah148/30 3:53PM
No need for cut character backlash (Archived)Luigi4President28/30 3:53PM
Paper Mario Support Topic V2 (Archived)
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greatdimentio148/30 3:53PM
Who is the hottest anime like character in the game? (Poll)
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Swiftie_Muggle218/30 3:53PM
Jynx confirmed. (Archived)Masemune_10048/30 3:52PM