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Looks like W101 may end up being a series. Will this help W101, at least as DLC? (Archived)SalsaSavant41/16 6:16PM
Where do people get the idea from that Ridley is a stage hazard? (Archived)
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If Punch Out!! got 2 newcomers, who would the second one be? (Archived)
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Daisy vs. the World~ Day 11: ViewtifulGene (Poll)
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Your fav character from Brawl was demoted to Assist Trophy. Your reaction? (Archived)MechaKoopa500061/16 5:13PM
Can we discuss Ridley please? (Archived)
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What if the Stage Hazard in the Pyrosphere was... (Archived)
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I want to believe this game will be more balanced than Melee and Brawl (Archived)VGmasta21/16 4:56PM
I kinda hope Jigglypuff represents the Fairy type in some way (Archived)
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Super Smash Bros Popularity Contest Round 1 Day 4: Dr. Mario vs. ROB (Poll)
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I'm going to feel really cheated if... (Archived)
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In all of my years of playing Brawl, I've only ever seen Manaphy once (Archived)DexterTheThird41/16 4:31PM
Tingle being a playable character is probably this board's longest running joke. (Archived)
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Why do so many people seem certain Lucario will be cut? (with poll) (Poll)
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Some observations I have made about Smash fans... (Archived)
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Music Mayhem Round 1: Mushroomy Kingdom (Ground) (Poll)NitroFlauger21/16 4:17PM
If they confirm Shadow as playable, they should also confirm (Archived)NME_Enterprises101/16 4:12PM
How many stages do you expect in both versions? (Archived)SaikyoBro11/16 3:41PM
Such wasted potential. (Archived)Mrpenguin45441/16 3:29PM
Pokeball roster (Archived)AdmiralZephyr51/16 3:26PM