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Sakurai sure loves remaking the Main Theme Music, Doesn't he?
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asiacatdogblue288/23 12:30AM
Quit telling people who don't believe the leak that they don't like the roster.
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hekifier228/23 12:24AM
Let's compile a list of "rules" that are "true" for the smash series.
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Lolo_Guru388/23 12:19AM
the people who believe the leak are believing it because they like the roster.
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strider_123298/23 12:13AM
Oh, right, there's no PotD tonight.Lolo_Guru48/23 12:13AM
So Kirby has a new Meta Knight transformation?
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PK_Wonder148/23 12:11AM
this needs to be a sonic stage songmikebond2228/23 12:10AM
ATTN: Austin_4E (Closed)Brohemian78/23 12:09AM
Seconds Game: Pick 1, 2 or 3 now. You are added to the game. What are you now?
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specify_in_post488/23 12:04AM
something about shulk and the leakAceMos108/23 12:02AM
Assume Xenoblade Chronicles Gets a Rep- Who Should it be? (Poll)
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kidmf935328/23 12:01AM
If Daisy made it as a Peach clone? (Poll)albertojz35688/22 11:59PM
YR: Ice Climbers are cut as a concept.Austin_4e98/22 11:55PM
I'm really excited to play as Bowser Jr.slumpcat78/22 11:48PM
Will Multi Man Smash be your new ringtone?
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NutOfDeath218/22 11:46PM
I don't mind baby bowser at allArtsy0988/22 11:41PM
Bo RidleyPFERSCHAW41748/22 11:37PM
sigh ifmikebond2298/22 11:37PM
UGG two more nights with no possible leak debunking
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NEW-WAYS-2-DIE148/22 11:36PM
Does Shulk punch peopleArtsy0978/22 11:36PM