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Can't Play with my friendHenryXLII211/22 4:01PM
After watching this video, should DAISY be in as the Mario Party rep.
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barrabaCHHS1811/22 4:00PM
For those with the game, how are you liking the exclusive content?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 ]
Ghasts21011/22 4:00PM
Where can you view collections? (Closed)Meatballsoup311/22 3:59PM
What is your custom controls setup?My_511/22 3:58PM
Which challenges should I use hammers for?Rupin_Salesman511/22 3:57PM
Does anyone else think the box art makes Samus look like the main character?Loyf1011/22 3:57PM
So do ammibos "learn" or is it all pre programed?
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M DAMAGE2111/22 3:56PM
What are the hammers for in Crazy Orders?DuchovnyReturns311/22 3:56PM
What do Shulk's statuses actually do?diddyknux711/22 3:55PM
Samus is SO much Better!MyloMane811/22 3:55PM
The franchises with the largest stagea are Kirby and Kid Icarus.RatheV911/22 3:54PM
Is Temple the only Brawl/Melee returning stage with an HD graphical remake?argiebargie485811/22 3:53PM
I feel like all characters should have gotten the Palutena treatment...
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RollerBob1711/22 3:53PM
Greninja was nerfed pretty hard
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itachi1341111/22 3:52PM
Amiibo color palette.
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PumpkinKing931111/22 3:51PM
Does anyone actually like Classic Mode bumping the intensity down when you lose?
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kirbymariomega5911/22 3:50PM
So custom controls isn't possible in Smash Tour?AsianSuperman211/22 3:50PM
pit & palutena conversational
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mrDave301411/22 3:50PM
Is there a comprehensive guide toward Smash 4's core gameplay changes?shawn0067211/22 3:48PM