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Anyone here joining the Sm4sh worldwide tournament? (Archived)ThePollGuy54312/30 1:04AM
Are Dr. Mario and Mario the same person? (Archived)
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dowbear21512/30 1:03AM
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Fastest way to get equipment for characters? (Archived)kupo4life612/30 12:52AM
If Wii Fit Trainer is bottom tier than why am I so good as her? (Archived)Storrac512/30 12:44AM
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How do I reset my Amiibo back to level one? (Archived)candysell812/30 12:26AM
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any news about mewtwo? (Archived)henomei512/29 11:45PM
What is Little Mac's favorite food? (Archived)
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bnui_ransder1112/29 11:45PM
How many quick attacks can pickachu do? (Archived)henomei412/29 11:41PM
Something you still don't understand about your main (Archived)
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wah_wah_wah2812/29 11:40PM
Amiibo wave 4 concept (Archived)powerclaw1112/29 11:31PM
Is it possible to play Villager offensively? (Archived)
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Larry__Koopa2812/29 11:24PM
Petch Vs Lonk (Poll)AnselaFan312/29 11:19PM
I made my first montage for this game. (Archived)SUPR64312/29 11:15PM
What is Robin's favorite fruit? (Archived)LagoonTheCursed812/29 11:08PM
What did Shulk say when he was low on money? (Archived)player_hater912/29 11:07PM
Overnerfed characters (Archived)
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Guilmon_804512/29 11:07PM