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Can you rename your amiibo? (Archived)ukokira1211/21 2:38PM
Amiibos are a lot better than I expected. (Archived)sejan12111/21 2:37PM
those of you whose gamestops dont have adapters (Archived)spartan69x2211/21 2:36PM
250 dollars for this game, I think I have an amiibo addiction as well... (Archived)falloffcliffman711/21 2:36PM
Anyone with Link's amiibo? (Archived)bom12826611/21 2:36PM
My gamepad won't turn on, can I still play this? (Archived)GoNohachi811/21 2:31PM
Why are there so many Ganondorfs? (Archived)
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FasdfGfaha1311/21 2:28PM
Anyway for the difficulty to NOT lower when you continue? (Archived)
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Neo_Rizer1111/21 2:24PM
I'm in England, tell me things. (Archived)
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RotomGuy31511/21 2:23PM
When Peach uses the metal box (Archived)NeoBowser211/21 2:22PM
good lord I'm so bad with Lil Mac.. (Archived)WockaWockaFun611/21 2:22PM
Characters That Didn't Make The Cut (Archived)HeyKaetsu911/21 2:21PM
Home Run with ROB (Archived)RoyMaster4211/21 2:21PM
How big is your TV? (Poll)
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SandManPro4011/21 2:20PM
Question about "My Music" (Archived)Enevy411/21 2:18PM
Haha a MASSIVE xenoblade spoiler is a trophy *spoilers obviously* (Archived)Holy_Oblivion1011/21 2:18PM
Think anyone will be banned as the metagame develops? (Archived)Inglebird311/21 2:17PM
Did you buy the 3DS version before buying the Wii U version today? (Poll)MasterD3d211/21 2:16PM
why does the add an amiibo picture on character select look like a plug? (Archived)jesse7150111/21 2:15PM
Whats with all this C-stick talk? (Archived)toadfan64711/21 2:13PM