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Anyone who votes for isaac needs to be banned from smash forever (Archived)
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givemeyourellie114/4 4:36AM
Y'know what they should do in regards to DLC: Melee and Brawl bundle packs. (Archived)
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VincentLAURiA174/4 4:32AM
Ike is soooooooo good! (Archived)ColtCababa64/4 4:28AM
I'd like to say "Congratulations" to all you Mewtwo fans. (Archived)
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DrunkenMegaman124/4 4:26AM
Shame on anyone who submitted a joke vote. (Archived)ThisAnvil44/4 4:18AM
Give me 1 good reason the miis can not be used online! (Archived)
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Vadmac134/4 4:14AM
Here's what I think the Smash Bros 4 roster will look like in the future. (Archived)Poison_Ivysaur74/4 3:41AM
Ike vs. Smash Bros. Day 31: Kirby (Poll)
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kidmf935504/4 3:07AM
PSA: The character ballot is not a majority wins voting contest. (Archived)
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gamerED14174/4 3:05AM
My 12 year old sister wanted to describe the cast of this game. (Archived)
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brawl__08414/4 2:29AM
Go vote for fawful in smash bros! (Archived)swordDude14/4 2:23AM
What would satisfy you more: getting the character you voted for OR 3 characters (Poll)Yirbi24/4 2:23AM
The Purple Shrimp saved me in the Pikmin Level (Archived)ArcLordCarlisle24/4 2:03AM
I'm sick of Little Mac spammers. (Archived)ssbmrocks24/4 1:17AM
Why do so many FG players play the same? (Archived)coolguy_2394/4 1:09AM
Why do people want Isaac? (Archived)
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coolguy_23124/4 1:03AM
Twilight Town Inn [Paper Mario Moveset and DLC Support Topic] (Archived)Yoshi_Bro64/4 12:51AM
The moment Banjo Kazooie has a very slight chance thanks to Phil Spence. (Archived)Chenmaster214/4 12:40AM
I wish the background was more like Melee's (Archived)
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WhatTheHeck1114/4 12:34AM
Post your Home-Run records. (Archived)
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R_2the_Egal244/4 12:16AM