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ITT: We name obvious but disappointing DLC character possibilities (Archived)
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RedZaraki1111/17 5:17PM
Should I pre-order this game or not? (Archived)ssufurjin711/17 5:17PM
Would you give up Smash to get rid of nonsensical hypothetical questions? (Poll)Jigpuff411/17 5:17PM
Ridley? (Archived)CoolioKDude411/17 5:17PM
Sakurai doesn't hate any playable character. (Archived)
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Blayshy3411/17 5:16PM
I have this pre-ordered on Amazon... (Archived)
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waterjoe1111/17 5:16PM
New Jersey Smashers (Archived)EasterEggHunter111/17 5:15PM
Ridley or Maximillian Pegasus (Poll)EasterEggHunter411/17 5:13PM
Hawaii Smashers (Archived)bnui_ransder911/17 5:09PM
Is the online just as shallow as on the 3DS version? (Archived)Branchos911/17 5:05PM
Ohio Smashers (Archived)
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quinfordmac1911/17 4:59PM
I found Radoree's song for playing Smash 4... (Archived)
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marchefelix2211/17 4:50PM
Think of six characters, playable or non-playable (Archived)
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SirJuicius1211/17 4:50PM
You'll taste the bitterness of defeat! (Archived)Hughs_Rage511/17 4:47PM
Smashers from the Hood Unite! (Archived)BonQuiQuiLutowy1011/17 4:46PM
It is the year 2021. (Archived)mariobros01911/17 4:43PM
Did Rosalina demonstrate unique moveset potential before Smash Bros? (Poll)
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peppermintsnow1411/17 4:39PM
How long will the bundles last? (Archived)v_Sly_v111/17 4:37PM
Sakurai: "I've decided to kill 2 birds with one stone" (Archived)
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HiiiiiTechnical1411/17 4:36PM
Would you sacrifice Ridley to summon Blue Eyes White Dragon? (Archived)
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jigglyweigel3211/17 4:33PM