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Mii fighters throw off the 47 character roster theory (Archived)
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Villager + customizable moveset = evidence of Lucas being cut? (Archived)
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Lucas isn't getting cut, guys. (Archived)
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Where do you draw the line on playable Fire Emblem characters? (Poll)
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So if the game is pushed back to 2015, when will we hear about it? (Archived)
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Wow, Shadow meant a lot to some people (Archived)
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C/D: These are the only newcomers left with any chance. (Archived)
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Would you be happy if due to the wait for SSB4, they released Melee online? (Archived)Sakul12386/29 6:18AM
Lucas has absolutely no chance guys. That's his fate. (Archived)MushroomMuncher46/29 6:15AM
The picture of the day is taking ages.. (Archived)Sakul123106/29 5:51AM
well this is early.... Smash 4 already getting top 5 hypest plays of the week (Archived)kukingina276/29 5:34AM
Would you be happy if black mage was in this game? (Poll)
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Was anything revealed I that Japanese Smash bros event? (Archived)xyzlactic76/29 5:27AM