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I Love Taunting. Let's All Express Our Favorite Taunt(s). (Archived)
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BFMV_Fever2112/2 2:50PM
Why doesnt Bowser Jr's up specail reset when hit? (Archived)WaterImp212/2 2:48PM
Are there any characters you refuse to be or fight? (Archived)
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DarkOceanNights2212/2 2:43PM
Control preference is overrated. It barely affects performance. C/D (Poll)
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Spacebar5551312/2 2:42PM
do you get mad or upset when people taunt you? (Poll)hotdogboy961012/2 2:42PM
do you choose your main based on their morality???? (Poll)
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peppermintsnow1112/2 2:41PM
I wanted to share with everyone the best idea to carry a large amount of Amiibo (Archived)RemixDeluxe412/2 2:38PM
Hello fellow smashers! (Archived)
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ChibiGreninja1112/2 2:38PM
Taunting is funny. (Archived)seltraeh22912/2 2:34PM
Good Wii Fit Trainer nickname? (Archived)
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Leeaux1312/2 2:32PM
Is Eggman too big? (Archived)
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seltraeh221312/2 2:32PM
How do I unlock Big O? (Archived)Jagus1012/2 2:32PM
y cant metroid crawl (Archived)HerbertGMcGee712/2 2:31PM
While I like the concept of feeding Amiibos equipment, this is ridiculous (Archived)uuurrrggh112/2 2:26PM
Do you think Cross (Xenoblade X MC) is a shoo-in for Smash 5? (Archived)
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CutthemacX1512/2 2:26PM
I will always feel that Prince Fluff should have been included (Archived)charlex31012/2 2:24PM
What's with all the anti-taunting topics? (Archived)Waver92712/2 2:23PM
What kind of Doctor is Doctor Mario? (Archived)
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FrigidRigid3012/2 2:22PM
JACKPOT! Crazy Orders completed after 30 turns!!! (Archived)MaDmAtHiEu612/2 2:20PM
Another tier list yea.. But its my first time writing one :) (Archived)Gilfar14812/2 2:18PM