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Calling it now: Squirtle, Ivysaur, Lucas, and Snake won't be the only cuts. (Archived)
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YR: Sakurai states all characters have 3 final smashes (Archived)
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PSA: Alts will not be different characters. That's f****ing dumb. (Archived)
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REGGIE!!!!!! sign the petition. (Archived)Blitzus107/1 7:25PM
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Should we have had Entei playable in Melee? (Archived)
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Playing through the Metroid games (amazing), and noticed something smash related (Archived)
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Think of your most wanted wanted newcomer before entering... (Archived)JetStorm13107/1 7:10PM
Just curious does anyone like hearing the conversations after performing a Smash (Archived)Chenmaster227/1 7:05PM
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So is Sakurai a bigger name than Miyamoto in the industry to fans now? (Archived)
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One Joruney song gets added to the game's soundtrack (Archived)
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Will you use your Mii as a punching bag? (Poll)
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55 characters is probably a bit too much, realistically, but one can dream. (Archived)Solar_Crimson87/1 6:45PM
C/D Mac has THE Beat Alts in any game ever (Archived)Nerwrax1587/1 6:44PM
One thing that makes me sad about Wonder Red not being included. (Archived)Magitek11137/1 6:41PM
How many playable characters are there going to be in the game? (Poll)Chenmaster227/1 6:39PM