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ITT: We write trophy descriptions for stages (Archived)Nes_Mettaur112/27 3:03PM
if Chrom was playable would lucina still be a MArth alt? (Poll)
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guedesbrawl1612/27 3:02PM
When is Sakurai going to reveal the title? (Archived)LRodC1012/27 2:59PM
Ughhh, I cannot believe how unfaithful Sakurai was to Mega Man. (Archived)
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Ghasts3512/27 2:59PM
Who wants to fight! (Archived)jbizzle54112/27 2:54PM
"Wanna come over and play some for Wii U?" (Archived)CutthemacX212/27 2:53PM
Characters that were once hyped but are now insignificant (Archived)Kurumiee1012/27 2:49PM
Amiibo Wave 4. (Archived)
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Anthoba328812/27 2:43PM
Glide tossing is back, but different. Gives MM a 0 to 60 combo against heavies (Archived)
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SalsaSavant1912/27 2:42PM
I actually just found a couple GC controller adapters. (Archived)Dos_Pac312/27 2:41PM
What is your opinion on the idea of Smash Bros in a 3D style? (Poll)MiyamotoSakurai112/27 2:41PM
Is there some easier way to do an up title attack? (Archived)jenrais512/27 2:36PM
Think of two playable characters in Smash Wii U before entering. (Archived)
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Theguysayhi3812/27 2:34PM
Rarest wave 2 amiibo? (Poll)TooTooP2812/27 2:27PM
Here's my tier list. (Spoilers kind of) (Archived)RedAndWatch812/27 2:25PM
Fox's voice (Archived)P0I-ZEN312/27 2:19PM
Which amiibos are considered hard to find? (Archived)MC Link1012/27 2:09PM
Why do people spam counter when i'm not even attacking them? (Archived)CutthemacX612/27 2:04PM
There hasn't been a good taunt topic lately... (Archived)atomicrebirth912/27 2:01PM
Hori Battle Pad vs PDP Fight Pad (Archived)AuraWielder612/27 1:59PM