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Be honest: Had you ever heard of Rhythm Heaven before the Gematsu Leak? (Poll)
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How do you pronounce Ridley? (Poll)
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Whichever one of you who has inside information had better speak up. (Archived)
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Just want to say. (Shulk supporter) (Archived)
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Mario has been revealed. (Archived)Hylian-Hero68/16 12:54AM
If Jigglypuff, for some reason, gets cut, will you accept one of her evolutions? (Archived)
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which character is a clone of kirby? (Poll)
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How would you feel if he added more characters? (Archived)albertojz35698/16 12:40AM
Who will be the next newcomer revealed? (Poll)
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Even to this day, I still don't understand... (Archived)DragonDeoxys88/16 12:38AM
Is there a mode you're itching to hear about? (Archived)Chenmaster298/16 12:30AM
What's the name of that video with a bunch of Captain Falcon's on FD in Melee? (Archived)iAmTheLaw4578/16 12:29AM
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The Zero Suit Topic (Archived)
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With less than a month before release, how many Newcomers do you think are left? (Poll)
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Who went to the Atlanta SSB4 demo? (Archived)NutOfDeath28/16 12:04AM
who is uglier (Poll)ScoutShellby48/16 12:04AM