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Why is my level 50 Falcon amiibo so strong? (Archived)blast-door101/15 7:19PM
Accidental Deaths and Points (Archived)Pikachu22251/15 7:11PM
just lost to a flare blitz spammer due to lag (Archived)SkyLey91/15 7:07PM
Next to top 5 or buff the bottom 10? (Poll)
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MechaKirby161/15 7:04PM
Dr Mario has the best taunts in the game. (Archived)
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-Ghetsis-191/15 7:00PM
Used Luigi for the first time today... (Archived)MyGravenImage61/15 6:59PM
Who wins in a canon free for all (Poll)
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Thunder_Okami121/15 6:53PM
Male Smashers, who is your Smash Bros husbando? (Archived)
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jigglyweigel741/15 6:47PM
I played against a fox today that all he did was run, and shoot. (Archived)
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WaterImp161/15 6:45PM
Air dodging is removed/causes freefall. Good/bad change? (Archived)
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Puppyfaic121/15 6:42PM
I've been wondering something for ages... (Archived)Alpharos323631/15 6:39PM
Seriously, Bowser is fine (Archived)BluntGrunt81/15 6:20PM
Help me improve my main. (Archived)ZeReMe61/15 6:14PM
That moment when you fight Master & Crazy in Crazy Orders... (Archived)Meta28911/15 6:01PM
Mewtwo dlc question (Archived)
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JX2010151/15 5:59PM
Which characters are good counters for Shiek? (Archived)
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michael dude111/15 5:57PM
Seriously, its so annoying how the menu background keeps zooming in and out of (Archived)DeZA_geeza31/15 5:39PM
Ideas for female villains in the next game? (Archived)
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ArizonaPasha141/15 5:34PM
So the take away from the Direct: Sakurai is still undecided (Archived)
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wah_wah_wah251/15 5:30PM
So Ike's up taunt (Archived)Iwantedzero11/15 5:29PM