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Sign the Petition to get the Wii Fit Trainer removed (Archived)
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Hughs_Rage3811/16 12:08PM
Quick Questions (Archived)SymoFFXIII811/16 12:04PM
Who do/will you main? Add to the growing list! (Archived)
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Xade7613411/16 12:04PM
Which stage and boss from the Mario series should be a thing? (Poll)
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Lord_Carlisle3511/16 12:02PM
I kind of want a Mega Man game based on this series (Archived)
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kirbymariomega1811/16 12:01PM
When do you expect to see the first Mewtwo stuff? (Poll)
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IAmMC21511/16 11:57AM
Character card for Lucario is captioned beautifully (Archived)
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587Deathking1211/16 11:55AM
best Classic Mega man game? (Poll)
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NessInEagleland1611/16 11:51AM
NE interviewed the Shulk Voice Actor about his work on Xenoblade and Smash. (Archived)FestiveMomo811/16 11:51AM
New character selection screen leak? (Archived)
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SeductiveShani2111/16 11:50AM
"DK is in dis gon be bananas" in Japanese (Archived)
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powerclaw11711/16 11:44AM
Imagine the outrage if Popo returned solo with a slightly revamped moveset, (Archived)
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MarioGamer123451811/16 11:43AM
Pokemon Stadium 1 might be a stage in this game (with evidence) (Archived)UberPyro64811/16 11:42AM
Imagine a Smash RPG (Archived)Oreoassassin421711/16 11:41AM
So I just saw the 3rd lineup of amiibo. (Archived)JorentyIII811/16 11:41AM
So I recently played Kirby Triple Deluxe, This is what I've got to say about it. (Archived)barrabaCHHS1011/16 11:40AM
LEAK all the stages already! (Archived)Dumdumwantgum311/16 11:34AM
Have you been trying to avoid in-game footage to contain the hype? (Poll)Aerroh211/16 11:23AM
Anything else kept secret? (Archived)ReMaster88911/16 11:18AM
Let's create a Shulk rap 2 sentences at a time (Archived)
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CutthemacX4111/16 11:17AM