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What Zelda's Down-B should have been (Archived)Davin134310/22 10:45AM
Smash Bros. for Wii U: Ridley Edition (Archived)Vangis605210/22 10:41AM
I heard something about a free dessert (Archived)
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ProtonCharge1610/22 10:40AM
How long has "Ridley for Smash" been a thing? (Archived)
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BladeManEXE101810/22 10:36AM
Would you sacrifice a toe for your dream roster? (Poll)NoJobBob910/22 10:25AM
Sakurai has been teasing Ridley since 2001, so for nearly 15 years now (Archived)
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precita1110/22 10:24AM
Twitch Plays Pokemon is playing Smash Bros. (Archived)MrCrazyFace981010/22 10:24AM
We better get a new character reveal in the DHD trailer. (Archived)
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Storrac2310/22 10:22AM
I bet you the newcomers revealed tomorrow will be (Archived)Yoshi2010310/22 10:22AM
Why does everyone keep saying Duck Hunt Duo (Archived)
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Rosal1naIsBeast4910/22 10:18AM
Sakurai's dying wish is for you to add 5 characters of your choice. (Archived)
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KicktheNopon7610/22 10:17AM
haf you seen this little mac video yet? (Archived)Skeif13210/22 10:17AM
The hand in the video is the newcomer, not Duck Hunt. Here's a theory... (Archived)fable_mad710/22 10:16AM
There's 337 pages of Ridley topics. (Archived)jigglyweigel710/22 10:14AM
Stupid idea to show off a picture of the trailer. (Archived)
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RedAndWatch2210/22 10:13AM
Gangrel vs the World: Day 1: Robin (Poll)Yoshi2010310/22 10:12AM
Were you expecting Toon Link to return before his confirmation? (Poll)
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LRodC2310/22 10:11AM
Plot Twist: The character holding the zapper is the newcomer. (Archived)Skeif13410/22 10:04AM
Say today's PotD was released when there were no leaks. How would we react? (Archived)TZH30810/22 10:04AM
What I think we'll get from the Direct *Spoilers* (Archived)Insanekoy0te510/22 10:02AM