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Smeargle moveset (Archived)SirJuicius81/11 8:17PM
Hate how all the retro Mario stages are from Brawl :| (Archived)superstarlight61/11 8:17PM
Choose another cut character (Poll) (Poll)
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Meinhard1141/11 8:17PM
Still hard to believe Chibi-Robo didn't make the cut. (Archived)
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MechaKoopa5000131/11 8:16PM
Since this topic hasn't gotten old, If I directed Smash. (Archived)
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Pokesamus217151/11 8:15PM
There are barely any iconic characters from Nintendo to add to Smash. (Archived)
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graymam141/11 8:02PM
What is the proper way to break a grab? (Archived)AgitoXIII41/11 7:58PM
Tips as to how to play as Link in 1v1s? (Archived)
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LagoonTheCursed111/11 7:53PM
i might suck with every character in this game but.. (Archived)Silent0ne11/11 7:47PM
What Royal is the best King/Queen/ Princess/Prince/Taco out of the Smash Cast? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant151/11 7:46PM
Best partner for this character: Mario (Archived)
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generalguy64141/11 7:41PM
C/D You can make any character as good as SSS tier if you try hard enough (Archived)
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falloffcliffman111/11 7:40PM
need help (Archived)Darkushound1811/11 7:39PM
Daisy or Black Yoshi? (Archived)
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Michaeloll221/11 7:39PM
*Should I gring for my last 3-4 hats on both versions or...* (Archived)NetteThomson31/11 7:36PM
Is there even a swordfighter in the top ten this time? (Archived)
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wah_wah_wah201/11 7:32PM
All those vocal Sonic songs in SSB4 (Archived)
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PlasmaCannon301/11 7:29PM
who wishes wii fit trainer wasn't in the game? (Poll)
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ShaolinAced221/11 7:27PM
If the clone characters were still alts, we'd lose 4 colors for each character. (Archived)graymam81/11 7:24PM
Is the Ridley Amiibo out yet? (Archived)NetteThomson51/11 7:22PM