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It's still not too late for us gamers to pressure them making a better intro! (Archived)
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Mr_Red_Herring2911/11 4:19PM
8 Player, Rosalina and Luma only, Final Destination (Archived)
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Goombacrusher1511/11 4:18PM
Who is the best swordsman in this game? (Poll)
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iKampfer1411/11 4:15PM
Will Smash GC Controllers go Out of Stock? (Archived)I2aScAII411/11 4:14PM
Bring back a special move (Poll)
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TheAngryPotato1211/11 4:14PM
Amiibo owners are so cruel... (Archived)unknownuber511/11 4:07PM
Do you have to get the reward to get further in Events? (Archived)OshawottGuy4211/11 4:06PM
Can we all agree that Olimar will be the new Ganondorf of this game? (Archived)Dumdumwantgum311/11 4:05PM
omg i just got chomp hat from trophy rush. (Archived)SpacePirateKhan411/11 4:00PM
ITT: The year is 2078 (Archived)
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ProtonCharge3811/11 3:56PM
What if these were the newcomers instead? (Archived)
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CutthemacX3511/11 3:45PM
Would you be okay with Ice Climbers being back in as well as... (Archived)GreatCongratsby711/11 3:43PM
Was it ever confirmed if tournments (not tourneys) can be hosted online? (Archived)Spideymaster411/11 3:42PM
Sakurai asks which of these you would like for free DLC (Poll)TehSmasher611/11 3:39PM
Why no Ice Climbers? (Archived)
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2Hi4This1411/11 3:38PM
Rumor : you need Mewtwo's amiibo to have him ^_^ (Archived)
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geno4life2211/11 3:36PM
Viridi seems to really like the Zelda series (Archived)
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SalsaSavant2011/11 3:35PM
Of course, after doing somewhat well, I'm now losing every match (Archived)PerseusRad411/11 3:30PM
C/D: More people would have mained Lloyd than Pac-Man. (Poll)
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Sir_Badass3711/11 3:30PM
It would be awesome if Mewtwo wasn't added but instead replaced Lucario's spot (Archived)
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Majoras-Mewtwo4511/11 3:23PM