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If there's ever a new Sonic rep, i'll stop buying Nintendo products forever. (Archived)
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CutthemacX1412/2 12:54PM
about the duck hunt dog.... taunts (Archived)
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creep502212/2 12:53PM
It bothers me how much they make Samus obviously female now (Archived)
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plasmawisp17135812/2 12:52PM
Warning! Smash Bros Error can mess up your game and Wii U! Be careful hunz :( (Poll)
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xyzlactic1812/2 12:49PM
I know I've said this before (maybe even made a topic about it before) but... (Archived)
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greatdimentio1112/2 12:49PM
Does player name mean anything? (Archived)DauthiBaldrs412/2 12:45PM
ITT: Wii Make Lame Wii Fit Trainer Puns (Archived)Sempiterna912/2 12:39PM
What's your favorite music track that plays on Willy's Castle? (Archived)Mr_Yooj1012/2 12:39PM
Opinions of mine on this game (Archived)barrabaCHHS312/2 12:35PM
Is Amiibo data stored inside the actual figure, or just on the console? (Archived)Charity_Diary712/2 12:34PM
There was 6 cut characters. whod have you cut? (Archived)
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NessInEagleland2512/2 12:31PM
For people who hate taunting online (Archived)MyGravenImage112/2 12:29PM
I have always loved my Kirby-Donkey Kong. (Archived)QlJGamer112/2 12:27PM
So is it safe to play smash? (Archived)brandeaux7312/2 12:23PM
The following stages are absolutely awful: 75m, Pac-Land, Gaur Plain, Wily's. (Archived)
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Spacebar5552912/2 12:23PM
See all Character's Final Smashes Challenge Question (Archived)Arcadian13212/2 12:22PM
I hate it when people taunt online... (Archived)ParagonCrossing412/2 12:22PM
C/D: Being Taunted Never Chapped my Ass Before Online Play (Poll)Peachrules14412/2 12:21PM
A question for those who have unlocked all or most of the songs in this game... (Archived)e101gamma412/2 12:19PM
When you're the first person to lose a stock... (Archived)Charity_Diary312/2 12:18PM