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Is this game really bright to anyone else? (Archived)AgitoXIII212/26 10:42AM
I just beat a Diddy Kong with Palutena. (Archived)
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Unknown Force1912/26 10:37AM
Um... I'm pretty positive I just battled a bot... (Archived)
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MrCrazyFace983012/26 10:20AM
How to play Shell Soccer/Football (Archived)12Rouge112/26 10:15AM
53,000 topics to go until we surpass the Brawl board! (Archived)Mash_Ketchum612/26 9:54AM
When's the next big Sm4sh tournament? (Archived)Grizzmeister812/26 9:48AM
Ridley Fans to me! (Archived)Attracabull812/26 9:32AM
Amiibo quality (Archived)
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Xaranid1212/26 9:29AM
Links and Toon Links are ruining For Glory. (Archived)
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ColtCababa5612/26 9:29AM
Questions to Animal Crossing fans: (Archived)
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Alpharos32361112/26 9:25AM
Custom mode lists? (Archived)Swan3624212/26 9:21AM
Does Kirby even utilize "Buster"? (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff612/26 9:18AM
YR: We Raiden as DLC instead of Snake (Archived)Tempest717812/26 9:18AM
I know this is weird, but I can't play properly if I can't hear the audio (Archived)SnipestSniper812/26 9:14AM
Are you satisfied with Sakurai as the director of the game? (Poll)
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Worm1991512/26 9:07AM
some amiibo stronger than others? (Archived)darkphoenix1811012/26 9:04AM
Brawl is still the best Smash (Archived)
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FoxyTheFox1512/26 8:34AM
Best and Worst Stage Music, Day 5: Delfino Plaza (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson1712/26 8:33AM
Can anyone tell me the secret to utilizing down air's properly? (Archived)Alex_McStrife21612/26 8:30AM
Nami joins the battle! (Archived)
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bnui_ransder2612/26 8:18AM