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Which song will you play most on ____? (Day 4: Mario Galaxy) (Poll)
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quinfordmac2311/13 3:31PM
Which characters will benefit most from the additional controls in this version? (Archived)DeroIin211/13 3:26PM
Will people do a counter domino-chain with the 8 counter characters? (Archived)GreatCongratsby511/13 3:26PM
Are you Dissapointed that Rosalina got nerfed in the 3ds Version? (Poll)
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Swiftie_Muggle1211/13 3:23PM
When's this gon leak? (Archived)
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buizel1233011/13 3:21PM
Make an alternate Final Smash for some of your favorite fighters (Archived)
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seltraeh225011/13 3:18PM
If melee was paced like brawl would there be a competetive scene? (Archived)EasterEggHunter211/13 3:17PM
When will the info embargo expire? (Archived)MarioGamer12345911/13 3:17PM
Anyone gonna try Online Amiibo Dogfighting tournaments? (Archived)Gandolftheman311/13 3:16PM
11:19 PM and the PotD has still not confirmed Ridley's role. (Archived)
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Ghasts2211/13 3:10PM
Everything has moveset potential. (Archived)
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RedAndWatch1111/13 2:59PM
Is kirby still good in this one? (Archived)AnthonyBrock2511/13 2:56PM
Which Pokemon Battle Revolution Stadium should be a Smash Stage? (Poll)MechaKirby111/13 2:54PM
Online amiibo (with friends)? (Archived)MayorofParadise211/13 2:46PM
In Soviet Russia... (Archived)GreenHeroofTime811/13 2:45PM
Is Phosphora in the game? (Archived)
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Yoshi201050011/13 2:39PM
Were you expecting 17.2 GB? (Archived)
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Shad0wg00n1811/13 2:33PM
When is Geno gonna get confirmed? (Archived)
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NoBazaarJafar1411/13 2:22PM
I Just Realized That Captain Rainbow Got Music In Smash Before Chibi-Robo!... (Archived)ShiniOfMadness611/13 2:19PM
Jafar here. Are there any characters who drive a car in this game? (Archived)NoBazaarJafar911/13 2:18PM