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*tastes Super Smash Bros 4.* (Archived)
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Shovel_Break144/2 4:10PM
Mewtwo and Lucas look good (Archived)ChibiRidley14/2 4:09PM
New Amiibo added on Amazon... except Ness (Archived)Peachrules1494/2 4:07PM
so according to the super smash Bros facebook page... (Archived)
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epik_fail1414/2 4:00PM
I voted Ninten for SSB4 DLC. (Archived)JXspeedway64/2 3:58PM
Zinogre > Hunter (For monster hunter rep that probably won't happen.) (Archived)Octaivian_Rex14/2 3:57PM
Okay, Ness Amiibo Experience Rant. (Archived)NicoRobin00764/2 3:51PM
Pick That Pokeball Pokemon - Gen IV Starters Part Final Final Final (Poll)Eyemeralds104/2 3:50PM
Dixie fans were duped! :-( (Archived)dragonfruit15234/2 3:47PM
Facebooks top 5 most liked DLC characters. (Archived)
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GladiusVortex254/2 3:47PM
They HAVE to allow Mii's for online randoms now. (Archived)vital_tundra44/2 3:46PM
About Ridley... (Archived)squirtle2460134/2 3:45PM
Mewtwo trailer: DEM TAUNTS THO (Archived)Cenedarprime14/2 3:42PM
When do you think the "Vote for this character!" Topics will die down? (Archived)gameandwatch7284/2 3:40PM
I really hope Lucas and Mewtwo come with their customs unlocked. (Archived)Triforceformer74/2 3:39PM
Lucas announced for DLC (Archived)
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Chaze_the_chat234/2 3:39PM
So who do you think is leading in the ballot? (Archived)
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CaptainCrisb304/2 3:37PM
Ugh. I need help thinking of someone to vote for. (Archived)Vita_Divina44/2 3:36PM
I vote for Neku Sakuraba! (Archived)Rabbit-Flareon14/2 3:36PM
It would be stupid if Rayman and Bayonetta were not DLC (Archived)
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wah_wah_wah114/2 3:35PM