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Can someone confirm if the A.I.s hit harder than they should be on Events on a (Archived)Chenmaster2612/3 1:24PM
What did Shulk say when he was reeling in a fish? (Archived)
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SmellyVonBeli1712/3 1:24PM
When Mario puts his feet up Fox's butt it just doesn't look right (Archived)TheCrazyRat1012/3 1:22PM
I refuse to attack Pac-Man. (Archived)Brawl578512/3 1:21PM
Best Smash Game of All Time #4: 3DS vs Brawl (Poll)UltraCookie1012/3 1:16PM
Alph > Pichu > Garbage >>>>>>> Poop >Dark Pit (Archived)
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xyzlactic3012/3 1:15PM
Smash Bros jokes thread. (Archived)
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UltraCookie3012/3 1:13PM
Duck Hunt needs a bit more range on his normals. (Archived)xXDa-KidXx212/3 1:11PM
I can't decide... (Archived)MyGravenImage612/3 1:10PM
So there's more Xenoblade spoilers than just the one apparently... (Archived)
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Nes_Mettaur1612/3 1:08PM
Snake returns, but he has to bring a friend... (Poll)
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Charity_Diary2812/3 1:08PM
Are there any professional/highly skilled players here? (Archived)-Ghetsis-612/3 1:05PM
I feel very silly now (Archived)-Ozur-512/3 1:03PM
Demon king event help (Archived)SillySymphony112/3 12:52PM
Zelda (Archived)LMFBO1012/3 12:51PM
do we have a list of how fast the characters are (Archived)Mtvn612/3 12:50PM
Cut fighters don't get a nod in their trophies? (Archived)Peachrules14512/3 12:46PM
is Bowser Jr. one of the better players? (Archived)
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mariopokefan171912/3 12:46PM
WARNING! There's a spoiler for Xenoblade in the name of one of its trophies! (Archived)
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12Rouge8212/3 12:41PM
That's IT! I'm only using Duck Hunt online from now on! (Archived)FoxyTheFox312/3 12:38PM