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Simplified roster (Archived)
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Watereol163/17 3:41PM
Do people still think Donkey Kong is top 5 material? (Archived)
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SirJuicius213/17 3:29PM
View every character's final smash challenge. (Archived)tropireno53/17 3:14PM
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Playable Dedenne for Smash 4 DLC!!! (Archived)WhatTheHeck113/17 2:38PM
What if you told people about sm4sh in 1999? (Archived)
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Jacob46719123/17 2:36PM
ITT: We subtract 5 characters permanently for 1 permanent character (Archived)
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Genwunist253/17 2:36PM
Mario should also have an alt with the colors of Italy. (Archived)MegaWentEvil33/17 2:20PM
What if everyone got 16 costumes ala Little Mac? (Archived)
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Dark_Zoroark113/17 2:17PM