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Lol haha Fought my first Bayonetta on FG and it was my first match of the nightTMoosuT92/3 8:01PM
No one is fighting back??ss4gogeta_dark22/3 8:01PM
Corrin and his short-hops.Denzien_of_Sega12/3 8:00PM
Is it just me..or did ZSS's up-air get nerfed.Gilfar1412/3 7:59PM
Update is stuck at 50% and the timer keeps going up.ProudNintendoFa12/3 7:56PM
Soo...who else is already done playing with the new characters?NetteThomson32/3 7:53PM
Corrin's aerial tipper Dragon Lunge...RadiantGod62/3 7:48PM
New DLC Characters..seem a bit "Strong"?randomdude4462/3 7:48PM
Deleting save data?GeminiDeus52/3 7:47PM
Post your first matches with Bayo/Corrin here.Rukario12/3 7:45PM
Type "lol" if you're going to play Corrin first
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Alpharos3236282/3 7:45PM
Witch Time vs 0% Character = 2~ seconds of slowdown = BRAINDEAD EASYMODEPowerOats32/3 7:43PM
So is Corrin kind of another magic user?BaraPanda42/3 7:43PM
Kind of ironic... I voted for Bayonetta in the ballot, was excited to play her..GodOfDerp32/3 7:42PM
Does Corrin's and Bayonetta's trophy descriptions have spoilers?HakuMan11138622/3 7:42PM
It's going to take me a lot of time to learn how to main BayonettaDeku-Scrub32/3 7:41PM
Cloud may simply demand Space Invaders strategy to contest well.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
MasterKnight75222/3 7:35PM
why is this update taking forever?BaraPanda102/3 7:34PM
Corrin looks OP so far lol
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Retroxgamer0142/3 7:34PM
Says new bundle is downloaded. Game updated. No content from bundle appearing.JorgenDev22/3 7:33PM
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