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Does Nintendo even care about Mario villains who are not members of Koopa Troop? (Archived)
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Who should voice Ridley in the new Smash? (Poll)
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Ridley the laughing stock among Nintendo villains for always losing to a girl (Archived)
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If SSB played like a classic fighter but kept Nintendo characters would it sell? (Archived)
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When my girlfriend is away on a trip, Alfonzo takes her place (Archived)
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There are too many Fire Emblem characters (Archived)
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Think of the most unflattering tag line you can for potential newcomers (Archived)
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Should I buy (Archived)
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What playable Smash character are you most afraid of? (Archived)ProtonCharge58/10 5:26PM
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How many of the cut Melee characters do you want to return in this game? (Poll)
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Which characters would you like an Alt. for as a DLC? (Poll)
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If FE got a villain representative, who would you want it to be? (Archived)
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Who is cuter: round 2 (Poll)MordecaiRocks68/10 5:16PM
Would you sacrifice sex to get your dog or cat in SSB? (Archived)
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